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Force custom font

<10kB. Updated 2012-08-23. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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This add-on will allow you to force Anki to use a custom font instead of the default system font. You'll need to edit the FONT line near the top of the add-on in order to change the font, which is set to Times New Roman by default.


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1657536508
I think it works perfectly
on 1620375609
Replace the word "QWebSettings" by "QWebEngineSettings"
It will work for 2.1
on 1610151247
Works as intended in day mode, but messes up the dark theme.
on 1566336791
on 1552268041
One of the essentials!
on 1552179047
To the person that is complaining about the add-on not working when displaying cards, you need to know that cards follow the styling determined by the note type, namely by the Style section when customizing cards. So you'll need to do some CSS to change the font used in cards.
on 1542070492
Does not work on Mac OS High Sierra on Anki 2.0
on 1538409252
This helps. The interface was completely unusable for me on Windows 10 without this change. I edited the file and switched to Verdana, and it's a huge improvement. It's still not a very crisp font on my Windows 10 computer, compared to the font on web pages, but it's probably usable. (I don't remember this being an issue on my old Windows 7 computer.)
on 1535007250
Does not work on Anki 2.1 with iOS High Sierra.
Addon with Anki 2.0 does not change previewing font. Font is changed in menus and deck overview, but does not change font when displaying cards.
on 1523404800
Very useful improvement of the user interface. Changed the Times back into Arial, because I'm OK with that, but the tip to set the font size with "mw.fontHeight = 16" was very useful to me! Thanks!
on 1512604800
on 1510358400
Great Add-on

on 1502841600

Works like a charm, thanks.
on 1502323200
on 1502236800

Using this mostly to increase the font size.
on 1481932800
on 1473379200

That is what i have been found for a while. Great!

But there's a little regret that it can only change global font but not specified to languages.
on 1466121600
Thank you, Howto

Thanks for the great addon and suggestion by Howto
on 1462320000
on 1452124800
on 1429401600
on 1419033600
on 1385769600

Quite useful, also for increasing the font *size*. To do so, replace the line

 mw.fontHeight = f.pixelSize()

by (e.g.)

 mw.fontHeight = 16

(Dixit Damiens…)