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Kanji Learner's Course Vocabulary w/Important Marked

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The Kodansha's KLC vocabulary deck with important words separated from the non-important vocabulary and missing words included. Important vocabulary is designated in the book with a supercircle mark next to it. Please support the author and purchase the book. https://www.amazon.com/Kodansha-Kanji-Learners-Course-Step/dp/1568365268 Credits: /u/KeenWolfPaw /u/ijk_jp /u/The_Tooz /r/learnjapanese community. https://kanjimastery.blogspot.com/ for providing the basis deck. Andrew Scott Conning for writing the book.

Sample (from 7139 notes)

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Front 好奇心
Entry Number 1329
Meaning curiosity
Reading こうきしん
Alt Reading
Level Level0133
Important Yes
Front 篤学の士
Entry Number 2277
Meaning devoted student
Reading とくがくのし
Alt Reading
Level Level0228
Front 魚 (2)
Entry Number 492
Meaning さなか: fish; うお: fish (mainly in 魚市場)
Reading さかな
Alt Reading Alt: うお
Level Level0050

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on 1599933647
This is super helpful! Started attempting just memorizing the readings "for the sake of the readings", but about 100 Kanji into the book i realized that simply wasn't a sustainable solution. Having the important and unimportant vocab sorted is a much appreciated touch!
on 1556743167
Awesome to have the 'important' vocab sorted out from the rest.

Note: Conning does not include any 'important' vocab for the first 50 kanji but it looks like the creators of this deck have tagged one vocab item for each of these entries as 'important' regardless, apparently at their own discretion. Not a terrible idea, but I ended up deleting these cards in the deck browser along with the 'unimportant'-tagged cards.
on 1546638301