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WordBrewery Core Spanish: real sentences and native audio

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BOTTOM LINE: This WordBrewery deck features (1) real sentences from Spanish news articles (2) that contain exclusively high-frequency words, (3) are paired with professional audio recorded by Venezuelan voice actors, and (4) provide three translations per sentence to help you understand the native text, including one human translation and two machine translations. The sentences were written by native speakers, for native speakers in major Spanish-language publications. WordBrewery's scraping and sentence scoring algorithms then found and selected these sentences for inclusion in our database of useful sentences because they contain exclusively high-frequency words (plus proper nouns)--specifically, the 500 most common word families in Spanish. I exported them from a WordBrewery sentence list like the one displayed in the screenshot below, and added human translations, two machine translations (Google and Microsoft), and native-speaker audioto each card. A NOTE ON REVIEWS: Decks like this are not common. Creating them is an expensive, time-consuming process. If you appreciate professional decks containing authentic text and native audio, please leave a constructive review. Reviews claiming that this deck's sentences contain "errors" are misleading and unfortunate. Because each of these sentences is pulled directly from a reputable Spanish-language newspaper, they almost certainly do not have errors. For one of the Spanish sentences to have an error, all of these must be true: (1) the error appeared in the original news article written by and for native Spanish speakers in a major publication; (2) the native-speaking voice actors recorded the erroneous sentence when they were instructed to delete any sentences they had any doubts about; (3) the human translators translated the erroneous sentence when they were instructed to delete any sentences they had doubts about; and (4) no one has previously discovered and reported the error by reporting the sentence with the thumbs-down icon on WordBrewery or emailing me. In short, you can trust the sentences because they were written and screened by native speakers. If there is a technical problem (e.g. the wrong audio file attached to a sentence) or a translation problem, please email me and I will update the deck as needed. (Note: For some reason, in the audio samples embedded on this page, the audio is not paired correctly with the cards. But that is not normally the case with deck itself.) A NOTE ON TRANSLATIONS: I have provided 2-3 translations for each sentence as guidelines to help you understand the sentence; usually this includes one human translation as well as machine translations from Microsoft and Google. Translation is an imperfect science, and machine translation is particularly imperfect. Because this deck uses real, unmodified sentences, it is filled with idioms that are common in Spanish speech and writing but rarely encountered in materials written for learners. Idioms are particularly difficult to translate and usually have several plausible translations. So, here is my advice: Do not think of translations as something you must memorize; instead, work to understand the original sentence, relying on the translations only as needed, and then memorize the original sentence. If you need additional help with a sentence, email me or do what I usually do and ask native speakers for help on Quora or Reddit. --- Original deck description: --- Master the 500 most important Spanish words—enough to understand about 75% of Spanish writing and conversations—in the context of 800+ sentences from WordBrewery's database of real Spanish sentences from the news. These sentences: Mastering these sentences will give you an excellent foundation for continued Spanish studies and position you to excel in first-year college Spanish or AP Spanish courses. They will also prepare you to read WordBrewery's intermediate, advanced, and master-level sentences, which can help you master as many as 30,000 of the most common Spanish words. You can practice these sentences, discover thousands of others, create your own study lists manually or automatically, and export study lists for use in Anki at WordBrewery. Be sure to also check out our blog. - If you find this deck valuable and want to see more WordBrewery content in the future, please leave a positive review and help us spread the word about WordBrewery. - Subscribe to WordBrewery's blog to receive notifications when new decks are released. ¡Buena suerte! Example WordBrewery sentence before export to CSV: Screenshot from a WordBrewery Spanish Course: Thank you for trying the deck, and please leave a constructive review and email me with any problems or questions.

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Spanish ¿Y podemos adivinar un número pensado por otra persona?
WB_Translation And can we guess the number someone else is thinking?
Google_Translation And we can guess a number thought by someone else?
Microsoft_Translation And we can guess a number designed by someone else?
Spanish La palabra es algo muy importante.
WB_Translation The word is very important.
Google_Translation The word is very important.
Microsoft_Translation The word is very important.
Spanish Al menos en mi experiencia, no siempre es así.
WB_Translation "At least in my experience, that's not always the case."
Google_Translation At least in my experience, it is not always the case.
Microsoft_Translation At least in my experience, not always so.

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on 1598454794
Thank you for sharing this deck before the WordBrewery website went offline.
The major benefit is that the words are really very useful. After 12-17 weeks, I have been able to partially understand native speakers when they speak slowly. I also use the deck "Spanish 1000 words". I'm continuously getting better.

One improvement I suggest is to add the DeepL.com translation, because it is often the one that seems most natural.

edit: The audio for "En realidad es algo normal." says "En ralidad es ucho más."

edit 2: The audio for "¿O hablamos de miles?" is wrong, too.

edit 3: I have shown cards to my Spanish girlfriend whenever I had doubts. They have many errors or inaccuracies. After all, I don't recommend them for learners, at least for beginners.
on 1586342837
one minor? disappointing point: I'd like to use it English-Spanish and to change it is a bit of a hassle.
on 1559257507
It is certainly a good course and a valuable choice of sentences. I can see a genuine effort here. Audio is REALLY nice. But without a human counter-check those translations are so prone to mistakes I would not feel very comfortable learning by them.
on 1548054836
on 1540072188
Great! Many native voices male and female.
on 1528903181
Awesome deck. Native speakers. Love it and want more
on 1484006400
Don't waste your time with this.

I ran into two or three serious mistakes in the first 30-40 cards I tried. This seems like a good idea, but some serious proofing is needed.
on 1479254400
Needs checking

Great idea, but he needs a human to check these before he offers them as teaching material.

OK, after reading the five bullet points I'd like to ask the professional Spanish translators what happened with, for example:

Spanish(Por suerte, ya ha vuelto a casa.) -> WB_Translation(Luckily, I have already returned home.)
Spanish(No, no lo ha sido.) -> WB_Translation(No, it wasn't him.)

There are some weird ones too:
A los dos en situaciones puertas adentro.
Is that idiomatic in a Spanish speaking county? Which?

And some esoteric ones:
¿Tiene el motor aún?

I was very excited to see such a useful resource, but I think I'll skip it for now.
on 1478995200
If you have an intermediate grasp of Spanish, I would encourage you to DL this d

Well done to those at WordBrewery : a free deck chock full of useful grammar, vocab, and pronunciation, very professionally done. Bravo.
on 1474243200

This deck is cool. It is really important to have sound when you are learning a new language. It helps with pronunciation and being able to hear the language in the native speed.

I have already recommended this deck to one of my students.

There were a few bugs with the sounds but they seem to be fixed now.
WordBrewery are cool people.

Get the deck!

- The Black Polyglot