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Soze's Step 1 Master Deck (final update)

94.24MB. 0 audio & 1107 images. Updated 2018-08-17.

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Text Air in the biliary tree is pathognomonic for {{c1::gallstone illeus}}
Extra gets stuck in ILEUM (at ileocecal valve)
Text What murmur(s) can you hear at the LSB (one costal space below pulmonic spot)?{{c1::Aortic regurghypertrophic cardiomyopathy}}
Tags CVbb
Text What are the four major electrolyte abnormalities that result from Tumor Lysis Syndrome?{{c1::HyperkalemiaHyperphosphatemia → hypocalcemiaHyperuricemia }}

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on 1665640093
High yeild cards for Step1.
on 1639773118
on 1631707185
thanks, it helped me a lot
on 1626239151
Its quite informative.
on 1620483178
Well made
on 1617395079
on 1610435496
on 1589437794
on 1586863776
The perfect size to accompany boards and beyond, just what I was looking for. Thank you!
on 1584857299
Been a follower of your site for a while (currently M2 nearing dedicated - came across your site early M1 year), and a few months out from step looking to knock this deck out as I resonate with your rationale behind this deck (and also many of your blog posts, but I digress).Thank you so much for sharing!!
on 1556070678
Thank you
on 1555769722
Easy to read!
on 1553563870
on 1538926754
So much better than trying to memorize 20,000+ discrete facts!
on 1536190483
on 1535470783
Very thoughtful and useful cards
on 1534698737
I am enjoying it
on 1533812987
on 1530837785
Thanks :)
on 1526515200
You are absolutely amazing, I literally cannot thank you enough
on 1524096000
on 1522800000
This is amazing! I've been looking for a resource to go through simultaneously with BnB videos -- so far I have just been unsuspending cards from Zanki... but there is a ton of info there. this deck is awesome. thanks so much for sharing.
on 1522022400
Pretty damn good deck, looking forward to you finishing breaking the cards down into subdecks. Awesome work!