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Ultimate Geography v5.1

11.97MB. 0 audio & 337 images. Updated 2022-08-17.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


FULL DESCRIPTION | RELEASE NOTES | CONTRIBUTING Ultimate Geography v5.1 features: - the world's 206 sovereign states (824 cards) - 59 territories, world regions, and other entities (103 cards) - 48 oceans and seas (48 cards, maps only) - 7 continents (7 cards, maps only) - for a total of 320 unique notes, 982 cards, 222 flags and 320 maps. The deck is available in thirteen languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish and Italian. An extended version is also available in each language. To help with memorisation and provide context while learning, some notes include extra information such as similar flags, governance information, alternative country names, etc. You can use Anki's filtered deck feature to focus your study on a subset of the deck, such as sovereign states, a single note template (e.g. map to country), or a specific continent (e.g. Europe). This deck is maintained on GitHub. If you spot a mistake, have a suggestion or want to help, please don't hesitate to open an issue. Want to stay informed of new releases? Watch the GitHub repository or subscribe to the releases feed!

Sample (from 320 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Country Bangladesh
Country info
Capital Dhaka
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity
Tags UG::Asia UG::Sovereign_State
Country Cape Verde
Country info Also known as Cabo Verde.
Capital Praia
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity
Tags UG::Africa UG::Sovereign_State UG::West_Africa
Country Indonesia
Country info
Capital Jakarta
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity Monaco (narrower, darker red), Poland (red and white flipped, darker red)
Tags UG::Asia UG::Southeast_Asia UG::Sovereign_State

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on 1685053997
Super complete!
on 1684340848
on 1683793178
Excellent deck!
on 1683790395
good stuff
on 1683732011
One of the best decks out there!
on 1681659557
Quality work
on 1681653234
Very good visualized deck
on 1681442669
Great deck! I second the comment about adding this deck to Ankihub for collaboration and community-sourced updates!
on 1680986719
Great job!
on 1678376294
I appreciate all the work that went into this, but the deck seems to group countries with similar first letters (for instance, you have to learn the difference between Bulgaria, Belarus, and Belgium at pretty much the same time)

This is needlessly confusing. It would be better to learn one at a time
on 1677961065
Fantastic Deck. Have you considered adding this to Ankihub for collaboration and community-sourced updates?
on 1677470788
Is good deck
on 1677445551
on 1676138321
on 1676044550
Best deck about geography
on 1675966941
You will not regret studying this deck
on 1675952774
bro this is awesome
on 1675887787
Great deck. Thanks!
on 1675090641
A like is the least I can do to say thanks for this deck.
on 1672572544
on 1670619698
it's great stuff !
on 1670566857
on 1669790249
on 1668686286
hell yeah
on 1668345531
great deck, everything I've been looking for
on 1667663735
Best deck ever ! Only Listenbourg has been forgotten 👌
on 1667286912
Great basis to improve on or even to use as is !

restructured the Deck to fit my personnal learning style but never had to add another card to the things.

Says much about the quality of the basis deck.

Thanks a lot sir.
on 1666534867
Thank you very much.
on 1666155232
Just WOW🤩
on 1666022635
on 1664912048
It's awesome!
on 1664462557
deck has a very good amount of information. it's up to date, provides some helpful notes (like when a capital has recently changed), and has both countries and geographical features.

this deck has made me a real asset for trivia nights, as well as increasing my understanding of the world around me.
on 1664242895
This a lovely deck, it gives the information that you need no more no less which is a big positive. Big thanks to the maker for taking the time to make this.
on 1664226343
Very good map for learning geography.

One thing: if Curacao and Aruba are both in this map, it seems strange to me for Bonaire not to be included too. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are three islands next to each other all owned by the Netherlands so I would not add 2 of them but then leave 1 of them out.
on 1664108127
The information is very detailed and covers as much of the area as possible, but the information on the sea, islands etc. is clearly incomplete yet. It is also difficult for people without background to remember so many places, it will be better if adding more background information to aid memory. But in any case, the templates and materials provided here are very helpful for learning geography and Anki cards
on 1663513426
on 1663190756
very good
on 1663017827
on 1662658563
on 1662124519
this is a great deck, but I see one issue with it - flags on my Xiaomi phone with android and MIUI systems have the wrong colorous when Dark mode is set on the phone. For example, the Niue flag is pink, instead of dark blue. To resolve that I had to exclude Anki from having system dark mode and I enabled the dark mode in the app itself. That resolved the problem.
on 1662052386
Thank youuuu so much !
on 1661793259
on 1661682128
Great effort, thanks!
on 1661675398
goat status deck

Adding the say 30 largest islands would be a nice addition
on 1660159140
Excellent spaced repetition
on 1660060149
A very good deck, although I believe you need to add rivers and mountains/mountain ranges as well.
on 1659999045
A massive amount of knowledge has built into this deck. This will keep me occupied for a long time
on 1659976040
Awesome deck. Would be even better if map images would have neighbors countries' names appear on the map
on 1659769781
Excellent deck
on 1659319209
Deck incrível, mas já faz 8 meses que foi lançada a última versão (v5.0) e ela nem vem com a tradução pra português... eu abri até uma Discução sobre remoção do pt-br na descrição do site no GITHUB (porque é triste ver o deck Português na descrição no Github sendo que não há o deck em português pra download).
Bem. Foi informado que o deck vai sair na nova versão (https://github.com/anki-geo/ultimate-geography/discussions/550).
Mas queria uma previsão de quando ela vai sair... plissssssssssssss acelera um pouquinho o upload do deck em Português :(
on 1659212434
Fabulous! Thank you from Israel
on 1658194078
Well done
on 1657030047
would love if there were audio clips serving as a pronunciation guide for the capitals of each country!
on 1656497767
on 1656174936
i find that none of the flag images will display in ankidroid or ankiweb
on 1655846823
Nice deck
on 1655752071
on 1654976530
I needed this deck
on 1654946277
Looks really cool!
on 1654773743
on 1654655639
Definitely a must have !!
Countries, Capitals, Flags, Maps
on 1654273556
Very helpful, updated, great job!
on 1654194375
Very useful and works very well
on 1653379783
I always sucked at geography. Time to change that.
on 1653379558
on 1653345534
This deck is fantastic. However, The extended version as well as all the language versions are broken, because CrowdAnki is broken in the current new version. Time for an update
on 1653211442
finished all thousand cards... The only thing I do not fully know is when it's a country and when it's only a territory that is owned / claimed by a country. It is always written in the info tab, I wish it would be a seperate field. So I would be asked for example which countries are being grouped in melanesia for example.
on 1652874541
Simply astounding! This will really help with quiz bowl, thanks!
on 1652438456
learned the states and countries in three weeks, easy and fun
on 1651510100
on 1651349022
Very solid deck, friendly authors.
on 1651067762
Awesome deck
on 1649966458
Well curated
on 1648542791
Complete, efficient
on 1648457545
love it
on 1646738411
Cool deck
on 1645811434
Good course
on 1645373002
Very complete and up to date. The best there is if you want to learn capitals, flags and where all countries are on the map.
on 1645127493
on 1644706511
Outstanding work
on 1644669121
Great geo deck, check out the version on GitHub for more options.
on 1644166756
Very good
on 1644083333
It is very good and comprehensive as a whole. However, the projections used for the maps are inconsistent, which is mildly distracting.
on 1643915609
Very clear information on how to use the zip file
on 1643134898
on 1641264961
on 1640787175
Awesome deck
on 1640621899
Love it but it's missing Bonaire, Montserrat and some information about Martinique. Aruba and Curacao are included so it's weird that Bonaire isn't. I'm assuming it's just an oversight however and I hope it'll be rectified in the next update.
on 1640247508
Loved it!
on 1640012236
Made in a thorough manner and with a nice design, perfect for anyone to learn
on 1639972323
such highly quality wow
on 1637595594
Absolutely amazing job by the authors of this deck!
I don't use the last version, so after months of learning that deck I decided to separate the flags by myself in another deck.
Might reach the end of this deck in a few week as I'm going slowly and learn because it's fun!
Understand things clearly since I know where the countries are.
There's also some islands that is a little boring to learn, but still didn't convince myself no to learn them.
on 1637206183
Thank you
on 1637097046
A very interesting deck!
on 1636320104
Mind-boggling in scope. Excellent deck.
on 1635258673
Phenomenal deck. My only request would be a pronunciation guide.
on 1634662729
Deck excelente parabéns pelo trabalho! (Deck excellent congratulations for this job)
on 1634595248
An absolute must-have deck. I've just finished it. Thank you so much for your hard work.
on 1634157122
Love it!
on 1632394584
A great deck.
on 1630913810
Comprehensive and accurate
on 1630845599
Helps me become a smarter person xD
on 1630477787
great deck!
on 1629755802
We Are The World.
on 1628550578
Thank you
on 1628367853
Great, thanks!
on 1628116604
Super thorough, really good.
on 1627864328
Great deck
on 1627678005
Very good deck!
on 1626603826
5really good
on 1626521997
Genuinely a godsend! 😋

I too would have liked audio for each response (since I'm not a native English speaker, nor is there a UG deck in my language), but it's not essential, I guess.

Edit: Never mind, I used the AwesomeTTS addon to generate audio for each note 🔉.
on 1625419100
Really good deck
on 1624554319
Cool deck, but do you have a higher resolution version or svg version?
on 1623046182
Incredible up 2 date and crowd sourced - just fantastic.
on 1622651839
on 1622287859
I like when there is a git behind a Deck
on 1619036047
Solid. I've been happy to be able to bust out some facts.
on 1618576498
Well made.
on 1618134162
Amazing, thanks.
on 1617870255
It's awesome. I enjoy learning about the different countries while trying to memorize the cards. It helps to scratch the travel itch during corona times.
on 1616943712
on 1616877712
This deck is incredibly well done. Spectacular. Thank you so much!!!
on 1616833406
This deck is amazing!
on 1616803469
Great deck! Thank you!
on 1615473390
The maps are clear. I love the ordering of the cards -- countries from the same continent are consecutive, but *not* adjacent countries, which seems to help my memorize them. Thanks for all the work you put into this!
on 1615328247
The first two random cards I drew were Aruba, Jamaica.
on 1614821694
on 1614782483
A great deck, maybe the best shared deck in the ecosystem. Simple, thorough, robust.
on 1614452060
Thanks for adding flags from Asia
on 1614071856
Fantastic deck. Very well made.
on 1613543843
on 1613244509
Useful tool to learn geography. Thanks!
on 1612899964
Just tasty
on 1611876917
Love this!
on 1610633882
Overall just great for learning geography
on 1609608238
Awesome deck! Thank you so much for creating this
on 1609336057
Really good! I use the "suspend note" functionality to ignore some of the more obscure countries.
on 1608711084
This is really well put together
on 1607524171
Very well made, one of the reasons to fall in love with Anki. Thank you for your excellent work.
on 1607512073
a must
on 1606456545
Really well made deck. If only there were more shared decks that were this good!
on 1605962374
Very nice.
on 1605086957
on 1603827912
on 1603770637
on 1603105347
on 1603045550
Incredibly easy to use and helpful.
on 1602934048
Just amazing
on 1602457873
Love the accuracy of the political entities! FYI, naming goes by internal standards i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh is given as Republic of Artsakh. But the other names/conflict over ownership is noted. Great
on 1602070002
on 1602055826
Now we just need something equally extensive on other geographical features like oceans, seas, rivers and mountains.
on 1601924725
on 1601853501
Comprehensive, and easy to dive right in.
on 1600937464
It's great! Awesome way to learn about geography.
on 1600599346
Please make more general knowledge decks - this was awesome
on 1600415936
Great deck! Just don't underestimate the time needed to finish the Extended-Edition ;)
on 1600325156
on 1599781270
on 1599383994
Great deck
on 1599274321
import does not work. cant download spanish version
on 1598876329
This deck is awesome. It took me three and a half months to learn all the cards in this deck, but I enjoyed the journey and it was definitely worth the effort. It's really well put together and honestly I can't think of any flaws with it.

Perhaps in the future, they could make subdecks for each country, so that you can learn the geography of each country. Also, if there were a subdeck for things like geographical features, like mountain ranges, major rivers, geographic regions, that would be pretty neat.
on 1598643057
Probably the best world geography deck
on 1597684989
Incredible resource to learn world geography. It is complete and I have seen no errors at all. Thank you for sharing this amazing deck!
on 1596715959
Huge work
on 1595468041
Thank you, I did 50 cards so far, this was really helpful.
on 1595436441
on 1594697274
great deck
on 1594581064
Simply put, this is one of the best and most well-maintained shared decks out there. The only fault is that it doesn't cover more geographic details.
on 1594403918
Great deck! Have always been embarrassed by how little I know about geography and this is exactly what I was looking for. Very well put together with info I wouldn't have thought to add if I made my own. Thank you so much!
on 1594243827
Every child should learn this when they are in primary school. Saves a lot of time and potential embarrassment later on. Thank you so much! P.S. Would you please upload this deck in the four other languages onto Anki? Am having a hard time figuring out the instructions on github...
on 1593610958
on 1593198171
on 1593135509
on 1593097444
Very useful and well-made deck
on 1592734054
Best deck for world geography.
on 1592570781
Very thorough. Really Great
on 1592239649
A superb effort! Thanks!
on 1592107713
Very good deck!
Also, awesome advice some comments below! Thank you! I will copypaste it to give it more visibility:

"You can put this deck on steroids by inserting the following snippet at the bottom of the answer HTML for each template ("Cards..." in editor or browser). Your answers will show the corresponding Wikipedia article for each answer. This really helped me find connections and learn faster.

<iframe src="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{{Country}}" style="height: 100vh; width:100%;" seamless="seamless"></iframe>

-- replace {{Country}} with {{Capital}} for Country -> Capital card type
-- if your deck is in another language, swap the "en" in the wikipedia link for your language (e.g. "de" for german)"
on 1591615242
Excellent Deck, perhaps the only one I ever found by browsing shared decks that's more than a mere novelty. Unfortunately, the process for getting the fdifferent language and extended ones is beyond me -- I kept getting errors with the CrowdAnki add-on that was made required to install the other versions of this Ultimate Geography. That's both sad and frustrating as heck. If anyone managed to get around such a restriction... please, share.
on 1591163725
on 1591124575
One of the few really good shared decks, amazing for what it does. I'd personally like if it included audio, but that's a personal preference.
on 1590897528
Excellent quality in images, which would be a pain to do on you own. Well updated and very thorough.
on 1590743565
Amazing Deck!
on 1590250274
Exactly the info I was looking to learn, with great tagging to enable custom, focused decks.
on 1589891423
Awesome deck, well built!
on 1589656694
You can put this deck on steroids by inserting the following snippet at the bottom of the answer HTML for each template ("Cards..." in editor or browser). Your answers will show the corresponding Wikipedia article for each answer. This really helped me find connections and learn faster.

<iframe src="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{{Country}}" style="height: 100vh; width:100%;" seamless="seamless"></iframe>

-- replace {{Country}} with {{Capital}} for Country -> Capital card type
-- if your deck is in another language, swap the "en" in the wikipedia link for your language (e.g. "de" for german)
on 1589517484
on 1589223973
Definitely my favorite Anki deck that I have gone through. My nitpicky complaint is that my computer won't let me update 3.3 version from 3.2 and I don't want to delete it and start over again.

Possible suggestions for improving the decks...
-Add other geographical features like rivers, mountains or mountain ranges, add more disputed/autonomous regions of the world (not sure what the inclusion criteria are for this deck), add administrative divisions like states or provinces for some countries, add currency or languages.

Again, this is a great deck and very helpful if you want to learn basic world geography. Maybe if the creator of this deck wants to take my add-on suggestions they might be better as additional decks instead of increasing the cards on this deck (if the creator does create more decks please inform me because I want to download those as well).

Thank you for creating this deck
on 1588835179
Excellent stuff
on 1588577643
I love this deck, but just messed it up and can't seem to fix it. Even if I delete the deck and reupload the deck. Could someone share the styling code in the cards... option in browse?
on 1588327730
Well made, fantastic way to get back my 'lost' knowledge
on 1587939997
Very polished deck. Great work.
on 1587921214
on 1587917021
on 1587899009
Tres bon deck pour apprendre la géo
on 1587589021
on 1587571354
really love this deck
on 1587155293
Love the deck so much.
My singular (minor) complaint is that some of the countries look elongated in the pictures. For example, in the South Africa picture, it looks a lot taller than it actually is.
on 1586367529
very good deck!
on 1586252577
on 1586005499
Awesome pack!
on 1584764673
This deck is built for anyone looking to become Geographically Literate
on 1584653770
on 1584540461
Excellent and comprehensive deck!
on 1584477898
on 1584276250
on 1583748411
Im existe pas en french
on 1583528767
Very well designed with different questions for capitals, flags, and geographical map locations with each country and territory.
on 1583030749
Good :)
on 1582999078
on 1582735497
Really good!
on 1582733218
on 1581284287
Great, thanks for sharing!
on 1579340899
up to date desk, good information, open on Github!
on 1578049209
Works for me
on 1577112467
Muito bom!! Útil demais pra gente!
on 1576120402
amazing piece of work, congrats. some obscure places are *really* hard to remember and learn and kind of get in the way (no offense, but Mont Athos? really?) but otherwise a fantastic resource if you actually want to learn that stuff.
on 1574865677
on 1573247250
on 1572778750
The best Anki deck I have seen so far.
on 1572619556
Fabulous collection. Sadly I haven't been able to update to the latest version as I fiddled around with the settings for the old deck. I'll manually add the release note updates and remember not to mess around with it next time!
on 1571945952
This is just the best deck. So much work goes into this!
on 1571674298
Очень полезно! Very useful!
on 1571412295
Great deck. Recent updates help keep accuracy.
on 1570601272
Very cool, thanks for this!
on 1570453993
Very nice deck. The only thing I am missing is more metadata on the countries (e.g. population)
on 1568780379
Incredible deck. Well made, and open source!
on 1567869962
on 1567086971
Very good but needs some updating.
Kazakhstan and Burundi got the wrong capitals (and maybe some more)
on 1566901515
I mean... the amount of trivia games that will be won...
on 1566522036
Overall very good. Personally I'd appreciate slightly more detailed or otherwise distinguished maps of the Caribbean. I can't tell if a map is showing Anguilla or Sint Maarten. I added pronunciations to a handful of countries and capitals that'd be otherwise a bit tricky. (ouagadougou etc.)
on 1562439570
on 1561470269
Excellent deck to use as a starting point for geography study.
on 1560824734
Now I am getting bullied at school for knowing all the capitals of every country.

Make it less powerful!
on 1560237757
I had avoided shared decks for 2 years of Anki usage (due to recommendations), however this one got my attention.

It's a high quality deck which you can further customize by creating a couple of more cards from what's already given by axelboc's valuable effort.

For example, test yourself on "what's this" and you'd only get an image of a continent/ocean/sea/city/municipality or "which flag is this" and you'd only get an image of a flag with country/capital on the other side (more cards of a thing = better for memorization).

The reason it's also worth downloading is that there is not much you can personally change regarding geography.
Usually, it's recommended to make your own cards but this is clearly an exception to the rule.
I mean, what's so personal that you can do regarding geography? It's a collection of different facts and places on the map…

One way I found to add value to this deck is to include original Forvo pronunciations of countries/cities/etc.
It's also really fun if you're a foreign language learner, so you can get a glimpse of that original Dutch pronunciation of “Oranjestad” or “Kralendijk”.

On top of that, the card template allows you to add “personal hints”, so you could that French friend's name when asked about Paris/France (scientifically shown to aid memory).

Anyways, great deck, definitively worth downloading!
on 1560198148
A deck for everyone! Very well made and almost flawless.

I have some advice for studying with this deck though:
1) Turn off burying, since this will, e.g., bury a Flag►Country card, when you just learned the Country►Capital counterpart, which is absurd.
2) Instead, suspend one direction of each pair. I found Country►Flag, Country►Map and Capital►Country to be the less useful / more difficult half of the deck. You can unsuspend them when you are comfortable with the first half of the deck.
3) Make sure to add new cards in the preset order. It helps to get a grasp of countries you have never heard of, when you get multiple pieces of information about them at the same time. The same is true for the borders of unfamiliar continents, because you will not only see all cards of one note consecutively, but countries are also clustered geographically.
on 1559292286
Great well made deck with loads of information.
on 1559044414
Is there anyway to just study Map to Country
on 1558816699
Some things to note: Countries like Swaziland have actually changed their name and are now called Eswatini for example, so beware that there are some errors but they are few and wide! Great tool for learning all countries, capitals, locations and flags
on 1558672146
Favorite Geography Deck of all time.

Went from Geographically illiterate to more knowledgeable than most people in a few months.
My only gripes is the fact that the capitals are somewhat useless to know... I suspend most of those cards on purpose.

It would be nice if the deck focused on something more important like current presidents/leaders, but of course that would require more updating.
Also if there was a higher emphasis on culturally significant regions.

Regardless, still the best deck for Geography.
on 1558545685
on 1557863649
on 1557410916
Just what I was looking for in a geography deck.
on 1556619043
Great deck for learning basic geography!
on 1556448851
on 1555308279
on 1555179559
Really amazing deck! It made learning easy and fun :D
on 1554914140
Updated yearly!!
on 1553275116
too good
on 1553225632
Очень полезно и круто сделано.
on 1552993851
Love this deck!
on 1552513117
Very detailed!
on 1550704612
Very thorough and well-designed
on 1549729181
on 1549276409
Good deck!
on 1546514613
Just awesome!
on 1544810395
I'm having a lot of fun with this one.
on 1544029292
I'm using an older version but felt compelled to give a thumbs up rating, because I'm enjoying the deck!

I would also like an option to sort by population. I do not think this would hinder long term memorization as another commentor suggested.

I suspended all the capital cards because I'm not interested in learning those. This was easy to do because the deck is well organized!
on 1543483907
Has everything and is well maintained!
on 1543453370
Clean design, good resource
on 1543366439
The deck is simply fantastic and I have not much to say about it that hasn't been already said.

Anyway, I want to answer one of the previous commentaries about it: The one that suggests to sort countries by population.
It is not bad idea if you want to name/recognize just the most important countries, but it can become incredible more difficult to grasp the last few thousands of cards, so if you want to complete the full journey, the difficulty will overall increase, so I think that's a must-not change.
on 1540187913
on 1540167122
on 1537837316
Absolutely brilliant, and a great improvement on version 1.0.
The older version had odd filters on the flags which distorted the colours.
This newer one also has improvements in accuracy and it appears to have a few more cards and countries the other one was missing.
Very impressed - it is the most useful deck on this entire website.
Everyone should study this deck and improve their knowledge of the world
on 1537270257
Really good - but it would be better if the countries where sorted by population/size

It's kinda annoying to start with some extremely small islands if you hadn't had the more important ones.

I've currently seen 2/3rds of the cards and only saw 3 countries in continental Africa, no country in continental America (north and south) and no only a few countries from Asia/Ozeania (the only big one being the Philippines) - I force-learned European countries through a custom study since I already knew almost all about those.
on 1537022727
One of the best deck
on 1536744699
on 1536167479
A comprehensive and (as far as I can see) accurate deck. I also like that it's possible to correct it via Github.
on 1535912831
This is amazing! Thank you so much! It's a huge deck, but thanks to the good tagging I can just start out with Europe and work from there.
on 1534692128
the map is perfect and clear
on 1532180777
well formatted & designed for learning!
on 1530715651
wow,it's awesome dude,thanks
on 1528888860
Great deck!
on 1524009600
Complete, very good quality.
on 1523491200
on 1519344000
great work!
on 1518566400
Great deck!

When I learned capital some years ago I memorised 'Mbabane' as the capital of Swaziland.
This deck says it's 'Lobamba', so I checked Wikipedia. It lists them both: Lobamba as legislative and Mbabane as executive.
You could consider adding Mbabane or just a note explaining it like with South Africa :)

Same thing with a note for Sri Lanka

Being from Denmark I couldn't help but noticed how horribly disfigured Denmark is on the map of the Baltic Sea.
It turns out that the picture is actually of the now gone 'Ancylus Lake' and therefore over 10.000 years old.

Here's a better picture of the Baltic Sea with no name, maybe it's useful:
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Amazing deck! Thanks for sharing!
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Love it!
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I greatly appreciate this deck and the work that went into it. I was looking for a deck for learning countries (Map->Country), but this deck helped push me to learn more than that (Country->Capital, Capital->Country, Flag->Country).

At the end, though, I found that the one-way Map->Country and Flag-Country cards left me with a number of leech cards and closely-related cards that I couldn't keep straight. Countries with similar flags were a lot of trouble (ex. New Zealand/Australia, Curaçao/Nauru, Palestine/Sudan, Andorra/Moldova), I never quite got the relative locations of various island nations down pat, and while I could easily recognize, say, Uganda or Hungary on a map, I wouldn't be able to tell you what other countries they bordered.

The conclusion is that, to master this deck and to have a reasonably accurate world map in my head (which is the goal, no?), I really needed to also learn cards for Country->Flag and Country->Map relations too. Adding these cards to the deck forced me to verbally explain what each country's flag looks like and what countries they border.

This yields 50% more cards to study, but also dramatically improves the benefit that I get from this deck.
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Great collection
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Thanks for supplying this

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Awesome Deck!

I also want to thank you for putting in all this work and to keep it updated and maintained.
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Great job

This is the most comprehensive geography deck on AnkiWeb, by far. Thanks for putting in all this work to keep it updated and maintained.