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Ultimate Geography v3.0

11.20MB. 0 audio & 339 images. Updated 2018-08-13.

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FULL DESCRIPTION | RELEASE NOTES | CONTRIBUTING Ultimate Geography features: - the world's 206 sovereign states (824 cards) - 67 overseas territories and dependent areas (227 cards) - 39 oceans and seas (39 cards, maps only) - 7 continents (7 cards, maps only) - for a total of 319 unique notes, 1097 cards, 260 flags and 317 maps. The flags and maps are sourced from Wikimedia Commons and optimised for smaller file size. To help with memorisation and provide context while learning, some notes include extra information such as similar flags, governance information, alternative country names, etc. This deck is maintained on GitHub. If you spot a mistake, have a suggestion or want to help, please don't hesitate to raise an issue. Want to stay informed of new releases? Watch the GitHub repository or subscribe to the releases feed!

Sample (from 319 notes)

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Country Myanmar
Country info Also known as Burma.
Capital Naypyidaw
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity
Tags UG::Asia UG::Southeast_Asia UG::Sovereign_State
Country Saint Lucia
Country info
Capital Castries
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity
Tags UG::America UG::Caribbean UG::Sovereign_State
Country Sweden
Country info
Capital Stockholm
Capital info
Capital hint
Flag similarity
Tags UG::Europe UG::European_Union UG::Sovereign_State

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on 1544029292
I'm using an older version but felt compelled to give a thumbs up rating, because I'm enjoying the deck!

I would also like an option to sort by population. I do not think this would hinder long term memorization as another commentor suggested.

I suspended all the capital cards because I'm not interested in learning those. This was easy to do because the deck is well organized!
on 1543483907
Has everything and is well maintained!
on 1543453370
Clean design, good resource
on 1543366439
The deck is simply fantastic and I have not much to say about it that hasn't been already said.

Anyway, I want to answer one of the previous commentaries about it: The one that suggests to sort countries by population.
It is not bad idea if you want to name/recognize just the most important countries, but it can become incredible more difficult to grasp the last few thousands of cards, so if you want to complete the full journey, the difficulty will overall increase, so I think that's a must-not change.
on 1540187913
on 1540167122
on 1537837316
Absolutely brilliant, and a great improvement on version 1.0.
The older version had odd filters on the flags which distorted the colours.
This newer one also has improvements in accuracy and it appears to have a few more cards and countries the other one was missing.
Very impressed - it is the most useful deck on this entire website.
Everyone should study this deck and improve their knowledge of the world
on 1537270257
Really good - but it would be better if the countries where sorted by population/size

It's kinda annoying to start with some extremely small islands if you hadn't had the more important ones.

I've currently seen 2/3rds of the cards and only saw 3 countries in continental Africa, no country in continental America (north and south) and no only a few countries from Asia/Ozeania (the only big one being the Philippines) - I force-learned European countries through a custom study since I already knew almost all about those.
on 1537022727
One of the best deck
on 1536936984
Good comprehensive cards, really recommend
on 1536744699
on 1536167479
A comprehensive and (as far as I can see) accurate deck. I also like that it's possible to correct it via Github.
on 1535912831
This is amazing! Thank you so much! It's a huge deck, but thanks to the good tagging I can just start out with Europe and work from there.
on 1534692128
the map is perfect and clear
on 1532180777
well formatted & designed for learning!
on 1530715651
wow,it's awesome dude,thanks
on 1528888860
Great deck!
on 1524009600
Complete, very good quality.
on 1523491200
on 1519344000
great work!
on 1518566400
Great deck!

When I learned capital some years ago I memorised 'Mbabane' as the capital of Swaziland.
This deck says it's 'Lobamba', so I checked Wikipedia. It lists them both: Lobamba as legislative and Mbabane as executive.
You could consider adding Mbabane or just a note explaining it like with South Africa :)

Same thing with a note for Sri Lanka

Being from Denmark I couldn't help but noticed how horribly disfigured Denmark is on the map of the Baltic Sea.
It turns out that the picture is actually of the now gone 'Ancylus Lake' and therefore over 10.000 years old.

Here's a better picture of the Baltic Sea with no name, maybe it's useful:
on 1516060800
Amazing deck! Thanks for sharing!
on 1515628800
Love it!
on 1514851200
I greatly appreciate this deck and the work that went into it. I was looking for a deck for learning countries (Map->Country), but this deck helped push me to learn more than that (Country->Capital, Capital->Country, Flag->Country).

At the end, though, I found that the one-way Map->Country and Flag-Country cards left me with a number of leech cards and closely-related cards that I couldn't keep straight. Countries with similar flags were a lot of trouble (ex. New Zealand/Australia, Curaçao/Nauru, Palestine/Sudan, Andorra/Moldova), I never quite got the relative locations of various island nations down pat, and while I could easily recognize, say, Uganda or Hungary on a map, I wouldn't be able to tell you what other countries they bordered.

The conclusion is that, to master this deck and to have a reasonably accurate world map in my head (which is the goal, no?), I really needed to also learn cards for Country->Flag and Country->Map relations too. Adding these cards to the deck forced me to verbally explain what each country's flag looks like and what countries they border.

This yields 50% more cards to study, but also dramatically improves the benefit that I get from this deck.
on 1512432000
Great collection
on 1503014400
Please can you add currencies to these?

on 1495670400
Thanks for supplying this

on 1485648000
Awesome Deck!

I also want to thank you for putting in all this work and to keep it updated and maintained.
on 1485475200
Great job

This is the most comprehensive geography deck on AnkiWeb, by far. Thanks for putting in all this work to keep it updated and maintained.