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Top 700+ Tagalog verbs with audio

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Mainly my own additions but some verbs taken from tagalog.com and Tagalog Reference Grammar. All verbs have accent marks and audio from a native Tagalog speaker. Verb conjugations are shown. Focuses are shown too, i.e. Actor Focus (AF), Benefactor Focus (BF), Causative Focus (CF), Locative Focus (LF), Object Focus (OF), etc. Internet connection required for audio. I'm currently adding new words whenever I encounter them. Do check back regularly for updates. I also have a "Top Tagalog words with audio" deck of non-verbs here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1945372227

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Front (AF) to come from
Back manggaling ( nanggaling - nanggagaling - manggagaling ) Dictionary:manggaling nanggaling - nanggagaling - manggagaling Flash cards by Tagalog.com
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Front (AF) to sit
Back umupô ( umupô - umúupô - úupô ) Dictionary:umupo umupo - umuupo - uupo Flash cards by Tagalog.com
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Front (OF) to blame someone
Back sisihin ( sinisi - sinisisi - sisisihin ) Dictionary:sisihin sinisi - sinisisi - sisisihin Flash cards by Tagalog.com
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on 1599566730
Great, comprehensive deck! Could you tell me where to learn the official names of the individual forms provided – e.g. "tanggalín ( tinanggál - tinátanggál - tátanggalín )" – or where to learn the grammar so it makes sense with these cards? Thank you for explaining the abbreviations (OF etc.) here! Edit: And thanks for the links!
Comment from author before post was edited
For an introduction to the verb focuses of Tagalog, look here.

For further reading, check here.
on 1597197040
Maraming Salamat!
Comment from author
No problem. I'm currently studying Tagalog, so I add new flashcards to my decks whenever I encounter useful words. I'd say that I add new words every week or two. Do check back regularly for the updates. Thx!