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Urbit hoon runes, beginner level, plain English descriptions

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This is a deck of Urbit hoon runes and rune families, first described in plain English (for the runes) and then described using the official Urbit descriptions. The goal of this deck is to help people ease in to the meanings of the runes without having a full Urbit vocabulary memorized yet.

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Front |%
Back barcen   Creates a core with several arms - this is the most basic core. ~ Produce a core, [battery payload].
Front %
Back cen   The cen family of runes resolve, call and evaluate.  Stated differently, cen runes are used for making function calls to Hoon.
Front =+
Back tislus   Pins a value to the head of the subject; something like tisfas only this goes straight to the head of the binary tree - better for finding using wing notation - perhaps intermediate. ~ [%tsls p=hoon q=hoon]: combine a new noun with the subject.

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