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CKAD Exercises

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A set of exercises to prepare for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This deck has been manually created from the dgkanatsios/CKAD-exercises repository on the 26th May 2023 - and will be updated from time to time once new commits are added. ------------------------------------------------------- >More decks by pyXelr<

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Front Create a new serviceaccount called 'myuser'
Back $> kubectl create sa myuserAlternatively:# let's get a template easily$> kubectl get sa default -o yaml > sa.yaml$> vim sa.yaml---apiVersion: v1kind: ServiceAccountmetadata: name: myuser---$> kubectl create -f sa.yaml
Front Create a configmap named config with values foo=lala,foo2=lolo
Back $> kubectl create configmap config --from-literal=foo=lala --from-literal=foo2=lolo
Front Create a Pod with two containers, both with image busybox and command "echo hello; sleep 3600". Connect to the second container and run 'ls'
Back Easiest way to do it is create a pod with a single container and save its definition in a YAML file:$> kubectl run busybox --image=busybox --restart=Never -o yaml --dry-run=client -- /bin/sh -c 'echo hello;sleep 3600' > pod.yaml vi pod.yamlCopy/paste the container related values, so your final YAML should contain the following two containers (make sure those containers have a different name):---containers: - args: - /bin/sh - -c - echo hello;sleep 3600 image: busybox imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent name: busybox resources: {} - args: - /bin/sh - -c - echo hello;sleep 3600 image: busybox name: busybox2---$> kubectl create -f pod.yaml# Connect to the busybox2 container within the pod$> kubectl exec -it busybox -c busybox2 -- /bin/sh$> ls$> exit# or you can do the above with just an one-liner$> kubectl exec -it busybox -c busybox2 -- ls# you can do some cleanup$> kubectl delete po busybox

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