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Browser Card Info Bar

0.02MB. Updated 2022-01-26.
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you must adjust the shortcut in the add-on config before you can use this. This add-on is intended as a companion to the add-ons Browser Maximize/Hide Table/Editor and Browser Table word wrap. In the add-on config there's a setting that allows to set the width of the info bar if you also use the add-on Browser side-by-side (horizontal split). Versions - 2022-01-26 different menuView detection for better compatibility with other add-ons - 2022-01-19 first fix for Anki 2.1.45+ - 2020-11-03 make the date() function more robust. This may or may not fix issue #5. - 2020-08-01 (optionally) add background colors if suspended or many lapses which might be useful if you have hidden the table with Browser Maximize/Hide Table/Editor; in 2.1.28+ use col.format_time_span() instead of col.backend.format_time_span() - 2020-07-07 option to move the deck into an extra line (in the default wide view), disabled by default - 2020-07-03 better compatibility with other add-ons that use the "View" menu - 2020-07-02 better adjust width, word wrap - 2020-05-05 update for 2.1.24+: "named arguments in queries will go away in the future" - 2020-04-16 fix for 2.1.22 or later: fmtTimeSpan() has become col.backend.format_time_span() - 2019-12-22/25 better compatibility with Browser side-by-side (horizontal split). - 2019-05-25 bug fixed (thanks @ lovac42) - 2019-05-19 initial release Problems, Bugs, Errors, Improvements If you find a bug or have a bug fix or improvement please tell me in the official anki support forum, on github. Screenshot


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on 1616145029
I appreciate and like the idea. I don't need the info often, but have limited screen space. Therefore I prefer to view the info via Ctrl+Shift+i when I need it. I would prefer this add-on if there was a button to collapse and expand it.

It would be cool to see more info in the Ctrl+Shift+I window.
on 1608518995
Works on ⁨2.1.37 👍
on 1593828199
It's a cool contribution. However, I think that an assigned location of each item is not good. It would be better that "Deck:" is independently located in the lower area because the Deck's full-path name tends to be long according to classification.
Comment from author
I just uploaded a new version that offers this: "option to move the deck into an extra line (in the default wide view), disabled by default"

> an assigned location of each item is not good.

You can adjust the source code of the file infobar.py, see https://github.com/ijgnd/anki21__browser_card_info_bar/blob/79eb81c674566e424a08a409e532c75c93d9ad15/src/infobar.py#L88
on 1565324752
it's a good idea,but the information is wrong
Comment from author
This shouldn't happen. You would help me a lot and other people if you could offer more details.

What is wrong: Are all fields wrong which means that information is shown that does not match the selected card? Or are some fields correct and only one or a few fields are wrong? If it's the latter, which ones? Does this happen all the time or only sometimes?

which Anki version do you use and which other add-ons do you use? I need this info so that I can reproduce the bug.

It would be great if you could share a screenshot. You can upload screenshots to imagehosters like imgur which does not require any registration. It would help if your screenshot also showed the card info window that you get when you press "ctrl+shift+i" in the browser or right click the selected card and click on "Info..." in the context menu. The ideal screenshot would look like this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ijgnd/anki21__browser_card_info_bar/master/screenshots/card_info_bar_debugging_help.png (ignore the Debug Console)

Thanks for your help.
on 1559199709
on 1558492350
I see anything from u/ijgnord, I like :)
on 1558249264
Very nice and comes with config options.