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Japanese Core 2000 2k - Sorted w/ Audio

108.64MB. 3970 audio & 0 images. Updated 2018-09-11.
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This is the same core 2k that can be found elsewhere, with a few modifications. - I removed the pictures because many of them are misleading or wrong. - I changed the formatting to suit my own preference. - I also removed the recall cards because there are too many cards (e.g. 朝食・朝ご飯, 起きる・起こる)that have the exact same meaning in English. I changed a few of the definitions to help differentiate between the synonyms, but in the end decided that it was best to only review the recognition cards. The way I use the deck is: 1) Read the vocab word in my head and ask myself if I know what it means. 2) Read the sentence in my head and ask myself if I know what it means. 3) Flip the card to check if I got the reading and meaning right. If I can't remember the meaning or reading of a word, I still try to read the sentence because it often will help jog my memory. If I remember how to read the word/what it means in the context of the sentence, I will still mark the card as "Again" or "Hard". Hopefully this works for you too. I found that by the time I finished this deck I can read and understand a decent amount of written Japanese. And I am quite good at guessing the reading of unknown kanji words because I have been practicing without furigana this whole time. Here's my video on how to get Anki set up for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPVpsX9ZPWE Enjoy! Update: 9/11/2018 - Changed font so it should work on all platforms.

Sample (from 2007 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Optimized-Voc-Index 1888
Vocabulary-Kanji 寂しい
Vocabulary-Furigana 寂[さび]しい
Vocabulary-Kana さびしい
Vocabulary-English lonely, desolate, sad
Vocabulary-Pos Adjective
Expression これは寂しい曲ですね。
Reading これは 寂[さび]しい 曲[きょく]ですね。
Sentence-Kana これ は さびしい きょく です ね
Sentence-English This is a sad song.
Sentence-Clozed これは( ) 曲[きょく]ですね。
Notes Core 2000 Step 07 - 027
Core-Index 1227
Optimized-Sent-Index 1850
Frequency 2953
Optimized-Voc-Index 935
Vocabulary-Kanji 期待
Vocabulary-Furigana 期待[きたい]
Vocabulary-Kana きたい
Vocabulary-English expectation, anticipation
Vocabulary-Pos Verbal Noun
Expression みんな私たちに期待しています。
Reading みんな 私[わたし]たちに 期待[きたい]しています。
Sentence-Kana みんな わたしたち に きたい して います
Sentence-English Everyone has high expectations of us.
Sentence-Clozed みんな 私[わたし]たちに( )しています。
Notes Core 2000 Step 03 - 088
Core-Index 488
Optimized-Sent-Index 724
Frequency 1188
Optimized-Voc-Index 1365
Vocabulary-Kanji 対象
Vocabulary-Furigana 対象[たいしょう]
Vocabulary-Kana たいしょう
Vocabulary-English target, subject
Vocabulary-Pos Noun
Expression このアンケートは大学生が対象です。
Reading このアンケートは 大学生[だいがくせい]が 対象[たいしょう]です。
Sentence-Kana この あんけーと は だいがくせい が たいしょう です
Sentence-English This questionnaire targets university students.
Sentence-Clozed このアンケートは 大学生[だいがくせい]が( )です。
Notes Core 2000 Step 03 - 058
Core-Index 458
Optimized-Sent-Index 1248
Frequency 2721

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on 1582193093
Good quality content, the audio really helps.
Some few issues with cards without audio, and the end of the deck has only katakana cards which made me go through them in a flash.
on 1580583698
It's good.
on 1580337395
Tip to have visible audio buttons on android:

.replaybutton svg {
background-color: #330000;
on 1579972375
This deck is amazing! I love the fact the audio speed isn't so slow, yet clear enough so we can understand each word/sentence. Thank you so much for you effort!
on 1579536630
i like my stuff better without pictures and the audio is very good!
on 1579348688
Good example sentences, perfect audio. Great!
on 1578765987
haven't used it for very long but seems like a great deck. only thing I'd suggest adding would be whether a verb is transitive/intransitive on the answer side
on 1578603570
Quick and easy to use. Thanks
on 1577904939
Very well put together, with high quality audio clips and high quality examples. Thank you so much for putting this deck together!!
on 1576457566
Incredible deck. I made the audio play on the front automatically. Otherwise perfect.
on 1576208369
thank you for your effort
on 1573880669
Really good stuff
on 1573334443
on 1572996103
Great deck. I've downloaded the other core decks but wasn't a fan of their design... you've created something more digestable for those of us who are too lazy to do have done it. Thank you! I'm going to enjoy using this deck. Really like the font as well.
on 1572464604
No complaints thus far! Not sure if I agree myself that no recall is best, but willing to try, I'm hoping it will come naturally if I become fluent at listening reading and then immerse myself in Japanese media.

If not, later I'll just get a recall only deck and catch up using that so nothing will be lost.
on 1571625191
on 1571508695
Incredible deck for studying Japanese. The sentence examples and real native speaker audio (human speakers of both sexes) are a huge benefit.
on 1571157026
this is very good.but i dont know why cant use in phone,cant prounce.Can you help me?Thanks very much.
on 1569890595
Very useful and is definitely my preferred 2k deck
on 1568087806
This is surprisingly really good!
on 1566523854
on 1566488093
Various recordings and very useful if you want to learn new vocabulary in context. Excellent!
on 1566486916
it has been very useful
on 1566383218
This is just perfect, I wish I had started with this rather than the vanilla one.
on 1566172797
on 1566026394
Good one
on 1564768089
Perfect... just perfect! Much thanks!
on 1564310189
Mazo fácil de entender, con buena calidad de audio y sin imágenes que entorpezcan el estudio.
Buen trabajo.
on 1563581326
This deck is simply amazing!! I love the sentences without the pictures, and the recorded dialogue is super helpful. No complaints.
on 1563407885
nice deck
on 1563377010
on 1563124634
on 1563037323
Good Deck with Audios
on 1562176616
An excellent deck both in terms of usability and design.
on 1560625490
Much better than all the other Japanese Core 2000 out there.

If you don't like the black background and white text like me you can just edit it back to normal. Make sure to edit white to black and black to white.

.card {
font-family: 'localnoto', 'notosans', 'ヒラギノ明朝 ProN', 'Hiragino Mincho Pro', 'serif';
font-size: 25px;
text-align: center;
color: white;
background-color: black;

(you find this in browse, edit cards)
on 1560278612
Great deck, cards are well prepared.
on 1559845722
This is a fantastic deck. It is "minimalist", though it includes everything you could need to improve your japanese. I love that it is sorted. More importantly, I love that the card template is very straightforward, making it easy to modify.

I have modified the template as follows, which suits my needs great:

- White background, black font
- Reduce font size to 30 px
- Change card front to only show vocab, and then play the sentence
- Change back of the card to show sentence without furigana in large (30 px) print, with furigana at the bottom in small (15 px) print.
- Removed all the links provided, as I did not find them helpful.

Again, the simplicity of the deck is what made these changes painless to make, and I can now use this deck to study in exactly the way that I want. Thank you!
on 1559280625
So far so good, convinient to use, comfortable interface and most importantly, sorted content is so good to learn the language.
on 1558343219
on 1557092903
I highly recommend this deck. A much better version of the other popular "Core 2000" decks which are too messy and have goofy pictures which are more distracting than anything else. This deck is organized, clean, and not needlessly repetitive. By learning the vocabulary along with the kanji and the full sentence examples you can learn to read, speak, and listen in one card.

My only recommendation to new learners would be to memorize hiragana and katakana first. It's not too difficult to memorize these characters and it will make your learning process with this deck much smoother.
on 1556920391
Very nice, good definitions
on 1554864563
Good deck for beginners.
on 1551941745
So good!!
on 1551884268
well thought through!
on 1551876117
Nice sentences.
on 1551594044
Amazing 2k Deck!!
on 1550875380
so far so good, for a beginner (in my case, I just finished katakana and hiragana and know around 40 kanjis) I recomend using this deck with 3 new cards a day.
on 1550672628
on 1549216820
Very good deck. My only problem is I'm not sure where to move on to from here.
on 1549123842
Great deck
on 1548093557
Everything is perfect except for a few mistakes (two or three cards don't have the word audio files, only the sentence. And the word 後(のち)has the furigana written on the front). Other than that it's a wonderful deck with good audio quality, a logical progression, and it's just good in general.
on 1547874102
Deck only has 1294 cards? Does anyone else have this problem? I'm new to anki so I could be doing something wrong, but I assume I should see 2000 cards...

Other than that it looks perfect.
on 1547766682
top 2000 words are probably used for 80% of conversation so it's really helpful to have a good tool to learn these.
on 1546361890
In my opinion, best Core 2K so far
on 1546097886
This version of CORE 2K is the best that I have used.
on 1538394156
Hi, This deck is very useful. Thank you very much.
Is there any chance you make a Japanese Core 6k deck like this.

Below is the deck I use now. 2k mixed 6k version. but 6k is difficult than 2k. so I think separating them is better for beginner.
on 1537494370
Nice nice! Thanks
on 1537242831
Nice! I really would like another deck like this, 2000 is not that much
on 1535327849
Best core 200
on 1535216175
Best core 2000 . Minimal to the point you get all you need in one package.
on 1531142991
on 1531018636
Excellent, thank you.
on 1517616000
Good deck.
on 1517356800
1 grouped by pronunciation & meaning & frequency
2 kanji well annotated with 仮名
3 simplicity, no distraction. (no pictures, easy to see both word and sentence together.)
on 1516924800
Words sebtences and audio. Brilliant
on 1515801600
Why Core 2000?
1. Kanji with Hiragana and Katakana
2. Voiced
3. Sentences with simple words and repeated structures so you can learn grammar as well

Why this than other Core 2000?
1. Sorted (and frequency)
2. Combines cards
3. Removed pictures

Thanks for the great work!
on 1512864000
on 1508025600
Great job!

This is really good deck, very well prepared without misleading images and with nice hand-written kanji font. Good for people who prefer to use good quality decks.