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Townsend Press Vocabulary Plus

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Source: https://www.townsendpress.net A couple of PowerPoint presentations from the publisher that were found on the Internet - https://mega.nz/#F!2g9BGIzA Two YouTube channels with recorded audio presentations for some chapters: - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9borvCQWgCCSOOkEr8ofTQ - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCySDq-s_hL5bzSAZaNofyw ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Clicking on the definition on the front side, reveals the underlined clozes. To reveal an additional explanation, click on the example sentence. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

Sample (from 1740 notes)

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Id TP_B02_GBV_U06_CH28_280
Word tragic
Pronunciation /ˈtrædʒɪk/
Part of Speech adjective
Meaning terrible
Definition Very sad; involving death, grief, or destruction
Example The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti had tragic results—the deaths of at least 230,000 people.
Explanation The loss of 230,000 people was the terrible result of the earthquake.
Example 2 The play Romeo and Juliet tells of the tragic deaths of two young lovers whose families were enemies.
Explanation 2 These two young lovers’ deaths were especially terrible because they were caused by their own families’ hatred.
Example 3 “Why do you look so sad?” my father said. “You only failed a test. That's not so tragic. It's not as though someone died.”
Explanation 3 Failing a test is not as terrible and sad as someone's death.
Caption A tragic holiday fire
Picture 2
Caption 2
Credits © Townsend Press
Id TP_B04_IVS_U03_CH18_176
Word -ish
Part of Speech word part
Meaning characteristic of
Definition Resembling; like; characteristic of
Example My devilish brother once recorded me huffing and puffing my way through aerobics, and now he shows the video to every new friend I bring home.
Explanation The brother’s actions are characteristic of a devil.
Example 2 Of all the girls at school, Jessie was the most stylish, wearing only the latest clothing featured in the fashion magazines.
Explanation 2 If Jessie wears only the latest clothing, her clothing is characteristic of style.
Example 3 Despite her boyish hairstyle, Paula looks very feminine.
Explanation 3 Paula’s hairstyle resembles the hairstyle of a boy.
Caption A childish drawing
Picture 2
Caption 2
Credits Paulo Cesar-1 via Wikimedia Commons
Id TP_B05_AVS_U03_CH15_141
Word superficially
Pronunciation /ˌsuːpərˈfɪʃəli/
Part of Speech adverb
Meaning slightly
Definition In an on-the-surface manner; not thoroughly
Example Nina spent a full week studying for the exam. Joyce, however, reviewed superficially, flipping through the pages of her textbook an hour before the test.
Explanation Flipping through the pages of the textbook an hour before the test is reviewing only slightly for the exam.
Example 2 This morning, the mechanic was short of time and inspected my car only superficially. He said he’d check it thoroughly later and then give me an estimate.
Explanation 2 In contrast with checking the car thoroughly when he had time, he checked it only slightly when he was short of time.
Example 3 Whenever Miki tries to buy a new dress, her husband is only superficially interested. If she shows him one and asks his opinion, all he says is, “It's fine. Let's buy it and get out of here.”
Explanation 3 Miki's husband's reaction shows that he is not thoroughly interested.
Picture 2
Caption 2

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