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Master Sec+ Deck, ~860 cards

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This is my main deck. It is culled from a few sources: Gibson's Sec+ book, Messer's videos, TestOut practice questions, examcompass questions, and others. On TestOut and Examcompass, I made cards for questions I missed or about material that seemed confusing. Some of these cards will not make sense. These cards were made to suit my needs. Some of them rely on contextual information, which generally exists in my head. (As an example, I know one cards asks what TLS can encrypt, and the answer is HTTP. This is true, but TLS can be used for a lot more than that. This particular card was geared towards a passage from Gibson's book.) Other cards won't make sense because the information is wrong or truncated. Sometimes information is added, sometimes it is omitted. Also, there are typos. Lots of typos. What I'm trying to say is this: use these cards with caution. Don't rely on them exclusively for your studies. If one of my card is at odds with something you know, please discard it.

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Front What three benefits are gained by disabling unused services?
Back Improved security posture, reduced attack surface, and reduced risks associated with open ports
Tags ports
Front What two remote access systems can use 802.1x?
Back RADIUS and Diameter
Tags 802.1x diameter radius
Front What is RSA?
Back The Rivest, Shamir, Adleman asymmetric encryption standard
Tags rsa

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Great deck that takes Sec+ material from more than one reputable source.
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good stuff!
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Thank you