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Tagalog Top 4000 Vocabulary

147.29MB. 4051 audio & 2897 images. Updated 2020-05-09.
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Deck to learn Tagalog with pictures and sound. Ordered by frequency with cards being both forward and reverse. Includes english term, tagalog term, visual aid, and audio pronounciation. The voice of the audo is female. It can not be guaranteed that the pictures conform to all preferences for modesty. Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it. Have any suggestions or corrections? Email me at thegreencrayon2@gmail.com The images are selected automatically from search and then reviewed later, so sometimes the pictures may not correspond with the Tagalog word (but perhaps still memorable). Note this is a very large deck. Please don't give reviews based on technical problems with Anki or device.

Sample (from 4051 notes)

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Ranking 2714
Spanish panirahanan
English settlement
Ranking 137
Spanish kaibigan
English friend
Ranking 1051
Spanish motorsiklo
English motorcycle

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on 1625005861
Pretty much useless. Many Tagalog words are missing. Those that are present often have misleading translations or are simply wrong. Also the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the words.
on 1600148494
Many cards are missing the actual Tagalog word, and the images are usually not related to the concept in the flashcard.
on 1596650777
Thank you so much for sharing this! Just curious – what frequency list is this based on? Frequency lists are so hard to find for Tagalog.
Comment from author
The original list of words was a combination of two memrise decks. The first 1000 flashcards rank the most common words used in Tagalog/Filipino based on a UCLA corpus of Tag/Fil texts (Zuraw 2006). I´ve lost the original memrise deck but here´s its equivalent on quizlet: https://quizlet.com/23822693/tagalog-1-50-1000-most-common-words-flash-cards/

The remaining were based on this memrise deck: https://www.memrise.com/course/328050/tagalog-4000-vocabularies/
However there were many repeats in the above so I edited out the duplicates that I could find.

Glad you found it helpful!