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All in One Kanji Deck (Heisig's RTK Order)

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This deck has the same content as this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/798002504 Please check the description and updates to the deck in the above link. It seems like many of you requested a RTK order version of the deck, so I made this deck. You can always customize the deck the way you want, such as delete/suspend recall cards, add your own tags, change the card format, etc. However, in my personal opinion, learning kanji outside jouyou list just doesn't make sense, those kanji will take you a LOT of time to learn and even doesn't help you much in reading general japanse. (3 RTK books cover 3007 kanji, which means nearly 1000 kanji not in jouyou list) So it's my advice that if you use the RTK order of this deck, you should suspend all kanji outside jouyou list (they are mostly kanjis from RTK3, I think), and maybe just unsuspend the primitives that help you remember later kanji. Update: I've made a tag called "ShouldSuspend" for these kanji, you can choose the tag and suspend them all in one hit with anki browser. PS: To reply to the comment that said this deck is not up to date: Thanks for your comment :). I'm aware that recently the RTK book was updated. However I couldn't find an updated version of the RTK index on the net, if you can provide me the new index, I would be pleased to update it to this deck. But I'm pretty sure that this doesn't affect much when you learn with this deck, it's the ALL in one kanji deck anyway :), and the old index is still good and widely used in anki community. To make it clear, the new RTK1 version added 196 kanjis from Jouyou list, and those kanjis are already included in this deck. UPDATE: Thanks to the new index source you provided in your comment, I've made a new deck based on that source. It's here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1862058740 I still keep this deck for those who prefer this old index can get updates from this deck. If you start from beginning, you should go for the new deck. Anyway, if you want me to improve something with the deck, feel free to leave a comment :). PS: It's better to use this deck as a companion with the RTK book, so buy the book to support it if you can :).

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Kunyomi し.る、し.らせる
Nanori さと, さとる, しり, しれ, とも, のり
English know, wisdom
Examples 知合い(しりあい): acquaintance知事(ちじ): prefectural governor知る(しる): to know; to understand; to be acquainted with; to feel知識(ちしき): knowledge; information知人(ちじん): friend; acquaintance知恵(ちえ): (1) wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence (2) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)知的(ちてき): intellectual通知(つうち): notice; notification; report; posting承知(しょうち): (1) acknowledgment; acknowledgement; awareness (2) consent; acceptance; assent; admitting; compliance; agreement未知(みち): not yet known; unknown; strange知性(ちせい): intelligence知能(ちのう): intelligence; brains無知(むち): ignorance; innocence; stupidityかも知れない(かもしれない): may; might; perhaps; may be; possibly知らせ(しらせ): notice; notification知らせる(しらせる): to notify; to advise; to inform旧知(きゅうち): old friend; old friendship
JLPT Level 4
Jouyou Grade 2
Frequency 205
Components 矢: dart; arrow口: mouth
Number of Strokes 8
Kanji Radical
Radical Number 111
Radical Strokes 5
Radical Reading や・やへん
Traditional Form (none)
Classification 会意 Compound Ideographic
Keyword know
Koohii Story 1 I should know. After all, I did graduate from Dartmouth!
Koohii Story 2 [know; wisdom] [An arrow 矢 like mouth 口] If you know the answers, they will fly like darts from your mouth.
RTK Index 1223
Tags JLPT.N4 grade2 kanjifreq1-250 Kanji_Human.Activities_Culture.Art
Onyomi コク くぐい
English swan
JLPT Level 0
Jouyou Grade S+
Frequency 2292
Number of Strokes
Kanji Radical
Radical Number
Radical Strokes
Radical Reading
Traditional Form
Koohii Story 1
Koohii Story 2
RTK Index
Tags JLPT.N0 ShouldSuspend gradeS+ kanjifreq2001-2500
Onyomi トウ
Kunyomi な.げる、-な.げ
English throw, discard, abandon, launch into, join, invest in, hurl, give up, sell at a loss
Examples 投資(とうし): investment投票(とうひょう): voting; poll投書(とうしょ): letter to the editor; letter from a reader; contribution投入(とうにゅう): (1) throwing into; inserting; depositing (2) investment; putting in (personnel, etc.) (3) release of a product (4) making (an electrical circuit)投げ出す(なげだす): (1) to throw down; to throw out; to stretch out (one's legs) (2) to abandon; to resign (3) to give freely; to give generously; to sacrifice (e.g. one's life) (4) to start to throw投げる(なげる): (1) to throw; to cast away (2) to face defeat; to give up
JLPT Level 3
Jouyou Grade 3
Frequency 236
Components 手: hand殳: pike; windy-again radical (no. 79)
Number of Strokes 7
Kanji Radical
Radical Number 64
Radical Strokes 4
Radical Reading て・てへん
Traditional Form (none)
Classification 会意 Compound Ideographic
Keyword throw
Koohii Story 1 Well, you usually use your fingers to throw objects used as missile weapons. Easy. By the way, for those of you looking for a less anachronistic image for the missile primitive as a modern rocket, try a slingshot. it´s a crotch (originally a tree branch) that sends missile projectiles flying into/like the wind. And for this present kanji, it is something you naturally use with your fingers...
Koohii Story 2 If you use the primitive "semen" (flying in the wind from your crotch) instead of missile then all kanjis with this primitive will hilariously create a perfect story.
RTK Index 706
Tags JLPT.N3 grade3 kanjifreq1-250

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on 1641535572
I wanted to learn 1000 most frequent kanji in rtk order. Thank you!
on 1624600750
on 1618118602
on 1605181097
This is a good deck which nicely replaces the one I lost.
To get the story, make sure to enable it in the card template by uncommenting the code for the story you want.

Also, dude below who commented on the stories, I agree that the stories aren't tasteful, but it's 100% your fault for using them. You can enable Heisig's original stories to avoid the strange ones. This is a great deck, and it's ridiculous to give it a thumbs down.
on 1594827072
I don't mean to downrate the deck but if you have the 6th edition book, Use this 6th edition deck order instead https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1862058740 (WARNING: If you insist on using this deck, everything will be out of order if you use this deck from 700th cards and after. I also recommend you use the 6th edition book not the old one)
on 1593025346
on 1590643198
on 1586233930
Very convenient, especially with the examples
on 1582344751
Awesome! So happy to see RTK order. Thank you for kindly sharing.
on 1573523062
on 1573215216
A very complete deck! Thank you very much for this very helpful tool. I'll never had learned over 2000 kanji if it wasnt of this deck. Very recommended.
on 1569859218
on 1567685659
It's not in order
on 1566487593
Exactly what I've been looking for!! Thanks!! :)

To improve: maybe add audio clips.
on 1563210044
on 1555948570
I picked up Heisig's book from the library and started reading it. I began creating an Anki deck to help with my studies. Then I thought to search for one. This deck is great and saved me countless hours of creating one myself. It is even better now that I installed the stroke order font. I will recommend this deck to anyone that is reading Heisig to help them learn the Kanji. Thank you for the immense amount of time you must have spent creating it.
on 1555062171
Thanks! I was struggling with the difference from the book. One edit though: On the cards you need to add the field {{RTK Index (new)}} into the index spot. It wasn't there in the version I downloaded.
on 1545774257
Working through the deck can be time consuming, but the pay-off is worth it. If your schedule gets tighter, you can decrease the frequency at which new cards get introduced as the reviews get longer.
on 1544652915
I like that it has "meaning => kanji" and "kanji => meaning" variations, as well as having some example words and even the name pronunciations to many of the kanji.

There are a couple downsides to this deck including the fact that it does give the stroke order. Also for the "meaning => kanji" variation it defaults to showing you the "English" field which is separate from the "keyword" leading to some cards having the same front side. You may want to edit the layout of this to show the keyword in bold above the English meaning to make it easier to keep them distinct.
on 1543085946
Follows along the Heisig book and includes extra content like how to remember it as well as the kun and on-yomi reading. Excellent! Thank you so much!
on 1540060479
Good deck.
on 1529973794
This is great! I'm just a beginner in learning Japanese so I decided to use some cards of this deck which are used regularly like 時, 円 and others to create a "kanji beginner" deck of my own. But I tried to look for 私 kanji but it's not there. Am I searching incorrectly?
on 1529217788
Thanks! this saved me a lot of time I would've lost from making this myself!
on 1527465600
very good
on 1517702400
Thanks for this deck! As I started to learn this deck 2 months ago I feel a very big improvement. This is one of the best deck, I really recommend to everyone.
I really wanna tell that, before of starting this deck, I was check in to the Heisig's book, and I was think "errr this is not for me". But I was download this deck, and I was just give a shot. The very well chosen examples (words), the info about jlpt, jouyou, frequency really made me satisfied. Actually I do not use the heisig book at all, I just use this deck! Really thank you very much for making it!
on 1517184000
I>> just didn't have the font installed LOL!

As I said, the stroke order is just a big kanji equals any other in AnkiDroid, but it's not fault of the deck of course(It was mine! I didn't have the font xD).
I also agree that some stories are pretty offensive and I don't like them - RTK originally use very easy-to-follow, plain and sometimes kind stories. These mnemonics sometimes remember me kanji damage - I like the order and the information it gives but I don't like the mnemonics or the fact that it calls many different compounds as if they were same.

Finally, The deck itself is fine xD
on 1516147200
Excellent deck. Just what I was looking for!
on 1515715200
Thank you so much! This saved me a LOT of time!
on 1508457600
on 1506384000
on 1505520000
Thank you!

Thank you very much for making and organizing an RTK version!! Much appreciated!!
on 1487376000
Great RTK deck

I've been using this deck for months and it's been incredibly helpful in my studies. If you are using RTK, this is THE deck.

My only minor gripe is that an astonishing number of the user stories are overtly sexual or even a little misogynistic. That may help some people, but for me the frequency was more distracting than helpful. Of course you can easily turn the stories off or alter them so it's not that big of a deal.

Also very rarely the keyword will be wrong but, again, this is something you can easily change.
on 1480550400
on 1480032000
on 1477699200
on 1476489600
on 1469404800
on 1467504000
on 1465344000
on 1463529600
on 1461024000
Amazing! (But I have a suggestion)

This deck is wonderful!

I am guessing you are the author of the previous all-in-one 1.2b that I have been using for almost three years. Thank you, thank you!

I am still trying to see the easiest way to switch to this new deck as it is really great. There is only one suggestion that comes to mind. Could you please embed the strokeorder font in the deck itself? I tried to follow the guides to do it myself, but it is a hassle to figure out how to do it because I am not a programmer. If the font were already embedded, this deck would be even more awesome.

Thanks a lot and keep up the great job!
on 1453939200

That's all. Excellent, amazing, and perfect. Thank you very much!
on 1452384000
on 1451952000
on 1449014400
on 1447459200