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NYU - Neuro Radiology

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NYU neuro clerkship

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Text 3 patients w/ seizures and/or HA's:  What is this: {{c1::metastatic disease}}Most common location: {{c1::gray-white junction, often in distribution of MCA where there is slower blood flow}}
Extra tumor cells spread via blood stream
Text 65yo F w/ disinhibition:  What is this: {{c1::frontotemporal dementia (FTD)}}Another name for this: {{c1::Pick's disease}}Presentation: {{c1::disinhibition, apathy, language impairment}}
Extra 3rd most common cause of dementia
Text 77yo who had a procedure:  What is the lesion and procedure: {{c1::hemicraniectomy after MCA stroke}}Lesion complications: {{c1::swelling (worse in younger pts bc less brain atrophy), hernation and death}}
Extra can also use mannitol and hyperventilation to lower ICP

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