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Japanese Basic Hiragana

0.34MB. 46 audio & 0 images. Updated 2013-11-11.


This deck was modified from the TextFugu Hiragana deck. It only includes the 46 basic Hiragana characters but it has sound files attached. It also allows for you to type the Romaji underneath the character.

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Tags Hiragana Japanese basic
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Tags Hiragana Japanese basic

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on 1554557608
on 1553969243
Me ajudou bastante
on 1553654506
Basic in the sense that it doesn't provide dakuten or handakuten. It's a port of the hiragana from TextFugu.
on 1553580416
really useful for a first timer learning japanese
on 1553545266
it's really good
on 1553079020
It's a very nice deck to learn the first few Hiragana letters. To learn all, you'll need another deck with more content.
on 1552775339
Easy and direct
on 1552607916
on 1551092137
Simple, exactly as advertised.
on 1549660863
on 1547491827
This is great, I'm still on the fence on buying the app though.. maybe I should.
on 1546538506
on 1545457900
It's what just I was looking for
on 1545393394
on 1542922862
Very useful for beginer Japanese learners
on 1541736047
on 1540759879
Lacks "We" and "Wi" kana, which are not used in modern Japanese, but you might want to learn it as a curiosity
on 1539292289
Clean and simple, the best deck to start learning hiragana
on 1538720219
Like it
on 1538263378
on 1537185088
A very good deck set that help us to remind the characters in a simple way.
on 1533994402
on 1533112026
on 1532604962
simple and good
on 1532541513
very good!
on 1531244066
on 1530635491
on 1528675200
on 1528243200
on 1528156800
Great deck
on 1526169600
Great deck, helped a ton in my studies!
on 1525046400
on 1523318400
on 1521590400
on 1521158400
on 1520640000
on 1517270400
on 1515628800
Good picture and sounds
on 1512259200
Exactly as advertised!
on 1510790400
Correct and complete
on 1510790400
Works and helps
on 1491091200
Good deck

It delivers as the name says