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1000 Most Common Thai Words [TH,EN,DE,MP3,HiddenPhonetic]

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Transcription hidden! -> Search for the other deck for default visible transcription. -- The 1000 most common words in the Thai language. Sorted from 1-1000. Including Phonetic Transcription, English, German and Google Text To Speak Sound (online). -- Umschrift versteckt! -> Suche nach dem anderen Stapel mit standardmässig sichtbarer Umschrift. -- Die 1000 häufigsten wörter in der Thai sprache. Sortiert von 1-1000. Beinhaltet phonetische Transkription (Umschrift), Englisch, Deutsch und Google Text Zu Sprache Ton (online). -- underlines@gmail.com http://sites.google.com/site/thailearningressources/

Sample (from 1000 notes)

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Frequency 825
English council; assembly; chamber
Deutsch Gemeinderat. Montage. Kammer
Thai สภา
TransliterationEnglish sà-paa
TransliterationDeutsch sà-paa
Frequency 939
English this time; now
Deutsch dieser Zeit. Jetzt
Thai ครั้งนี้
TransliterationEnglish kráng née
TransliterationDeutsch khráng níi
Frequency 963
English production; manufacturing
Deutsch Produktion. Produktion
Thai การผลิต
TransliterationEnglish gaan pà-lìt
TransliterationDeutsch gaan pà-lìdt

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I'm just about to start learning Thai because I'm going there to do an internship. But at the same time, I'm learning German and Japanese as well. Both these languages are already kind of become a part of my core.

Thanks, this will definitely help me to strengthen my "vocabulary web"!