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Mad as a Wet Hen

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Source: Mad as a Wet Hen!: And Other Funny Idioms by Marvin Terban and Giulio Maestro Have you ever been so angry that you were mad as a wet hen? The meanings of 134 lively idioms are explained in this entertaining and useful book. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay Nonard <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id MAAWH_003
Section Section 1: Animals
Topic Dogs
Idiom in the doghouse
Meaning He's in disgrace for doing something bad.
Example "He's in the doghouse now."
Explanation In an old story, a wife was so angry at her husband that she made him sleep in the doghouse. Today a person is "in the doghouse" when he's done something so awful that other people are annoyed with him and don't want him around.
Id MAAWH_112
Section Section 5: Food
Idiom piece of cake
Meaning That's very easy to do.
Example "That's a piece of cake."
Id MAAWH_101
Section Section 3: Feelings
Topic In Trouble
Idiom upset the applecart
Meaning He's ruined some carefully made plans.
Example "He's upset the applecart."
Explanation A farmer gently picks apples and loads them cautiously into his wagon. He drives slowly down the road to market. Crash! Someone knocks into him and spills all his apples. The farmer's plans are surely ruined.

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