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Download from Quizlet image import supported

0.02MB. Updated 2014-12-16. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.


this is an updated version of "Download from Quizlet" Add-on that support image import. updated by abdolmahdi saravi. the previous version of this add-on does not coded by me. i just added new functionality to it. the previous version does not support image import. Change Log: ver 1.1.2 unicode error fixed ver 1.1.1 Reported bug fixed: this bug occured for non-English users, and by some minor changes, i resolved it. Good luck


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 2018-03-09
really helpful
on 2017-12-24
use this other one instead
on 2017-08-09
works great

title. MVP
on 2017-04-09
Improved Version

Broken for me, try this one instead: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/590899480
on 2017-04-07
Worked for me!

I think this only searches publicly available decks. I was able to find mine and they imported without a problem.
on 2017-01-03
For search use + instead of spaces

For example:
My+new+set = my new set
on 2016-12-31
Good but may be confusing for others

Need to type letter for letter into search bar; type user into name and not into user bar; user bar does not work. It works extremely well, except for the few possible confusing factors. I'm glad I can import quizlet easily and quickly. It's easier to find by searching up the user instead of the set title.
on 2016-12-27
Seems that only old decks are importable

My old Quizlet decks pop up (when using the 'search' features in the Quizlet add-on), but anything new (as of December 2016) does not show up (in the search box).

I've tried to experiment with different folders, sets, classes, private vs not, etc... I cannot create a new deck, and then have that deck show up in the search box.

Maybe Quizlet is somehow blocking access to newly created decks due to their "long-term learning" product???

on 2016-12-11
Currently broken

I presume quizlet has changed some of its code, because the search feature no longer works. Add-on unusable at this point in time.
on 2016-10-26
Search works with no spaces

Thank you so much to the last poster. I couldn't find any of my sets but I just changed the name to have no spaces and no numbers and found it. Quizlet is awesome for making flashcards and Anki is awesome for learning flashcards. I'm so so happy this plugin exists to get the best of both worlds!!
on 2016-10-24
I does work for the most part

No spaces in the deck name and you can't import private decks. Aside from that it works as advertised
on 2016-10-14
I have created a temporary fix until I have more time.

Scroll down for the solution.

Quizlet updated their API and removed a lot of queries used by the code. I can probably rewrite some of it when I have time, but in the meantime I made a quick way to download a set you want.

Use the add-on and instructions linked here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1236400902?ok=1
on 2016-10-13

Can't find the decks or users I want...and WTF is 'name' for anyway?
on 2016-10-12
Huge time-saver

Like the other comments say, search for the deck name without spaces between words.
on 2016-10-10
Most of the time I can't find the deck I need...

And I'm not sure what's going wrong.
on 2016-09-30

To get it to work, remove the spaces from the title of the deck you are importing and don't put anything in the user search box
on 2016-09-28
Doesn't work

Unable to find quizlet deck. Very frustrating.
on 2016-09-28
Search still not working

This was a great add-on, and was essential for those of us who have classes established on Quizlet. it would be nice if it still worked. Unfortunately the dev seems to have gone awol. Here's hoping someone (anyone) else can get it working.
on 2016-09-24
does not "find" the quizlets

no search results come up when searching the quizlets
on 2016-09-24
Search by username doesn't work

No results.
on 2016-09-22
use to work. No longer. please fix

It use to be great but now I can't find much on it
on 2016-09-15
No Problems Yet

was able to quickly download my classes flashcards from quizlet.
on 2016-09-01

It seems that I can only get results when I search without numbers or alphanumeric symbols. The import feature works well, though. Very quick.
on 2016-08-30
Piece of junk. Been broken for over a year now. Officially switching to quizlet

This plugin doesn't work. I can't even search for the decks cuz they won't show up. Tired of this shotty service. Making the switch back
on 2016-08-28

This used to be a great tool, but now it is not showing any cards from quizlet!!!! Please fix!!
on 2016-08-27
search engine doesn't work

on 2016-08-23
Search engine not working

I tried searching but to no avail.
on 2016-08-17
not working ...

app stoped working as of 08.01.16

not sure if its quizlet servers fault (i.e. quizlet makers decided to cold shoulder us)
or what, but the search function is not reaching the quizlet database
on 2016-08-09
No Results Found!

Please fix this. Great add-on when it works. If anyone has managed to get around this issue, please leave a comment
on 2016-08-08
Problem with Yosemite?

I've used this program with no problems and benefitted greatly... but (coinciding with a recent upgrade to the Yosemite operating system) the search engine has suddenly ceased to function. I use 'Tools' and 'Import from Quizlet'. Irrespective of what search string I put in, it returns 'No results found!'. Help!!
on 2016-07-10
Import HTML option required

Plugin is very useful, but it will be great if you will add the checkbox "use html in cards".

Im using Quizlet for learning web development, so i want to see all HTML markup as a code. Right now after import it displayed as pretty parsed HTML (not as code)
on 2016-07-03
Waiting time for the newest Quizlet sets being available to import

How long will I wait for the appearance of my newest Quizlet sets I created today in the Anki importing window? When will they be available to import? I'm leaving in two hours and I hugely wanted to have them imported...
on 2016-05-07
does not support newer decks made from quizlet
on 2016-03-15
New decks on Quizlet doesn't appear anymore

I can't find any new decks (set to everyone) from Quizlet on Anki anymore since 3/14/15. Decks from a few weeks ago can still be imported but any new decks cannot.
on 2015-12-22
More or less perfect

It imports decks into Anki using the Quizlet public API nearly flawlessly. I say "nearly" because it appears that this plug-in is not generating the proper newline break HTML tags ("<br>") at the end of lines in a multi-line term. Perhaps Quizlet is stripping them, but I'd like to know if they're present in the JSON response.
on 2015-11-04
Problem solved: Can't see quizlet decks

tried lowercase Username and Password - no decks appeared :(
Fiddled with Popular, name, and date created - no decks appeared :(
FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER - just enter your "quizlet username" in the box that says "NAME" and don't add anything to the next field

The only flaw I have found with this tool is that you can't import full resolution pictures into the deck only the small thumbnails. Unless someone can correct a mistake I am making

Good job on the tool overall. It did take me about 30 minutes to figure out exactly what I was doing wrong
on 2015-10-15
Limit to number of cards

Have imported several decks that have greater than 20 cards. Aparently anki only limited them to 20 cards
on 2015-10-10
Works. And it works well.

Worked perfectly. No glitches.
Searches the sets in quizlet matching the keywords you give and downloads each quizlet set to a separate deck smoothly.
Thank you author, if we ever meet in real life, shall buy you a coffee.
on 2015-04-08
Works, but...

Oh my god!
I spent a lot of time to understand, that username should be written in lowercase. Please add information about it on form.

And why can't I import several Quizlet sets to one deck?

Anyway, great thanks
on 2015-03-25

Worked exactly as promised.

I was having trouble importing 200+ cards from Quizlet, due to multiple return characters that kept interfering with Anki's reading of the Quizlet file.

This program ignored the returns and imported all the cards like magic.
on 2015-03-04
No results found under my username or my target deck owners

Also, when I import test decks, images don't appear.
on 2014-12-30
Works great, this tip may help people having trouble:

The quizlet deck has to be set to "available to everyone" for you to be able to find it. If someone else is hosting it, copy it to your own account and modify the settings.
on 2014-12-17
It's working. Thanks!

on 2014-11-19
Amazing, thank you so much

This is the dream extension for Anki. After trying an abundance of different methods I've finally come across this, and it is so simple and perfect I can't believe my luck.

Thanks so much to the uploader, you have saved me many hours of manual re-input. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews but this extension doesn't deserve anything less than 5 stars.

I'm using Mac OS 10.9.4
on 2014-08-18

I wish I had the option to choose what deck to add it to though...
on 2014-05-23
Using anki for Arabic and medicine

Alhamdulillah(thats arabic for "All thanks and praise to God") for the person who made for this Add on. you are unknown to me but you'll be in my prayers. This add-on has saved me so much time. One of the reviewer did bring a good point up about having trouble with search option. However the solution is you have to fiddle with it and try searching with "Name" or "popularity" or "created" clicked. It works!!!!
on 2014-05-06
Didn't work

I tried to locate my user name and it returned no results.
I also tried to find my deck with no luck.
I think it needs some maintenance.