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Countries of the World

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UPDATED March 2012. Cards are now a lot neater, figures are rounded to make them easier to remember, new countries have been added (as well as disputed territories) and all figures have been updated. This is a deck containing information about all the countries of the world as listed on the Wikipedia List of Sovereign States. There are 18 cards per country, and 3611 cards in total. Topics tested are: - Capital Cities - Languages (official, recognised, and de facto) - Population - Area of the country - Currency - GDP (total and per capita) - Flags (all image files included) - Location and bordering countries This deck will definitely make you an expert in pub quizzes and the like, as well as providing you with some interesting information about the countries of the world which is very useful for understanding current affairs. Thanks very much to un_programmeur for updating this deck. Due to this contributor's hard work various aspects of this deck including populations, flags and some spelling mistakes have been updated or corrected. Please email me if you notice any mistakes!! I will then change all of them and in a few months release an updated deck, with everyone's requests fulfilled. jakeunna@gmail.com

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Country Name Bangladesh
Capital City Dhaka
Language(s) Bengali
Population 157.000.000
Area (in km^2) 140.000
Currency Taka
Population Density Rank 7
Total GDP (PPP) Rank 41
GDP (PPP) Per Capita Rank 165
Bordering Countries India, Burma
Tags Asia
Country Name Australia
Capital City Canberra
Language(s) English
Population 23.600.000
Area (in km^2) 7.700.000
Currency Dollar
Population Density Rank 201
Total GDP (PPP) Rank 17
GDP (PPP) Per Capita Rank 15
Bordering Countries None
Tags Oceania
Country Name Central African Republic
Capital City Bangui
Language(s) Sango, French
Population 4.700.000
Area (in km^2) 620.000
Currency Central African CFA Franc
Population Density Rank 191
Total GDP (PPP) Rank 168
GDP (PPP) Per Capita Rank 194
Bordering Countries Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo
Tags Africa

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on 1656584423
Saved me so much work, so good. Average salary or population per km square would be great yeah, and some updated/clearer maps would make this super. this deck has helped so much. Thank you
on 1638526763
best available option
on 1636402958
Why are the answers case sensitive and didn't know the population is important, since it changes almost daily
on 1599077697
Ok really
on 1587607828
on 1579371807
I like the maps
on 1562060954
Very good
on 1548631277
Around 40% of the time there is no place to type in an answer and no keyboard pops up, also grammar shouldn't be such a large focus in this geography game.

Personally I would find it more useful to have rough numbers excepted, 6,000,000 is pretty close to 6,030,000, also 6000000 seems pretty except able too.
on 1545162192
Awesome - the most complete Geography Deck
on 1542988801
Very comprehensive and detailed
on 1521244800
on 1501027200

Thanks for sharing such an awesome deck....
on 1498348800
on 1491004800
on 1489017600
on 1466985600
on 1463788800
Great Deck! One suggestion for flag images

Thanks very much for this deck! I've been having fun learning the flags of the world.

As another reviewer pointed out, it's tricky to make out some of the flags when they include white -- it's hard to know where the border is. The Flags card can be updated like this to put a subtle light grey border around flag images that I think helps:

Front Template:
Which country does the following flag represent?
<br />
<br />
<span class="flag">{{Flag}}</span><br>{{type:Country Name}}

New rule in the styling section:

.flag img {
border:1px solid #DDDDDD;

I hope others might find this useful.
on 1457222400
Glad I got this one

I have some complaints about this deck, but completeness is not one of them. It's almost too thorough. I'm mostly interested in the capitals and languages spoken, but it turned out to be easy enough to strip things like population or gdp.

What kept me from giving 5 stars was that far too many images were cruddy. That said, they weren't impossible to use, but it's a shock when you get a giant pixellated flag pop up (see Nagorno-karabakh). Flags with white at the edge appear not to have anything. I suppose setting an off-white background could help this.
on 1446681600
on 1446595200
on 1446422400
on 1433462400
on 1431129600
on 1427846400
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on 1412121600
very good deck and I`ve been using it for almost 2 years

I`ve been using this deck for almost 2 years. It`s very well set up.

Due to the way it`s organized, you can remove the information you`re not interested in. For example, I only study flags, populations, land areas, capitals, languages, and locations on the map.

There are a few items that are not perfect but the author was very quick to implement some fixes I made to the deck (updating Burma`s flag for example)
on 1405987200
Good deck

Some misspellings and it may be a bit out of date in certain places (flag of Burma), but overall a great resource for learning all of the countries of the world!
on 1402099200
on 1394064000
Not bad, a few mistakes in the country names and contains countries that are not recognized but content okay overall. I'm wondering whether the population, GDP, area, ... should really be in the same deck or in separate sub-decks in order to improve focus.

The maps are not very good, often too small to clearly see which country is shown, or plain terrible (most Asian maps are completely broken).

Provided link doesn't work, btw. Finally, I'd remove the keyboard query which is messy with mobile versions of Anki.
on 1391472000
on 1387238400
Great deck

This is an impressive deck. It asks each field one by one. I edited the material to fit my needs (eg, removed some questions I didn't care about and added details to the back of cards just asking for the capital), but all of the material is included in the deck and easy to manipulate. Thank you!
on 1357776000
Great deck, but remove the GDP stuff...

Just the ranking at least, or make them optional. I'd rather have avg pop per sqkm and average income in EUR or USD.
on 1349222400