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Kyoiku (elementary school) kanji

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The 1006 kanji taught in elementary schools in Japan. One side has the character, and the other has readings, an approximate English meaning, and, if possible, common compounds.

Sample (from 1006 notes)

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Back カ、ケ、いえ、やhouse
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Back キュウ、す(う)suck, sip(words: きゅうしゅう、きゅうけつき - think Twilight)
Tags 6
Back か(りる)、シャクrent, borrow(word: しゃっきん, debt)
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on 1622205603
So many wrong and out of context words, sometimes feels like ctrl+c ctrl+v
on 1576346768
It's cool, man!
on 1535389381
Not bad, but many reading mistakes, e.g. 務 being read as ゆめ.
on 1532503704
on 1529228242
on 1506384000
simple clean deck

one of my favourites!
simple, straight forward, and minimal
highly rexommended