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Praxis math flashcards for both Praxis I and II exams

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A deck of 400 mathematics flashcards to prepare potential elementary school teachers for the Praxis I and Praxis II exams. This deck was prepared for University of Phoenix students at Utah Campus by Jolene M. Morris. For more Praxis resources used in the Utah Campus Praxis workshop, visit www.JoleneMorris.com/mathematics/Praxis/ or contact Jolene at jmmorris@email.phoenix.edu If you discover any typos or errors, please let me know.

Sample (from 400 notes)

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Front Consecutive Integers
Back Consecutive integers are integers that differ by 1. Example:  -3 and -2 are consecutive integersExample:  x and x+1 are consecutive integers
Front Number Line
Back A number line is a straight line where each point of that line corresponds to a real number. A line is made up of an infinite number of points and there are an infinite amount of real numbers. Usually the line is marked off to show the integers, including zero. A number line is generally written as a horizontal line.
Front Multiplication of Integers
Back The RULE for multiplying integers is: If the signs are the same, multiply the absolute values of the numbers and give the result a positive sign.If the signs are different, multiply the absolute values of the numbers and give the result a negative sign.

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