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Advanced English for IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE (LC Languages)

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This deck has topics for MP3 podcasts and video lessons at http://lclanguages.com (currently http://aitonenglish.com). It is useful for advanced English, particularly for exams like
  • CAE
  • it focuses mostly on less common vocabulary, with grammar structures and cohesive devices. Visit http://lclanguages.com for more

    Sample (from 789 notes)

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    Prompt Not only __ people spending more time on the internet, people are also making more and more purchases online.
    answer Not only are people…….. , they are also
    Hint grammar
    info Not only + question word order, + subject + also ..
    Prompt the outdoor advertising segment has witnessed some significant developments brought about by the ad___ of new technology.
    answer the advent of (new technology)
    Hint (appearance, coming, проявление)
    Prompt By far the best piece of advice I've heard is to focus on developing habits as op____ to trying to study intensively.
    answer as opposed to
    Hint (and not, in contrast to в противоположность)

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    on 1575526835
    Good, but really repetitive
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    on 1523750400
    Great combination of flashcards and audio podcasts at lclanguages site
    High repitition makes it easier to quickly remember the vocab
    on 1523491200
    repetitive contexts
    no place to type the answer