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Algeba Acrostics

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Update Aug 4 2014 Connection words are in bold Many interference fixes First word list has been shortened The instructions are in the deck. tag: "guide" Acrostics have a particular advantage over other mnemonic methods. Memory connections for English, math, science, foreign languages, and other subjects can be created well in advance of learning the material. The process can be described as a sort of "pre-loading" of the material into memory. Anyone of reading age can utilize this advantage. This system was created to replace traditional forms of memorization and fill in a number of missing elements in the memory recall process. First word recall (use this list while reviewing) A list of the potential choices for the first word of the sentence is narrowed to about 7+/- choices. Using this list while reviewing will help to categorize the initial recalls. Identification problem: The student remembers the formula/procedure/steps but does not remember its name or application. solution: The topic ID is at the head of the acrostic. Here is an example. Adding and subtracting terms- [for fractions- same denominator/for polynomials- same exponent and variable/for radicals- same index and radicand] Verification problem: The student remembers the formula/procedure/definition but is unsure of the accuracy of the recall. solution: A weakened or an interference-ladened recall can be verified via interconnections to the retrieval cue, material, or the acrostic. Categorization problem: The student has forgotten that a formula/procedure/definition exists. solution: The category lists are maintained in memory via the spaced repetition system. problem: The student does not know what to do or where to begin solving the math problem. solution: Parts of the math problem can be identified and matched to their category. problem: The student creates his or her own rule or procedure thinking that the rule or procedure exists and is valid. solution: Every action in the example has an ID and is maintained in memory by the spaced repetition system. Elaboration problem: The student has partially or completely forgotten a formula/procedure/definition. solution: The acrostic is interconnected with the material and is maintained in the spaced repetition system. The topic ID and subcategories are used as retrieval cues to help recall the acrostic and the material. Here is an example. (The connection words TF are in bold) A S T [ F... P... R... ] Adding and subtracting terms- [for fractions- same denominator/for polynomials- same exponent and variable/for radicals- same index and radicand] Assisted initial repetition problem: New material requires a large amount of initial drill. solution: For new material, the acrostic letters and knowledge of the material are used to assist the initial recall of new material. An example of the process ------------------------------------ 3 on the answer button graph is the number of retrieval cue successes. 2 on the answer button graph is the number of retrieval cue failures. Learning stage Over-learning stage (Workload starts to decrease) In this stage, over-learning and the spacing effect pushes the cards into maturity. [35] [10] Majority mature stage (Workload decreases to very small numbers) You should wait until the cards have reached this stage before you use the system for a test. You should also be able to recall the category lists. [8] [5] Here are scans of my preparation for two tests.

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Front Function reflections
Back The frontline royal navy forces' x-planes were fielded with new x-weapons for their operation.Function reflections- [for negative f- x-axis/for f negative x- opposite]
Acrostic frnfxfnxo
Front Sequence methods (list)
Back The social message bar on the cable news newscaster's program permitted the nation's participation in the show.Binomial theoremCircular permutationsN choose rNth of an arithmetic sequencePermutations of n, n at a timePermutations of n, r at a timeNth of a geometric sequencePermutations with repetitionsSum of the first n terms of an arithmetic sequence
Acrostic smbcnnppnps
Tags alist category
Front Standard equation of an ellipse or hyperbola
Back The scrambling of the entire encampment to hastily handle the x-planes that managed to hide and slip into their territory with the aim of striking their production and manufacturing yards was mobilized to knock out the sudden threat to their bases and to stabilize the volatile state of the nation.Standard equation of an ellipse or hyperbola- [for horizontal- x minus h squared through a squared plus or minus y minus k squared through b squared/for vertical- switch numerators]
Acrostic seehhxmhstaspmymkstbsvsn

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Great introduction to college-level mathematics
Posted on 2014-10-27

It's not just "pure" Algebra: you can also find cards on permutations, statistics, and some basic formulas for physics or economics.

Even if you decide (like I did) to just ignore the acrostics, it's a great introduction to college-level mathematics, paired with the deck on Trigonometry by the same author.

Of course you may need some additional source (like to better understand some concepts you never studied before, or don't remember anymore.