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Automatic Scoring 2 sets the focus (easy, good, hard &again) based on time

<10kB. Updated 2019-12-18.
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During every single card you waste time deciding how to score it. Those seconds add up really fast. Once Automatic Scoring eliminates that delay, you will be amazed how fast you finish your Anki cards. The Automatic Scoring add-on saves you from making that decision by adjusting the focus for you. The focus is the faint grey box that surrounds an answer choice. Ordinarily, when you click Show Answer the focus is on good so that if you then press enter or space it will choose good. After you download the Automatic Scoring add-on (and restart Anki) when you click Show Answer, the focus will be on easy if you answered quickly, good if you answered in a normal amount of time, hard if you took longer and again if you took even longer. You can then press enter (or space) to select the score that Automatic Scoring chose or you can click whatever answer choice you want with the mouse or the number keys. The default setting is that the variable 'seconds' equals 5. This means if you click show answer: 0-4 seconds: Easy 5-9 seconds: Good 10-14 seconds: Hard Over 15 seconds: Again For new cards that have 3 answer choice: 0-4 seconds: Easy 5-9 seconds: Good Over 10 seconds: Again For red cards that have 2 answer choice: 0-4 seconds: Good Over 5 seconds: Again How to Find This Add-On: On Anki's Add-On page just search for the word scoring. Changing the Settings: Click Tools, Add-ons, Config and set the number of seconds. Recommendations: If you would like Anki to automatically show the answer I would recommend downloading the Speed Focus add-on by Glutanimate. I would suggest having Anki show the answer at the same amount of time that HARD_SECONDS is set to. It is as if Anki is saying at 60 seconds (or whatever time you choose) "Time is up, here's the answer and this card will be marked again." The Speed Focus add-on also includes a bell which you can set to ring after a certain amount of seconds (I use 30). Please note that whereas the Automatic Scoring settings are for all decks (and profiles) Speed Focus options are specific to each options group. If someone would like to update Automatic Scoring so that the settings are specific to each options group I would be appreciative. I recommend selecting Easy often. Each of your cards has a number called Ease which keeps track of how easy the card is for you. Anki tries to calculate the Ease by starting with a default (called the Starting Ease, mine is 190) and decreasing it whenever you select hard or again. But what if the value of Ease is too low and doesn't correctly reflect how well you know the card? Anki increases the Ease is when you select easy. Therefore I recommend setting the Starting Ease to slightly less (Deck Options, New Cards tab), Easy Bonus to 100 (Deck Options, Reviews tab) and selecting Easy frequently so that the Anki algorithm can find an accurate Ease value for each card. Known Issues: If you scroll after pressing Show Answer the focus leaves the answer choice selected by Automatic Scoring. If you subsequently press enter you will choose good. Therefore, if you want to select a different score you must click it or use the number keys. Thanks and Credits: This was my first add-on and I couldn't have made it without Liam Cooke's add-on "Quick& Easy." Thank you Liam. Unlike his add on, Automatic Scoring does not take into account if you have seen the card previously during this session of Anki. Learn a lot and enjoy, Simcha Rimler


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This is just what I wanted.so good
on 1638267844
Works great as well as its 'sibling' addon without '2' in the name (still didn't figure out the difference between them, used both).
Be aware that it conflicts with the addon Incremental Reading, errors when two addons are active simultaneously (though their usage doesn't require them at the same time, so you still can use both deactivating one or another as needed)