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AP World History Original Ultimate Set from Quizlet

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Title says it all. AP World History Original Ultimate Set from Quizlet. http://quizlet.com/2267684/the-original-ultimate-ap-world-history-set-flash-cards/

Sample (from 1481 notes)

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Front Nehru
Back Indian statesman. He succeeded Mohandas K. Gandhi as leader of the Indian National Congress. He negotiated the end of British colonial rule in India and became India's first prime minister (1947-1964).
Front 1857
Back In what year did the Indians attempt a widespread but disorganized rebellion against the British, resulting in even more intense colonization of India more directly by the British Government?
Front Mandate of Heaven
Back The Chinese belief that the emperor claimed to be the "son of heaven" and therefore has the right to rule.

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on 1671341284
Good but all the 'Card 1' types should be removed first
on 1659919038
awesome possum my boy
on 1625906502
on 1621576855
on 1614053578
Only a name as a prompt and I'm supposed to spit out a bunch of particular factoids. Not how a deck should be designed.
on 1609271657
Really great for general review, but you might want to assign tags for time periods to make it easier to review certain sections.
on 1600601603
Thank you :)
on 1579145638
Great notes. Very thorough
on 1573979347
To one of the previous reviewers: You can reverse Front and Back like so:

Browser > select deck's notes > Change note type (Ctrl+M) > Change Front to: Back > OK
on 1537724083
Good, though with some surprising omissions - no mention of Nader Shah for example. Still, as an AP exam study guide this is likely top notch.
on 1528243200
It would seem that they front and back of these cards are the reverse of what they should be.
on 1524009600
Good to know that!
on 1496707200
on 1398643200