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Spanish Top 5000 Vocabulary

75.86MB. 4881 audio & 5000 images. Updated 2017-10-14.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


Updated: 29th May 2016. Deck to learn Spanish with pictures and sound. Ordered by frequency with cards being both forward and reverse. Will be updated periodically. The accent of the sound is either General European Spanish or General American Spanish. It can not be guaranteed that the pictures conform to all preferences for modesty. Some abbreviations for the word types: nf: noun femninine nm: noun masculine nc: noun common, like el estudiante/la estudiante nm/f: can take either masculine or feminine form, like doctor/doctora nmf: when two words are alike but have different genders, like; el cura (the priest) la cura (the cure) nf el: feminine noun but when the singular article is next to the word the article is masculine, like; el aqua contaminada Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it. Have any suggestions or corrections? Email me at i2_soporta@mail.com Comment about the pictures 27th June 2016 Thanks for the comments and reviews. The images are selected automatically from search and then reviewed later, so sometimes the pictures may not correspond with the Spanish word (but perhaps still memorable). One thing to do is re-downloading the latest version of the deck, it should give you some new images with the progress intact. Comment about not downloading: I have not heard of this issue before, might be a problem on your device. Note this is a very large deck. Please don't give reviews based on technical problems with Anki or device.

Sample (from 5001 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Spanish clima (nm)
English climate
Ranking 1576
Tags 2000 nm
Spanish puerta (nf)
English door
Ranking 354
Tags 0500 nf
Spanish urgente (adj)
English urgent
Ranking 2265
Tags 2500 adj

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on 1570485871
on 1569817020
creo que es bueno.
on 1569157258
es maravilloso! muy bien.
on 1568572627
bom baralho.
on 1568505122
on 1567258107
very well done and very useful. This is currently my one source for vocabulary training.
on 1566445040
on 1565474598
Good deck with both Spanish-English and English-Spanish
on 1564871327
Too many simple words I don't need to study, plus the pictures are often irrelevant and make the file size huge.
on 1564396804
on 1562238513
Simply what I have been looking for for years!
on 1560724667
I was not impressed by the words definitions
on 1559210934
Very used for me
on 1559023659
It is very useful
on 1558673881
Fantastic. Really appreciate the effort. For those complaining about the format of the cards YOU CAN CHANGE THEM YOURSELF. Please don't bash this deck because it is not formatted as you please. The beauty of Anki is the customization aspect it offers.
on 1557647668
on 1556772517
Super good!
on 1556338179
on 1555336613
on 1554883222
Easy to use
on 1553467426
Great deck BUT I second what someone else said below about some of the images being NSFW. Just something to keep in mind if you're using this in a plane, bus, etc.
on 1553451174
Lots of words
on 1552385381
on 1552229298
Helpful deck, many thanks !!!
on 1551345415
I'm at about 50% now and this deck is just amazing, helped me so so much, thanks a lot!
on 1551191405
All the elements you need for retention.
on 1551191111
Whoever made this deck used this image: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/35/NOTAR_System.svg
for the verb notar, and for this I dearly love them.
It's also great for learning Spanish vocabulary if you like that sort of thing.
on 1549906272
Good vocabulary selection, well presented. Could probably do with some tweaking of the reverse direction, but very useful overall.
on 1548001761
on 1547690311
The images always come first, before your answer, to practise the recall of the foreign word you are learning. It does and doesn't sometimes; it's a mess.
on 1547498648
on 1547071947
Great, gracias
on 1546612861
Good vocabulary selection, native speakers.
on 1546413743
i'm learing the espanol in my free time.
on 1546136288
Es genial, chevere y muy Ăștil, para aprender o practicar
on 1545216152
Great one, the pictures are spot-on and help tremendously! I'd like to thank the creator for sharing!
on 1544953770
I like it. Everything is good. Voice, pictures, two-sided cards.
on 1544284460
The deck has expanded my Spanish vocabulary. My reading comprehension is better after a month of daily use and I have yet to finish the deck!
on 1543259664
I used this deck briefly. I stopped because I didn't need English to Spanish cards as I'm mainly interested in reading Spanish. For someone who needs both, this is a great deck. The expanded answers helps you learn more about usage.
on 1542848709
Nice grouping
on 1541434938
on 1541379139
on 1541122412
on 1541120209
That is so good to study.
on 1540934468
on 1540900624
To learn a new language
on 1540370395
Absolutely helpful deck.
on 1539759938
i need
on 1539036867
Grass see yas.
on 1538518313
Mucho gracias
on 1537718414
on 1536661596
Muitas palavras
on 1535921526
on 1534663169
Would be a great deck if it was 1) made into more sub-decks - either two - one for Es-En pairs and the other for En-Es pairs. Having just one means I get two words of the same pair just one after each other (first Es-En then En-Es), and obviously, if I want to learn the most frequent words first, shuffling the deck does not make sense. Alternatively, it could be devided into six smaller decks: first 500 most frequent words, second 500, second thousand, third thousand, fourth and fifth thousand - and then the random order could be used so that I do not get the same pair during the same learning session (which would be much better for reviewing). This way, I would know that any given word even at the very beginning of my learning is not more advanced then is appropriate for my beginner's level.
2) Secondly, there is often a picture with further details on the tested Spanish word. If I am tested on Es-En pair, it is fine. The trouble begins when I am tested on En-Es pair. Then the picture gives me an answer well before I ask for it. The deck seems great at first sight but it is impractical after all.
on 1533929472
Thank you very much
on 1533912361
Perfect for anybody looking to strengthen their vocabulary
on 1533715717
Great work!
on 1533403433
Excellent. Thank you!!
on 1533129620
it is great
on 1532609249
very good. only gripe is the audio levels are mis-matched. some audio very loud, some very quiet, it's not even. would love an update to fix that. otherwise, it's perfect.
on 1531128585
thank you very much for your efforts
on 1530883698
So good
on 1529232509
very good
on 1528416000
to learn Spanish
on 1526860800
Excellent file for learning Spanish (though technically only 2500 words because it's 2500 English to Spanish and then 2500 Spanish to English). Some complain that they cannot download the file. That's because the file is huge! Images and audio for every vocab word. It works on my big computer but not on my laptop.
on 1526688000
on 1526428800
on 1525824000
This is exactly what I have been looking for. Anki works best in language learning when there is no English on the cards, and this does just that. Thank you!
on 1525305600
Probably the sole reason my vocabulary advanced as far as it has. Honestly I cant thank the creator enough.
on 1524528000
Repetition assists in memorization.
on 1524441600
It took some hours to go through it :-)
on 1523232000
Great work!
on 1522972800
really useful
on 1522540800
on 1522195200
on 1521936000
Marvelous Deck based on a high frequency words. I am very grateful for the efforts put in this deck.
on 1521849600
Great deck, but I can't make the audio files work on my iPhone. Can somebody help?
on 1521244800
Well organised
on 1520380800
Mui bueno
on 1518739200
There may be rough edges but overall this is a very useful deck. I like that it has the type of word (pronoun, article, type of verb, etc).
on 1518134400
on 1516147200
I am only able to download samples. Any help?
on 1515456000
on 1515196800
Great selection of words, deck organised in a meaningful order, and good quality audio on every card!
on 1515110400
Excellent deck!
on 1515024000
very nice deck, great for beginnersm thank you
on 1514937600
I checked all the shared decks for learning Spanish and I can say for sure this is the best one yet. Maybe the only thing it lacks is examples (Spanish sentences with the word on the card) but I will create them on the fly as this is a part of learning process.
Thank you so much!
Edit: gosh I just love this deck!
on 1513382400
Helped me a lot in learning Spanish as a new language!
on 1512950400
fairly comprehensive and I love the verbal pronunciations
on 1512691200
Great exercises!!
on 1512604800
It looks great!!thank!
on 1512604800
Overall a good deck (my favorite for Spanish Vocab) with a couple gripes for the following cards. These can all be fixed on user end by swapping out the image for the card using the desktop anki client:

* Penetracion - very NSFW content. The image for "Penetracion" is pornographic, albiet tasteful, in nature. I am not offended, but I fear for potential tutors getting in trouble with parents if they recommend this deck.

* Seno - Semi NSFW, might raise an eyebrow from anyone shoulder surfing your study session.

* desnudo? - NSFW. Naked dude(only butt). Again not offended, personally, just worry for potential tutors getting in trouble/ people raising eyebrows if they glance at your screen.

* There may be a couple other semi nsfw image cards, but those were the big offenders.

* El Trato/contrato/tratado - All use the same image. I think there may even be a fourth and fifth similar word using the same image. This only exacerbates the problem with these easily confused words.
on 1511222400
good resource! I liked all the audio files... it's easy for me to change the pictures to something more memorable (if needed). thx!
on 1511136000
Works great and downloaded fine, thank you!
on 1511136000
Very comprehensive.
on 1510012800
Great deck

I used it a long time agone to learn spanish. I think I finished it in 5 days, because I am a native speaker of cooler sounding spanish (brazilian portuguese). The images don't just make the study session more interesting: they help you absorb the meaning of the word. Help it sink into your brain.

When I finished this deck I studied the first 3000 cards of the deck called "Spanish 7000 Intermediate/Advanced Sentences" in a week I think, then I spent a month doing nothing but listening to the audiobooks of Harry Potter in spanish... After that I was pretty much 100% fluent in spanish.
I made some improvements to the deck, hope the owner doesn't mind.
I decided to add articles(el... la...) to the individual words.
So If it was just "hombre", now it is "el hombre". If it was just "playa", now it is "la playa"... And so on.

I also added some simple example sentences to half of the words. The modified deck can be found here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/2134488481
on 1508112000

I tried everything but nothing would work. Extremely frustrated.
on 1506988800
Great basic deck!

This deck is a huge time-saver. It's a great way to speed through your starter vocab.

My only complaint is that I don't like the (nf) (conj) (whatever) tags in the vocab field. I wish they were in a separate field, so you could display them if you wanted or not by editing the card. For example:
Spanish: sin
Type: prep

Card: {{Spanish}} ({{Type}})
would display as: sin (prep)

But if I wanted, I could just use {{Spanish}} and get rid of the clutter.

I appreciate that the word ranking is in a field. Great for sorting quickly and making my own decisions with the deck. Just wish it could be a litttttle more customizable.
on 1506643200
Very well done

This is one hell of a job, very well done. The only thing is that the pictures sometimes not appear. Can I change this in the settings?
on 1504137600
Thanks for the deck!!

I've been using a previous version of this deck for months, thanks for the update. It's true the pics are not the best, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If someone does not like the pics, they can change them. And that's a learning experience in itself. Think of the pics as a placeholder. The magic is the list

I mention anki and this deck to everyone I meet who is studying Spanish
on 1500336000
Can not download

May be a great deck but I can not download it. I've been having some problems with a couple other deck's not downloading either, any ideas?
on 1497052800
Very practical if you understand English.

Although it was very boring, I cannot deny that this deck is practical enough to boost your vocabulary.
I tried 800 words to remember per day and I lost the equilibrium of mental.
I was angry of every new words in this deck, but it made me succeed reading articles in Spanish on timeline of Facebook without dictionary.
Believe me, this is the one you should start right now.
on 1483315200
Many thanks!

Thank you so very much, this is incredibly useful! :-)
on 1482451200
What a great resource

Thank you so much for creating this brilliant Deck.
I have been using it alongside online language apps Babbel and Duolingo & it has been invaluable.
Really good tags, so its simple to create a filtered deck to review when I have a bit of time to spare.
Highly recommended :0)
on 1478476800
Great vocab builder

One of the other reviewers wished he had nabbed this list before making his own. I was fortunate to be lazy enough to grab this list when I first got Anki. I cranked up the number of new words per day by a lot. After months with this, I'm still not half-way through the list! This will keep you busy for a long time. My chief gripe is with some of the images. While the vast majority are good, and I know I can replace them with my own, some choices are just plain strange. "Ente" (entity) has drawing of a duck. "Siquiera" (even if) has a picture of several soccer players on a field. I'm not sure what a plate shop has to do with "bazar" (to base/found). Every few days I have a brief "wtf moment" with a new word and associated picture. Despite that, it's a good deck and no mistakes that I've noticed.

Followup - I notice the description now suggests downloading to update. I sort of understand why "ente" ("entity" in Spanish) shows a picture of a duck: "ente" is "duck" in German.
on 1470441600

It is really awesome! I haven't found any mistakes yet.

How I study:
After downloading and adding the deck, I suspended ALL of the cards. Now every time I find new words in the articles, songs, textbook or other learning materials, I de-suspend the word and learn it.

I sometimes add an example sentence or change the picture for more meaningful one.

(The reason I'm doing all this is that I don't see the point in memorizing long lists of words I didn't encounter elsewhere).
on 1466553600
Good frequency list. Start with this deck for your vocab.

I wish I would have started with this rather than building my own cards for the first 3800 words from "A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish" from scratch! I'm 200 words into it and so far the images are pretty much on point. The pronunciations are just OK but mostly sufficient. If you have any issues just edit the card and plug in your own image from a search engine or a different pronunciation from a site like Forvo.
on 1461369600
Wonderful job!!!

on 1454544000