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→ 1000 Korean sentences sorted from easiest to hardest

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• 1000 korean sentences sorted by the average frequency-of-use of the words in them — that is, sorted from easiest to hardest. • Hover your mouse on the purple line (or tap it, if you're on mobile) to show the latin transcription of the sentence. • The whole deck is beginner-level. If you are intermediate or advanced, this might not be for you. • If some sentences are too easy for you, just delete them (press Delete button on your keyboard) until a more challenging one comes up. • On the computer version of Anki, press the 'r' key on your keyboard to replay the audio. • Some cards will show more than one possible English translation. -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

Sample (from 1000 notes)

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card number 473
difficulty index 270
new word introduced 문제가
sentence - 왜 그게 문제가 안돼?
cloze - 왜 그게 _____ 안돼?
cloze answer - 왜 그게 문제가 안돼?
transcript - wae geuge munjega andwae?
translation 1 - Why does not that matter?
translation 2 - Why does not that matter?- Why Is It that No matter?
card number 565
difficulty index 307
new word introduced 거의
sentence 거의 다 했어, 거의 다 했어.
cloze _____ 다 했어, _____ 다 했어.
cloze answer 거의 다 했어, 거의 다 했어.
transcript geoui da haess-eo, geoui da haess-eo.
translation 1 I'm almost done, I'm almost done.
translation 2 I'm almost done, I'm almost done.I almost, almost did.
card number 471
difficulty index 268
new word introduced 싶어
sentence 알았어, 그래서 무슨 말을 하고 싶어?
cloze 알았어, 그래서 무슨 말을 하고 _____?
cloze answer 알았어, 그래서 무슨 말을 하고 싶어?
transcript al-ass-eo, geulaeseo museun mal-eul hago sip-eo?
translation 1 Okay, so what do you want to say?
translation 2 Okay, so what do you want to say?Okay, so you want to say?

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Very helpful.
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This is really helpful. Thank you!
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Great tool
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well organized
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Obrigado pelo ótimo trabalho e por disponibilizar os decks. Fique com Deus e abraços.
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this is epic
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Thank you!
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Very useful!
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Happy there is Korean, but only 1000
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Really helps, I recommend it a lot to beginners.
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Fantastic amount, great translations, definitely worth using for some extra practice.
on 1555532858
Please add more cards, if is possible, could have one for Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Best wishes, greetings from Brazil.
Comment from author
I have plans to make one like this for Japanese and Chinese, it will be an absolute Masterpiece ^^ I suppose it will be made this year.

Will also make for Arabic, but that's a secondary task.