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Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

0.02MB. Updated 2022-09-14.
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Allows the changing of shortcuts on the main page, the editor window, the review window, and the deck browser window Usage The way to change shortcuts here is to go to Tools > Add-ons > Custom Shortcuts and click Config to change each shortcut. The text above the change screen should say what each function does. This is also available on the GitHub page. Key sequences are allowed by adding a "+" between individual keys, e.g. mapping Ctrl-H with "Ctrl+H". Support for duplicated shortcuts on the reviewer window is available. Make sure to read the config.md on that carefully (text above the Config) to ensure proper use. Support If you have any issues with this tool or want support for more shortcuts, please report it on the GitHub issues page, as I cannot respond to messages here. This should theoretically function with Anki 2.1, though there hasn't been extensive testing with edge cases or compatibility. Known points of interest are shown below: Anki recently changed a few of its shortcuts, meaning that the most recent version of this is only guaranteed to be compatible with Anki 2.1.6+. The special shortcut(s) are not originally part of Anki and so might not always function as expected. Changelog 2022-09-14: Fixed "editor add card close window" shortcut 2022-06-29: Add shortcut "window_browser forget card" for forgetting a card 2022-05-09: Patch foreground colors and fix note type choosing 2022-04-15: Temporarily disable HTML editor customization for 2.1.50 until permanent fix is found 2022-04-05: Fix preview button for 2.1.50 2022-03-19: Add support for the 3 new flags added in 2.1.45 2022-03-13: Add support for multiple duplicate shortcuts 2022-02-10: Add support for indenting/unindenting fields as well as adding lists (In Anki 2.1.45+ for now) 2022-01-13: Add support for toggling stickiness of fields (In Anki 2.1.45+) 2021-12-05: Change main shortcut implementation to avoid issues with Qt6 (In Anki 2.1.50+) 2021-10-30: Add card info/previous card info shortcuts (2.1.45, 2.1.48) as well as the shortcut to close the add card dialog box (2.1.24) 2021-10-20: Make change note type compatible with 2.1.41+ 2021-10-18: Fix browser preview shortcut (for 2.1.45+) 2021-09-27: Add support for sidebar buttons in 2.1.45 2021-07-07: Make HTML editor 2.1.45 compatible 2021-06-03: Patch out issue with 2.1.45 Alpha 2021-02-11/2021-02-13/2021-02-17: Make compatible with 2.1.41 beta2 in preparation for 2.1.41 2021-02-09: Update localization in newer Anki versions 2021-01-27: Make compatible with 2.1.39 beta in preparation for 2.1.39 2020-12-27: Add changing note type in editor and confirming card addition 2020-11-18: Patch issue with certain shortcuts in Anki 2.1.20+ 2020-11-17: Refactor reviewer code for better addon compatibility 2020-09-02: Include support for the more options dropdown (for Anki 2.1.33+) 2020-08-19: Update reviewer duplicates with newer features 2020-07-27: Changed editor cloze shortcuts for better addon compatibility 2020-06-26: Added editor shortcut duplication 2020-03-10: Support for many custom pastes 2020-03-09: Support for 2.1.21 release 2020-03-08: Support for Saving/removing current filter, pausing/seeking audio 2020-03-03: Adding filters, 2.1.21 beta compatibility, disabling certain parts for addon compatibility 2020-02-16: Support for new style hooks 2019-11-28: Minor config description update 2019-11-18: Hidden error fixing 2019-10-04: Undid destructive changes hidden in previous updates 2019-07-25: Error fixing 2019-04-17: Backported to Anki 2.1.0rc2 2019-04-16: Changed default shortcuts to accurately reflect those of Anki 2.1.11 2019-04-09: Fixed an issue with custom paste and added a little more disambiguation to the config.md 2019-03-04/05: Fixed issues with Arrow Keys + Page Up/Down 2019-02-10: Change the main page highlight & editor toolbar to reflect changed keys 2018-12-22: Fixed compatibility issues with Anki 2.1.6+ 2018-12-13: Fixed issues with cloze alt and (maybe) main shortcuts 2018-11-27: Added support for duplicate main toolbar shortcuts 2018-10-22: Added browser window customization 2018-09-28: Improved special function performance 2018-09-26: Added new special function & cleaned up documentation 2018-09-20: Fixed issues with certain special keys (Return, Enter, Tab, etc.) 2018-09-14: Added Shortcut Conflict Warnings 2018-09-06: Error fixing 2018-09-05: Added main toolbar customization and support for duplicate reviewer shortcuts 2018-09-04: Added reviewer customization 2018-08-30: Error fixing 2018-08-30: Initial Release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1684062664
work perfectly
on 1683137195
Excellent utility.
on 1681492973
works great. i never used shortcuts and kept accidentally opening some random window because i didn't notice the anki textbox wasn't selected. this plugin allowed me to disable all shortcuts. thx
on 1679949736
Great addon. I use it to never accidentally hit "easy" or "hard" buttons
on 1678540998
This worked really well for subscript shortcut.
But I really needed to disable the menu shortcuts [specifically alt+f and alt+e which open file menu and edit menu in windows computers only]. Note that these shortcuts do not work on MacOS.
on 1677627277
It is useful to remap Ctrl+F to Alt+D, consistent with GoldenDict and internet browsers. This add-on makes my life easier!
on 1675397138
I wanted to be fast at editing Anki cards and voala! Here I have it

How can I "rename with parents" of a deck in browser using keyboard shortcut on Anki?
If its not already a part of Anki, Can I use this Add on to create custom command for this purpose?
on 1675347981
its great , i miss the zoom shortcuts
on 1674479948
Don't work
on 1674375055
Don't work
on 1674220700
Great Add On realy helping me right here!
on 1673443921

(restart to activate Changes)
on 1672936836
Works out great for me as a right-handed person to not have to reach for the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys! Thanks for creating this :)
on 1672286720
Works great.

Here's a temporary fix to get the 3 new Set Flag shortcuts in the browser. The author said he was going to fix it, IIRC, but he hasn't yet, so I had to figure it out myself. Pull open the addons directly and carefully edit these two files:


add these if they don't already exit around line 125:

"window_browser flag_pink":"Ctrl+5",
"window_browser flag_turquoise":"Ctrl+6",
"window_browser flag_purple":"Ctrl+7",


add these lines at ~506:

f.actionPink_Flag.setShortcut(config_scuts["window_browser flag_pink"])
f.actionTurquoise_Flag.setShortcut(config_scuts["window_browser flag_turquoise"])
f.actionPurple_Flag.setShortcut(config_scuts["window_browser flag_purple"])

Now you can add and edit these shortcuts to your liking inside the anki Config.

on 1670956372
Great add-on, probably my most used one! Is there a change that a shortcut could be added for "forget card" in the reviewer? There is an option to adjust the shortcut in the browser, with the default being Ctrl+Alt+N. This is adjustable for the browser only. The shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N also works for the reviewer, but there is no option to change it for the reviewer. Would LOVE this adjustment!
on 1670573604
Dùng Tốt
on 1670130866
Working well on 2.1.49

It was a bit confusing in the config file to find this info, but to add a second hotkey to one command without losing the previous one, you just create a new entry under the previous one with the same name,and then add your second shortcut.
on 1665354812
This Add-on gives me this error https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/shortcut-to-create-cloze-isnt-working-properly/20809 -disabling this add-on fixed my problem.
on 1664633565
Works perfectly, very nice
on 1663407138
Works fine for many shortcuts, but not for all.
The main problem is about the flag shortcuts in the browser (works just for the first 4)
on 1662161828
Ctrl+M, M shortcut doesn't work when this is installed.
on 1662034584
Useless addon, u can change every hotkey using Autohotkey.
on 1661335513
Very useful!
on 1660071223
Thank you very much for this addon! I suggest adding a shortcut for "page up" and "page down" because I hate using these buttons on my keyboard, but I can't change their functions to other buttons. Also,, Anki 2.1.54 has a Full Screen mode if you'd like to customize its shortcut.
on 1656504691
on 1654252316
This addon breaks the Focus Tags shorcut Crtl+Shift+T. Other than that, it does its job
on 1652523643
I tried to fix the vanilla suspend card shortcut problem with another key. Didn't work out with this addon either.
on 1652366341
It fixe the Cloze Native and Cloze Overlapper keyboard shortcut interference problem. Thank you!
on 1652043630
There is no "unordered list" shortcut :(
on 1649690150
jazakAllah khair
on 1648454042
This add-on saved me! Thank you so much.
on 1647719168
Great addon. Btw is there any way to setup Mouse wheel (scroll up, scroll down) as a shortcut?
on 1647650889
Carpal Tunnel Prevention
on 1645219360
works fine
on 1644686786
thank you
on 1642248523
on 1641238795
Works great.

Setting it up is a bit of a hassle though. I'm quite sad that I can't just set the keys by pressing them, but I know that it's hard to do in Anki.
on 1640721402
any way to bind the same key to good and flip card? not really a fan of using the spacebar
on 1639929364
Makes life so much easier (e.g. coloring text).
on 1637412325
on 1636705586
Works well
on 1635882996
fantastic add-on. Takes a little bit to get the hang of it, but you can get really creative

I love to have multiple shortcuts for the same action. For instance, I can bind j,k,l,; to do the same as 1,2,3,4.

My dog sometimes lays on my left side and I'd like to be able to operate with my right hand...which I know is an absolutely ridiculous concern. :)

When I just copy and paste onto a new row, it works until reboot, but then it overwrites the previous lines. Do I need to just set multiple bindings on teh same row?
on 1635817873
Great app but downvoting the new update as it no longer works.
on 1635593454
As a response to the previous comment: It stopped working for me as well after the latest addon update, but has been working again after upgrading Anki as well (to 2.1.49).
on 1635589546
stopped working after update:(
on 1634832295
Great add-on.
Is there a way to set shortcuts for "Set text highlight color" as well as "Change color"? Unfortunately these have no shortcuts by default :(
on 1634825414
Very nice

Could you please add a shortcut for the Bulletpoints, indent, outdent

Thanks in advance
on 1634822596
A fantastic tool. Thank you so much for all your work and also for keeping it up to date.
~ Anki 2.1.48, on macOS 11.6.
Comment from author before post was edited
Sorry about that, the functionality got needlessly broken in the previous update. This has (hopefully) been fixed.

In the future, if there are issues with the addon, please use the GitHub issues page at https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues, since it is easier to discuss and solve problems there.
on 1634510428
Great. I was able to change my reviewer quick options to keys closer to the space bar.
on 1634140532
It's not working.
on 1633206669
Has made Anki more enjoyable and efficient. Incredible work by the developer(s), thank you very much!!! Your hard work is helping students everywhere :)
on 1630952437
Does not do what it says
on 1629777653
it's not working now
on 1629614602
Its outstanding....

I want to change ctrl+v to Alt+1, can you please help me with that ?? :(
on 1629524642
won't work with new version
on 1629357582
Terrific work!
on 1628002403
Great, thanks a lot!
on 1627577195
I changed my suspend shortcut, which did not work and left that action without a shortcut. However, even when I changed it back and restored to default, it remained without a shortcut. Now this function is left without a shortcut on anki program because of this add on.
on 1626828311
This is a must have
on 1626052580
This add-on doesn't allow you to open "Add" and "Brown" in anki v2.1.44. Disable it to open
on 1625742607
Couldn't live without it! 😋

It's really great - it helped me set up shortcuts in some Addons that I otherwise couldn't use, because they were used by random Anki defaults.
on 1624761674
Really convenient for anyone who wants to do a quick review.
on 1624680395
Very helpful
on 1623890962
There is this nice but rarely used card template where you can input (type in) your answer and the back side of the card shows you were your answer matched and where it differed. I made a deck like this to learn Vim and probably will make other decks to memorize some coding boilerplate.

This input feature also meant that whenever I got a card asking how to run a macro in Vim (type: @ followed by the name of the macro), the card would be suspended. (@ is the Anki shortcut for suspending a card).
When I make other coding related decks I'm sure I will run again into these Anki shortcuts, so this addon is going to be useful in the future as well.

Addon confirmed working with Anki 2.1.43
on 1623778325
Stopped working with recent Anki update.
on 1623635649
This might be the best thing since sliced bread! Working for me again on the newest anki version. Thanks author for making it happen yet again!
on 1623289742
Not working on newest version of Anki
on 1622738392

When I used to have jkl; configured with the old right hand reviews add on, whenever I'd hit any of those keys, it would also flip my card. So, I wouldn't have to go back and forth between the space bar and the letters when reviewing.

With this add on, these keys no longer flip the card. They only mark again, good, etc.

anyone know a fix to this before I switch back to the old add on?
on 1618585740
Works as expected
on 1618489144
Made using Anki easier.
on 1617283101
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1616694413
this is an EXCELLENT add on
This video helped me to set up 2 key combination for cloze deletion(which are not F keys that i cannot use), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efff3l500K4&list=PLeQT4wEud9aOzdWO86T6IHNZc_Lz4Jjjb&index=5 the video is great, it explains how to avoid shortcut clashes too. She has a video on Anki algorithm too, the best I’ve watched so far. Don’t be confused by her “sweet” delivery, she knows what she is talking about, her other videos are on some topics that I even don’t recognise, so it must be science then, lol.
on 1616685656
on 1616502919
Thank you!
on 1616350704
on 1616269359
Working well on 2.1.42, but maybe add a shortcut for the "forget" card feature
on 1614963907
works for me
on 1614476381
thank you for creating this add on, it works well.

however - i wish i could set specific reviewer mappings for buttons based on the type of button (eg "Again", "Hard", "Good", & "Easy").
sometimes "Good" is the second button (mapping to the "2"), and sometimes it's the third button (mapping to the "3" key).
If I move to fast, i may accidentally press "3" on a new card and select "Easy" when I meant to select "Good".
on 1613422750
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This add-on is awesome and does exactly what I need it to do with no problems whatsoever. I really love it's simplicity. I do wish the configuration menu was just a little more user friendly and streamlined, but regardless this add on is a "must-have."
on 1612833021
Should be built into anki!
on 1612764157
works after restart
on 1612456600
on 1612123070
Great tool
Keep in mind that if you're using this addon with rememorize (323586997) you should reconfigure "editor remove format" to "<nop>".
on 1612013107
on 1611777499
Great add-on, a must have
on 1611055732
Noice !
on 1610803016
on 1610375158
perfect, ctrl+s is much more easier to save and add new note, than ctrl+return :)
on 1610297596
on 1610066906
Easy and efficient.
on 1608485058
on 1608310285
Thanks 🙂
This add-on helps me to review cards using a game controller, as qjoypad (qjoypad.sourceforge.net) doesn’t support key combinations.
on 1608055273
Awesome, saved me as subscript doesn't work for me with Ctrl+=.
on 1608052426
Don't downvote because Anki keeps changing and gulping down all our previous free-to-use shortcuts.

It is not the plugins' fault.

This add-on is amazing, thanks to the developer for doing his best to keep up with those numerous Anki updates.

At this time 15/Dec/20 this is the only one that manages to override some of those new shortcuts.
I found those new shortcuts in there, like 5 I changed to Ctrl-5 etc, and was able to use most of my regular other plug-ins that use 5 etc.
on 1608051746
Initially, my only complaint was that I couldn't use duplicate keyboard shortcuts. But looking at other reviews made it easy to do. 11/10.

Easy suggested keyboard shortcuts (no overlap issues) for right and left handed keys:
Set Undo to Z (not ctrl+z),
"m_toolbox undo": "Z",
Set 'choice 1' to 1 (should be like this already)
"reviewer choice 1": "1",
Now for the duplicates:
"m_toolbox _duplicates": {
"m_toolbox undo": "["

"reviewer _duplicates": {
"reviewer choice 1": "]"
Then you can use right hand enter,[,]; and left hand space,1,z. Assuming you don't use hard/easy.

Thank you for this addon! Hope this helps someone.
on 1607945827
Works like a charm, finally can have Num 0 make the cards flip instead of having to have two hands on the keyboard to use SpaceBar. Thanks OP, I'm sorry there are some people complaining thinking you set the shortcuts instead of realizing you're just allowing us to change them. They really should read the descriptions haha.
on 1607894113
Is there a way to have a shortcut for "Downgrade and exit"? Bravo!
on 1607368021
I'm dumbfounded as to why this amazing add-on has so many downvotes. It works unless you do something stupid and try to have the same shortcut for different actions, and even when I tried to do this, it warned me! Great job.
PS: you have to restart anki for the shortcuts to actually work, but this is just an Anki thing
on 1607201699
Life changing add-on! Makes all the hours spent on Anki waaaay more confortable. Thank you very much!
on 1606162639
excellent, thanks
on 1605759704
good job
on 1605621282
Does not work for Anki 2.1.35 and macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. Tried to change cloze to cmd/ctrl+c and cloze alt to cmd/crtl+shift+c and it did nothing. Then tried to let normal cloze stay at cmd/crtl+shift+c and cloze alt to cmd/crtl+shift+d and both were the normal cloze.
on 1605461314
Works perfect! Thanks a lot!
on 1604191793
[Anki 2.1.35]

"Ctrl+Shift+E" Mapping bug!!

Don't work at my program.
on 1603475887
tool option doesn't appear after restarting
on 1603403919
Wasn't working but I updated to 2.1.35 and it worked like a charm. Great work.
on 1601461263
In Anki 2.1 for CLOZE DELETION this solution works well:

"editor cloze": "F4",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>",
"editor cloze forced increment": "<nop>",
"editor cloze no increment": "F3",
on 1600768053
awsome addon I was able to customize it so that I don't have to move my hand from the numpad
on 1599663879
Please, add the "rename deck" shortcut. It's very useful when it comes to filtered decks. Thanks in advance. Awesome work.
on 1599660696
First of all
command + shift + C for cloze deletion and
command + shift + option + C for cloze deletion alt (for Mac users?)
smashing 4 keys to get one function done is the height of inefficiency and I CANNOT believe this has this many good reviews
if ur using MAC do NOT use this add-on. use GODMODE instead. that developer has a brain https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1508677152
Comment from author
The goal of this add-on is to allow the user to change those shortcuts to something that they would prefer over the defaults.
The shortcuts that are initially there (command+shift+C and command+shift+option+C for Mac) are just what Anki uses prior to any customization.

Since I can't predict what the user wants over the defaults, the shortcuts all default to whatever Anki has.
on 1599176234
Super useful
on 1599142448
You are the best!
on 1598589900
Since the update, they shortcuts no longer works. I hope this can be rectified soon. Good luck to the author
on 1598022644
Useful for changing each Cloze encapsulation to c1.
on 1597778077
I downloaded the alternative version of Anki 2.1 and the Undo shortcut was still CTRL+ALT+Z (even tho the developper said he UNDID this retarded change)

sooooooooo I downloaded this add-on and now the Undo shortcut is CTRL+Z like it used to be in 2.0 ; like the Universe mandates every software's Undo shortcut to be.

Thanks for the author!


Edit: it seems that the last Anki update (2.1.30) broke this add-on; it's not doing anything at all.

Also I know what it's like to have a bunch of retarded cunts whining about something that is given for free (I'm a big contributor of Anki) -- and I wish to say, that I admire OP's patience with those people giving thumbs down. I would have deleted the add-on by now.
Comment from author
Sorry for that issue, but could you give your config and maybe some extra details (old Anki version, system OS) if you can on the issue tracker?

Right now I can't seem to reproduce this, since the update to 2.1.30 didn't seem to break anything for me.

Also, thank you so much for the kind words (even though my code is evidently broken at the moment). Sometimes it's hard to put up with the negativity, but for now if it helps someone out there even a little, I think it's worth keeping up.
on 1597338392
This doesn't do anything at all?
(I have Versjon 2.1.15 on Windows.)
Comment from author
Obviously it should be doing something, but without context it's hard to figure out what's going wrong (if anything, since for example shortcuts don't take effect until after restart so it can look like it doesn't work).
If you have the time, could you give more details on the Github issue tracker?

It's easier to figure out the problem with discussion, which is far easier with the tracker than in the Anki comments.
on 1596832286
"editor cloze": "<nop>",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>",
"editor cloze forced increment": "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C",
"editor cloze no increment": "Ctrl+Shift+C",

Restart Anki to see the changes
on 1596464030
Thank you, OP! Don't mind the ungrateful bastards who gave you the thumbs down. For those who are looking for a solution to the the cloze issue, just replace your old cloze shortcuts with <nop> and put the old shortcuts to the /forced increment/ and /no increment/ lines. I'm not familiar with any programming language, please excuse if I broke any code typing conventions lol. It should look like this in the end:

"editor cloze": "<nop>",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>",
"editor cloze forced increment": "YourShortcut",
"editor cloze no increment": "YourShortcut",
on 1596457606
I found a way around the current problem:
I assigned a key to "editor cloze no increment" (c1,c1,c1...), and another to "editor cloze": (c1,c2,c3...), and left the other ones assignd to "<nop>".
For me, it looks like this now:

"editor cloze": "F4",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>",
"editor cloze forced increment": "<nop>",
"editor cloze no increment": "F3",

Hope it works for you guys.

And thank you to the Author. Yours it's one of the add-ons I find most useful.

Sorry for my English.
on 1596216616
Changed keys in config window is useless
on 1595932331
Broke cloze. Nice!

You have to go to github to figure out how he broke it. Before you go there, let me save you some trouble: he added two new inputs because reasons. And those are broken as well.

"editor cloze forced increment": "<nop>",
"editor cloze no increment": "<nop>",

Those are broken as well.

"editor cloze": "Ctrl+Shift+C",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>",
"editor cloze forced increment": "<nop>",
"editor cloze no increment": "F1",


Cool cool cool
Comment from author
In case you were interested, the reason why the cloze changed was that the old version broke Cloze Overlapper, Enhanced Cloze and other cloze addons.
I'm frustrated too, because this change was tiny (literally 4 lines in the actual logic) so it shouldn't have broken anything, I can't reproduce people's issues, and without good descriptions of the problem it's hard to figure out what the problem is.
I should say that moving the old "cloze" and "cloze alt" to "cloze forced increment" and "cloze no increment" respectively should give exactly the same behavior as before, but at this point it would be easier to figure out whatever is going on using the Github issue tracker (if you're willing to do that).
on 1595906534
My cloze deletion setting to have all the cloze deletions set to "C1" is no longer working with the new update. Would appreciate any help or advice!
Comment from author
So a recent changed messed with the cloze shortcuts a little, moving the old functions for "editor cloze" and "editor cloze alt" into "editor cloze forced increment" and "editor cloze no increment".
This was because the old shortcut broke cloze addons and I chose to modify the original shortcuts in order to minimize disruption for those people.
I didn't think that many people would use the cloze shortcuts in this particular way, and I apologize for all confusion caused by this change.
In terms of a solution, the original behavior can be restored by replacing the "<nop>" value in "editor cloze forced increment" and "editor cloze no increment" with your old shortcuts in "editor cloze" and "editor cloze alt", as well as changing "editor cloze" and "editor cloze alt" to "<nop>".
"editor cloze": "Ctrl + Shift + C",
"editor cloze alt": "Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C"
"editor cloze": "<nop>",
"editor cloze alt": "<nop>"
"editor cloze forced increment: Ctrl + Shift + C",
"editor cloze no increment: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C"
on 1595886853
Excellent! It makes all other shortcut add-ons obsolete and is extremely well maintained with regular updates.
on 1594584123
It helps a lot with painful fingers, and also makes the review process more intuitive and distraction-free. Thank you!
on 1592728923
To French Users : si vous avez un petit clavier azerty, qui ne possède pas de pavé numérique, il vous est normalement impossible d'utiliser les raccourcis classiques 1, 2, 3, 4 pour répondre à vos cartes. La touche Maj + votre chiffre ne fonctionne pas. Grâce à cette extension il est possible de changer les raccourcis, ça fonctionne très bien (lorsque vous remplacez un raccourci, n'en ajoutez pas un qui existe déjà ou alors supprimez l'ancien en inscrivant "<nop>"). Extension indispensable pour mon utilisation je recommande vivement.
on 1591930917
Would it be possible to make the good/easy/again keys work without having to show the answer first?
Thank you!

Also, the period and comma keys don't work as shortcuts? I did this:

"reviewer _duplicates": {"reviewer choice 1": "Qt.Key_Comma", "reviewer choice 2": "Qt.Key_Period", "reviewer choice 3": "U", "reviewer choice 4": "P"},
on 1591375654
Great! Now updated so it works with "editor cloze alt" So much easier!
on 1591368373
Hi! I'm a bit of a tech noob so it might be my fault, but where can I customise the default "Ctrl+Enter" Add Card shortcut? I looked through the entire list and I don't know where I've missed it. Thanks!
on 1591367647
Set Reviewer Key 1 to "f". Does nothing.
on 1590759738
The only issue that significantly bothers me is that it's incompatible with the card creatin method of Cloze Overlapper.

on 1590426699
I wish I could give this a thumbs up! It's just what I need but it doesn't work! :(
I try to change "editor cloze alt": "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C" but nothing happens.
Comment from author
Hello, if you bring up an issue in the GitHub page (https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues) we can discuss the potential causes of the issue further and I might be able to help fix it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
on 1590381162
Oh thank you. Very useful. Hated having to press 4 keys to cloze
on 1590350843
Good add-on, but there is a flaw in the CTRL+F (find) function. If you are studying a card and press CTRL+F to open that card in browser, edit and press escape to close the browser, you don't end back at the card you were studying (the one you just edited)... you end up at a random card. This doesn't happen if you use the default "Browser" button on Anki.
on 1590252422
Sorry! Why do you copy generate cloze in your plugin (cs_editor_generate_cloze)? It's cost me a week to figure out what the hell was happening for a plugin I'm making!!
on 1589638395
"C" doesn't work to skip note and 'F4' info when installed this add-on on Anki Version 2.1.26.
on 1589528021
on 1588942662
Love this! For some reason Ctrl+T, T for LaTeX didn't work for me anymore (or any double shortcuts). Still not working the original way with the add-on, but there were no problems changing them .
on 1588116375
Finally! I can use the home row keys for reviewing! (Other shortcut addons did not seem to work).

Also, Mac users, note that "Ctrl" means "command".
on 1588077528
"editor cloze": "Ctrl+Shift+C",
"editor cloze alt": "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C"

Don't work!

In addition,

"editor cloze": "Alt+1" and "editor cloze alt": "Alt+2",It's the same effect,Why!!!
on 1588015422
So far so nice!
on 1587865642
Can someone please give me step by step instructions for the "reviewer _duplicates" option?
I cannot make this to work.
on 1587197478
Works as advertised. May need to reboot anki for the bindings to work.
on 1586954731
It's not working,anki-2.1.21.

"editor cloze alt": "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C"

"editor cloze alt": "Ctrl+Alt+C"
Nothing happened.
on 1586746944
So useful
on 1585834392
Works great. Forgot that if multiple things are mapped to a single button (i like to remap various things to a number pad), that the button doesn't work. Fixed it easily. Thank you!
on 1585530772
on 1585524735
Is there a way to add multiple shortcuts to one command? Like say I wanted "reviewer choice 1" to be triggered by the "1" button, the "j" button and also the "Ctrl+Shift+1" button?
on 1583440939
Question, is there a way to change the hotkey for "pausing audio"? I could not find it in the add-on, and for some reason, the default hotkey "5" doesn't work to pause the audio for me
Comment from author
Thanks for the heads up, this has actually just been added.
on 1583007561
Perfect, thank you!
on 1582702925
Thank you very much!
on 1581108954
Qt.Key_right and left and down doesn't work for answering card help please :)
Comment from author
I know that it's a little late, but check first that the capitalization is correct, e.g. "Qt.Key_Right" instead of "Qt.Key_right".
If that doesn't work, please create an issue on the Github page here (https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues) and we can continue from there.
on 1579762076
Awesome Add on!
on 1579451303
Is there a way to remap the "Show Answer" button from space bar to something else? When you have a "type in answer field", the space bar is used within that field so the "Show Answer" shortcut of space bar no longer works.

My solution: I figured out that if you want to "Show Answer", just hitting the enter key regardless of having anything in the answer box or not will show the answer. No need to remap anything.
on 1577659784
When I as a nobrainer understood how the personalization of the shortcuts work, it improved my workflow quite a lot!

But I don´t understand how it works for other addons, but this isn´t your job anyway.
on 1575384045
I really do not have time to figure out how to use this. I wanted to be able to change the suspend card key to something quicker but I didn't want to have to edit code. Too afraid I'll mess things up.
on 1575246412
works great, thank you!
on 1575190341
Works like a charm!

Would be great if it supported multiple hotkeys for every actions! Currently I have to modify the code every time the addon gets updated.
on 1573986845
Really nice, tks for hard working!
on 1573606851
I'm having a little difficulty re-mapping the "undo key" when I'm reviewing cards. I tried changing "m_toolbox undo": "Ctrl+Z" to just "m_toolbox undo": "Z", and it doesn't seem to work. I'm on Anki version 2.1.15 (442df9d6) and I'm using a mac.

Any help would be appreciated! The reason I'm trying to do this is that I bought a handheld remote that I remapped the my laptop's keys to, so that I can do anki reviews using the hand held remote instead of the keyboard. Unfortunately, the remote won't allow me to press two buttons simultaneously, so I can't just remap the mac's "command" key and "z" key to two different buttons on the remote
on 1573325685
I'm loving the add-on so far but I was wondering if there was a way to change the shortcut for the toggle masks for the image occlusion cards. Right now its stuck at "G" and there is no where to edit that in the customize shortcuts. Thanks for your time.
Comment from author
If you are referring to the Image Occlusion Enhanced addon, I think it would be better to ask the creator of that addon about such a feature, since they understand their own code better and it would avoid hairy addon interactions.
If you are talking about native Anki functionality (which I am not currently aware of, but I know Anki has a lot of depth), it might be easier to describe everything at https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues, and we can continue from there.
on 1573033914
Too many words, not structured. I would add pics and a video with examples
on 1571341455
Great add on - but out of curiosity, do you know if it's possible to use the arrow keys as a shortcut?
Comment from author
Sorry for the late response.
Arrow keys are available by using "Qt.Key_*" with the respective key name (e.g. "reviewer set flag 1": "Qt.Key_Right").
on 1571295744
Very helpful. I'd like to have a,s,d,f as another set of options for 1,2,3,4 in the reviewer, but it doesn't seem to work like j,k,l,; does. Why is this? Thank you for the add-on!
Comment from author
Sorry for the late response, but it might be related to deeply nested code in Anki that means that some keys (likely "a" or "s") keep their original functionality, even after being reassigned.
I am aware of a few cases where this happens but don't have a complete picture of it.
If you make an issue at https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues, we can continue the discussion from there and I will try to help figure it out.
on 1571147695
useful, works well
on 1571121921
Why is it not in base app ?
on 1569066548
Great! Thank you.
on 1567410379
it doesnt work anymore. i can't download (anki 2.0)
Comment from author
You might be thinking about the similarly named add-on "Custom Keyboard Shortcuts" for Anki 2.0, which is here:

This add-on has only ever been for Anki 2.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.
on 1566382570
good but lack of a "create deck" shortcut
on 1564758834
Good but how do you change the reviewer undo shortcut?!
Comment from author
Sorry if this response is late, but the undo shortcut in the reviewer is controlled by the shortcut "m_toolbox undo", which can be remapped by changing the string after the option, e.g. "m_toolbox undo":"Z"
on 1564313348
Thanks a lot. It works and exactly what I wanted. Thanks again.
on 1563209220
Nice ;)
But if you are looking for up and down function you should download this one:
Refocus Card when Reviewing (2.1) https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1642550423
on 1563038259

One question though: Can we remap to Numpad as well?
For example, I want to use NumpadEnter and NumpadAdd as shortcuts.

Thank you for this addon!
on 1561385219
So simple and effective you'd wonder why it's not a default feature.
on 1560539271
Must have!
on 1560108561
Can I kiss you? I've developed left extensor forearm soreness from studying with the left arm daily for extended periods of time. My arm is in a wrist brace and sling, iced for most of the day.

Now, I can study with my right arm and give my left arm a break. THANK YOU!!!

*it's confirmed to work with 2.1x
*to configure the review keys to work with both "1, 2, 3, 4" and "j, k, l, ;", go to the Config File under addons and insert this code under the "reviewer _duplicates" section:

{"reviewer choice 1":"j","reviewer choice 2":"k","reviewer choice 3":"l", "reviewer choice 4":";"}

You don't have to use "j, k, l, ;". GET CREATIVE! Swap those values with what works for you!
on 1559413181
Great Shortcut!
on 1559272588
Exactly what I needed! This should be a default feature.
on 1559052405
Very helpful; using this to map reviewer choices (1,2,3,4) to (j,k,l,;), which makes reviewing with just my right hand much easier. Thank you!!
on 1558721460
Edit - thanks that worked.
on 1558493975
Is it possible to answer with j,k,l,; in addition to already assigned 1,2,3,4 or is there any other add-on that can do that
Comment from author
It sounds like the feature you are looking for is in duplicated shortcuts, particularly setting "reviewer _duplicates" to
{"reviewer choice 1":"j","reviewer choice 2":"k","reviewer choice 3":"l", "reviewer choice 4":";"}.
on 1556123136
essential add-on. Many thanks @Liresol.

originally I reported a minor problem (that could be circumvented by reading the documentation) that only occurred because the underlying code in Anki changed (https://github.com/dae/anki/commit/098434ff389e5baacb06f0ab4bedc71acc4d6904 "we can use the old undo shortcut on 5.11"). The author fixed it very quickly.
Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for the heads up. Just pushed out an update to make the defaults accurate to 2.1.11 again.
on 1555968069
it's LIT
on 1554805490
I'm going crazy with the keyboard shortcuts issue. I want to disable *all* keyboard shortcuts. The problem is (and it is specific to windows only) is that there are keyboard shortcuts that are the same as special letters. I've tried again and again to disable this feature. I am a long, long time anki user who recently switched to a windows laptop from a mac desktop & chromebook laptop. I'm freaking out as this is my main study aid and I'm currently in the midst of studying for a b2 Polish exam. ANYONE: have you solved this issue? Have you been able to figure out how to *disable* all the keyboard shortcuts for good. I've tried manually doing only the needed ones: its not only cumbersome, they always just go back after I sync on another device. This is nutso!
Comment from author
I'm assuming that you've already tried setting all the shortcuts to <nop> to disable them, like so (https://pastebin.com/raw/rCpGcs9K). If so, this is definitely a bug in the addon, but it will be easier to fix if reported on the issue tracker (https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues), since it's much easier to discuss and diagnose problems there.
on 1553666515
Works on Anki 2.1. Just converted from Anki 2.0. Was able to bind "j", "k", "l" from the default 1,2,3. Was also able to bind "z" from ctrl+z. However, I can't use both my left hand to do 123 and my right hand to do jkl in one sitting like I did in Anki 2.0

Edit: the reviewer duplicate the author recommended works like a charm. Fantastic addon that makes me more accepting of Anki 2.1
Comment from author before post was edited
It sounds like you are looking for the duplicate shortcuts feature (mapping multiple keys to one action). In the reviewer, this can be done by adding things in the "reviewer _duplicates" object. For example, your problem might be solved by setting "reviewer _duplicates" to
{"reviewer choice 1":"1","reviewer choice 2":"2","reviewer choice 3":"3"}

If this isn't it, please open up an issue at https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues and I will try to add in what you are looking for.
on 1553526635
Doesn't work. "Ctrl+Z" and "z" doesn't work when mapped to "undo." I only downloaded this addon for the undo button
Comment from author
Hello, this problem could just be something with the configuration. If you could provide your addon configuration, Anki version, and OS, I might be able to help you fix this issue. If the problem persists beyond configuration, it might be better to open an issue on the Github page (https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues) so that we can more easily discuss what is going on.
on 1552261601
Works as described! One note: the key bindings all seem Windows-specific, which is a little confusing coming from macOS (i.e., does ctrl+1 mean macOS-ctrl, or Windows-ctrl and therefore Cmd?)
Comment from author
The ambiguity of ctrl is sort of an artifact of PyQt, since the one name "Ctrl" has to deal with the modifier keys of multiple OSes.
On macOS I believe the Apple Key (⌘, cmd) is used for as the "ctrl" key. It is a little weird, but hopefully that clears things up.
on 1549572685
Great add-on!
Just one note, is there a way to change the shortcut to add cards from Ctrl+enter to something else?
Would be great if you could add cards using only the left hand since the enter keys are always on the right side of the keyboard!
on 1549563537
Very nice, however it would be nice if the preview would change with the shortcut modification.
I found this GitHub page that describe my problem https://github.com/Liresol/anki-custom-shortcuts/issues/16
on 1547838475
Great! Somehow the shortcut for Undo has been set to Ctrl+Alt+Z in the Ubuntu version and I could change it back to Ctrl+Z with this Addon. Thank you!
on 1547544185
Good! Thank you
on 1543513255
Great add-on! However, anki shows an error when I try to open up the browser with the add-on activated, any idea why?
on 1543305040
ctrl-z returns
on 1542328507
Loved this, switched back to 2.0 because of other addons doesn't support it (yet) too bad this one doesn't work for 2.0
on 1539897000
Works on Anki 2.1.5. Must reload Anki after making changes in order for effect to take place. Changed 'undo' to z key, life much easier! TY
on 1539397933
Does not work with 2.1
on 1537552568
on 1536876629
I don't know why this add-on doesn't work...

Anki 2.1.4 version..
on 1536257139
One of "must have" add-ons for me. Thank you for F2 edit shortcut.