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Edexcel A-level Chemistry New Specification

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Contains All the content and is linked with the specification closely, I have just completed A-levels and wanted to share my resources. If you like the flashcards feel free to donate so that I can keep updating the flashcards making them relevant to you. https://paypal.me/patwantsandhu?locale.x=en_GB

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Front Paper chromatography method
Back 1. Draw a pencil line near the botton of a piece of chromatography paper and put a concentrated spot of the mixture you want to investigate on it.2. Place the paper into a beaker containing a small amount of solvent, so that the solvent level is below the spot of mixture. 3.Place a watch glass on top of the beaker to stop any solvent evaporating out.4.When the solvent's nearly reached the top, take the paper out and mark where the solvent has reached with a pencil.5.Identify the positions of the spots of different chemicals on the paper. If the spots are not visible make them coloured
Front Sources of error in a titration
Back Starch indicator for sodium thiosulfate reaction needs to be added at the right pointStarch solution needs to be freshly made Iodine produced in the reaction can evaporate from the solution giving a false titration reading.
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Front What is units for Rate
Back mol dm⁻³ s⁻¹
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