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This flashcard deck made by jwasham contains knowledge about google interview. For more details, please follow https://github.com/jwasham/google-interview-university

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正面 What is Fib(2) ?
背面 1
正面 What is the base case of a recursion?
背面 The code required to give the solution to the smallest subproblem.
正面 What is Thrift?
背面 Apache Thrift is a framework for scalable cross-language services development. It combines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently and seamlessly between different languages. It handles serialization and has its own communication protocol. IDL-based.

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Fib(2) is 2, not 1
on 1645612302
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on 1637778505
The deck itself is fantastic, but there are 2 things that annoy me and probably take me a few weeks to get right:
1.) tags are missing - this is a problem for everybody to learn custom decks
2.) some cards are like cloze cards, but the basic card type there is just ____ in the front and then the word in the back... this is really hard to read I will change them to the cloze card type
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on 1629472325
I love it so much. Thank you!
on 1625225684
Really helped me in understanding and retaining daunting concepts in CS.
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on 1623070085
It was mentioned in a previous review, but the formatting issues with white space can be fixed by doing the following: open deck, edit card, click cards, select the "styling" radio button, add the member "white-space: pre;" to the card class
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help me a lot
on 1619735718
Excellent Resource.
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Good stuff
on 1609873576
For indentation, adding 'white-space: pre;' to the card type styling seems to do the trick.
on 1606080796
deck full of knowledge. appreciate the time thats been put into this!
on 1603650284
Such a useful tool!
on 1602047416
it's helpful
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good read
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Thanks for sharing! It's very informative
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Nothing to comment, it's really good.
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Awesome :)
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For indentation, adding 'white-space: pre;' to the card type styling seems to do the trick.
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good share
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Thanks for sharing.
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Very informative
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Very nice
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I love these cards and dont really mean to give a thumbs down (just to get your attention).

The cards don't have new lines in the code and it makes it very hard to read them. Any ideas on how a new line can be added.
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Good man for sharing, thanks a bunch!
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Great job
on 1529240532
on 1525996800
Only drawback is that code is not indented (needs to be made an image, or maybe HTML and <pre>?)
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Nice way to review
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