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Hangul (Korean Alphabet)

0.59MB. 40 audio & 0 images. Updated 2013-02-23.


This is a set of 40 voiced notes designed to help you learn Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Each card has the name of the letter in hangul, romaja, and the IPA pronunciation of the letter. The characters inside the brackets are IPA pronunciations. * indicates with fortis, which the IPA has no notation for. Tags: Alphabet, Consonant, Diphthong, Fortis, Iotized, and Vowel Deck created by: Steairn Blod Voicing done by: Suzy Washam Courtesy of zKorean.com

Sample (from 40 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Back (워) wo/wŏ
Phonetics [wʌ]
Tags Alphabet Diphthong Vowel
Back (오) o
Phonetics [o]
Tags Alphabet Vowel
Back 미음 (mieum) m
Phonetics [m]
Tags Alphabet Consonant

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Very useful!
Comment from author
Hey y'all, thank you and everyone who has used and reviewed this deck - almost ten years on and I'm still periodically checking in to make sure the attribution link is still okay (and the same people!), and that there generally haven't been any real issues with it. I never thought that so many people would be assisted by this thing that I had made primarily for myself. Appreciate you and hope your language studies (continue to) go well!
on 1633533337
I have learn
on 1630850096
This is what I was looking for
on 1629613878
very useful to learn the difference of pronunciation coz I'm struggling with Compound vowels!
on 1623045932
good deck, works on chromebook
on 1620493774
on 1613910495
Everythings good but the pronunciation sometimes not too accurate.
on 1611048544
on 1609546619
on 1608823465
it's quite nice
on 1607569704
on 1599903091
on 1599281327
This is a pretty decent deck but not perfect. I think the audio is GREAT but I did not like that they added the name of the character + how it sounds all in one: confusing! I believe they use the official South Korean order for Hangul—read about it on the Hangul page in Wikipedia—which adds a few extra points to the decks rating!
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on 1582302344
Helpful, good start
on 1580321039
cus yes
on 1578713629
really helpful
on 1577039407
Perfeito! O que eu estava procurando :)
on 1576557104
great deck!!
on 1575653658
Queria fisse em português
on 1568797109
Easy and understandable
on 1563240648
very good
on 1547217795
It's great. But how can i hear the sound in this deck?
on 1538266076
Very good deck for what it is meant for. Font didn't work out of box on Windows, but worked well on my android device.
on 1533197292
I don't have the font by default, and nowhere does it mention which font to download. Will it work with any Korean font installed?
on 1531751307
Love it
on 1530986057
The guy said the images were not appearing because he doesn't have the symbols appear, only squares, because of the font, he's just not technical with the jargon.
on 1530214665
To the guy who said "The image files are not appearing for me."

This deck has no images.

I will never, ever understand the thought proccess of some people who write negative reviews. Like, what the hell is wrong with people.
on 1527292800
There are many vowels and consonants in Korean that just don't exist in English, so it is essential to have the sound files. Very nice deck!
on 1524787200
The image files are not appearing for me. I redownloaded, tried the upgraded versions of Anki, and ran Tools>Check Database and Tools>Check Media. Can anyone help?
on 1523145600
Very helpful to have audio. Nice work!
on 1521244800
Very good
on 1519948800
on 1515456000
very compact and outstanding-
on 1514851200
Solid, comprehensive deck. Very helpful!
on 1477267200
Very useful for me

It is a minimal and yet very helpful deck. Thank you.
on 1474502400
Thanks so much!

This deck is just what I needed!
on 1470182400
Why romaja? It makes it confusing. IMO.
on 1425772800
Great deck to have

Thanks very much for making this deck. I like that it has audio and IPA.
on 1390694400
Thank you

I just have started learning Korean, this deck is very useful, thank you.
I think there is a mistake though, in card for ㅍ transcription says [tʰ], but it should be [pʰ], right?
Btw, pronunciation in Korean kills me, I can't spot the difference between many vowels.
on 1367971200

Perfect for memorizing the basics of how to read Korean.
If you just want to read, not write, you can delete "Card 2" from the model.
on 1361318400

Has exactly what I was looking for. The audio is essential!