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Ultimate Geography v. 1.0

13.35MB. 3 audio & 568 images. Updated 2015-03-13.
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I've taken the previous Ultimate Geography deck (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3965728956) and updated and improved it. Some information was missing, such as some capitals. I've also configured the cards based on fields using Anki 2's system, so you should see fewer sibling cards. Includes: 1071 cards All countries of the world with maps, flags, and capitals, as well as some unrecognized states. Countries and capitals are both forward and backward. All oceans and seas Cards include Map>Country, Flag>Country, Capital>Country, and Country>Capital, depending on which fields are filled in for each card. Tags: -Africa Maps -Africa Capitals -Africa Flags -Asia Maps -Asia Capitals -Asia Flags -Caribbean Islands Maps -Caribbean Islands Capitals -Caribbean Islands Flags -Central America Maps -Central America Capitals -Central America Flags -Europe Maps -Europe Capitals -Europe Flags -North America Maps -North America Capitals -North America Flags -Oceania Maps -Oceania Capitals -Oceania Flags -South America Maps -South America Capitals -South America Flags -Oceans+Seas UPDATE 13 March 2015: I've fixed the tags as mentioned in the comments below. Should be working fine now. Please comment with suggestions for improvements or corrections.

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Name Ireland
Capital Dublin
Tags Europe_Capitals Europe_Flags Europe_Maps
Name Solomon Islands
Capital Honiara
Tags Oceania_Capitals Oceania_Flags Oceania_Maps
Name Paraguay
Capital Asunción
Tags South_America_Capitals South_America_Flags South_America_Maps

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Very Good
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on 1477872000
The flags...

Those flags really need to go, can't bear to use this deck with them. Why not just use the stock versions from Wikipedia? Very confusing.

Also, currency would be nice touch, but this isn't reflected in my rating.
on 1470700800
The most comprehensive out there

I give this five stars because at this moment this is probably the most comprehensive shared geography deck out there and I'm thankful for that. You get the English names of countries, regions (even tiny obscure ones), bodies of water, islands, flags and capitals. There's even an extra field "Similar to" which lists countries with similar flags, which is a nice touch. There are some (small) annoying things about it, though:

• Some country names were made bold, which had to be undone manually for consistency's sake.
• Some countries received an additional dubious "pronunciation help": Thank-YOO for letting me know it's "PAH-pwa NOO GIH-nee" (Papua New Guinea), for example ;-). I wouldn't have minded if it had its own field, but by putting it in the Name field, you just can't quickly get rid of it.
• The flags do look horrible, style-wise (instead of simple color blocks you get something that looks like a free download from "cool-skateboard-stickers (for kewl kidz) dot com", dark contrast and scratchy effect and all).
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Nice deck, but the flags suck.

All flags in this deck have a strange vignette lighting, and have been overlayed on some wall like background. The effects are so strong that the flags change beyond recognition for some flags. (Argentina, Myanmar)

The design has been altered for some (Bulgaria, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Turkmenistan)

The ratio is completely messed up for some (Dominica, El Salvador)

Morocco's flag has been made to look like a tribute to Satan
on 1451174400
on 1428451200