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Surgery Recall

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Front "Femoral Hernia"complications
Back 1/3 incarcerate(most likely to incarcerate)
Front "Hypernatremia"signs/symptoms
Back seizures, confusion, stupor, edema, tremors, respiratory paralysis
Tags Suspended
Front "Surgical Nutrition"what must bind B12 for absorption?
Back IF from gastric parietal cells

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on 1608129247
Can anyone provide an updated deck? Note types have changed and cannot import most cards :(
Otherwise, the cards that do import are great
on 1573684435
mimics the book well, great supplement!
on 1537491331
nice summary
on 1461542400
Pretty Good!

As you can see, this deck was created a long time ago. There are some typos, but in general the information is accurate, and there are a ton of cards (saves lots of time instead of making yourself).

I'm using it to prepare for surgical residency and to keep the important facts in my head for the wards/OR. If the cards are too long, have typos, aren't specific enough, etc, you can just edit them! When I'm done reviewing all of them, I'll just upload my changed deck so you all can have something more current.