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Japanese Prefectures

2.15MB. 0 audio & 47 images. Updated 2012-11-22.


This deck features all 47 prefectures of Japan. The front side of the flashcards show an image of Japan with a specific prefecture selected, the back side shows the name of the prefecture in kanji and hiragana.

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Name 静岡県・しずおかけん
Tags JPN_Prefectures
Name 北海道・ほっかいどう
Tags JPN_Prefectures
Name 山形県・やまがたけん
Tags JPN_Prefectures

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on 1673207749
Nice deck!
on 1658569926
ありかど こさいましだ!
on 1651910706
Great deck, really enjoyed using this. Thanks for sharing!
on 1649845054
Thank you
on 1646865699
on 1632551213
on 1615436116
on 1587896208
Good maps!
on 1572701390
Clean and useful. Thanks!!
It would indeed be great if someone made a similar with the historical regions (Hokuriku, Kinki and the others).
on 1572689211
Well made deck, thanks.

Can someone please make a deck of the historical provinces?
on 1541570248
Does exactly what it says it does
on 1519862400
Really well done - simple and useful.
on 1491350400
on 1481673600
on 1472515200
on 1455494400
Obvious minor improvement

It would be better to split the kanji and kana into separate fields. This lets the user further customize the display, or even create cards you might not have expected, like using these cards for reading practice (kanji on the front).

Also, this should be obvious, but don't use these cards if you're on a mobile device with a small screen. They are too large for that to work smoothly.
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