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Czech Sentences

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This is a collection of Czech sentences, sorted from easiest (most simple) to hardest (most complex). This deck begins with very simple sentences, and slowly gets harder as you progress. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. -=-=-=-=-=- https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

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Sentence Měl bych jít. Měla bych jít.
Sentence (English) I should go.
Sentence (Search Field) Měl bych jít. / Měla bych jít.
Language Code cs
Language Czech
Sentence Jak ses sem dostala?
Sentence (English) How did you get here?
Sentence (Search Field) Jak ses sem dostala?
Language Code cs
Language Czech
Sentence Dobře, pane.
Sentence (English) All right, sir.
Sentence (Search Field) Dobře, pane.
Language Code cs
Language Czech

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on 1626991897
Duplicates spoil all. How can I know what version of "All right" in this card?
UPD 13.07.2021:
I see "Updated 2021-01-30" at the top of this page. So there were no updates of the deck after I downloaded it at the begining of July 2021.
UPD 23.07.2021
Ok, thank you for the answers. Good luck with improving your deck!
Comment from author before post was edited
Download the new updated version of this deck. It's got no duplicates in the "speak training" part.

In any case, you can always edit the card to give you a hint of what version of "All right" is in the back of the card.

edit: I realized that there are indeed duplicates. I will eventually fix this issue. I agree that it sucks to have duplicates, but while this is not fixed, you can edit the card to give you a hint of what sentence is in the back of the card. (Or simply delete repeated cards.)
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Nice, but too many duplicates (and I didn't find any new update version of this deck).
I've found a mistake just checking few sentences: "Podívej se na ní." > "Podívej se na ni" (4th declension, short i)
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It is always great to have example sentences to break down.
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Dekuji moc!
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nice one
on 1567155357
Just great!
on 1543160587
Great for getting used to the sounds of the language in a controled environment.
Thank you
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