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the Ultimate WaniKani deck(all 60 levels, updated mnemonics)

156.56MB. 12700 audio & 8 images. Updated 2019-12-02.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


top features: updated mnemonics from the website(all other wanikani decks are terribly outdated), a customized answer input pic1 pic2, two templates 1 2, ability to type either one or more reading/meaning pic1 pic2, ability to chose from 2 voice actors (Kyoko: female, Kenichi: male). and other features to learn more about the deck please click here if something did not work please let me know, by either commenting down below or dm me in discord or reddit we have a discord server now! if you want to report a bug or ask questions about this deck or just want to brag about your progress :) be sure to check us out Updates: 25/10/2019: (this is a big update) this version includes: 1- the fonts are included in the package now, including a fix for both the kanji and radicals (meaning you dont have to download any additional fonts!!) 2- the deck now works perfectly on Ankidroid, with fonts and everything (have not tested it on iphone, dont have it) if you downloaded before 25/10/2019 then i HIGHLY recommend upgrading . to upgrade you can either delete your current deck (with all your progress)then download this deck OR you can follow these steps to upgrade manually 30/10/2019: fixed more radicals (to be exact they are: scooter, cape, gladiator, spring, yurt, trash, elf, coral, satellite) this is a small update (meaning you can upgrade your current deck by downloading this and opening it with anki) if you want to upgrade to this manually then follow the steps in this thread 1/11/2019: fixed cards "due" column in the browser. this only change the way cards look in the browser. nothing else 16/11/2019: (big update) the deck now works on iPhone! huge thanks to "@Gang" from discord for helping with the templates you can upgrade by deleting your current deck (with all progress) then installing this deck 18/11/2019: fixed errors that may appear if you are using add-ons 30/11/2019: fixed the invisible text in night mode for Ankidroid 1/12/2019: changed some background colors, thanks to "ヒネ" from discord for helping

Sample (from 8881 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Vocab 妊婦
Vocab_Meaning Pregnant Woman
Reading にんぷ
Speech_Type Noun and の adjective
Context_jp 妊婦さんのためのカウンセラーという、臨時の仕事が見つかりました。
Context_en I got a temporary job as a counselor for pregnant women.
Meaning_Exp A pregnant wife is a pregnant woman.
Reading_Exp This is a jukugo word that uses the on'yomi readings of the kanji. You should be able to read this on your own.
Kanji 妊, 婦
Kanji_Name Pregnant, Wife
sort_id 5898
Tags level38 vocab
Kanji_Meaning Storage, Warehouse
Reading_Kun くら
Radicals 广, 車
Radicals_Icons -
Radicals_Names canopy, car
Meaning_Mnemonic A canopy is over your car because your car is in storage in a large warehouse.
Meaning_Info The canopy just protects your car from the elements as it sits in storage for long periods of time.
Reading_Mnemonic Your car is in this storage warehouse, just sitting there. A 子 (こ) notices this, and decides to take your car on a joyride. You won't notice, right? You never drive it.
Reading_Info Imagine a kid sneaking into your canopy to steal your car that's in storage. Maybe it's two 子s, one stacked on the other with a trench coat. One 子 works the pedals while the other 子 works the steering.
sort_id 4352
Tags level28 kanji
Kanji_Meaning Red Dye
Reading_On せん
Reading_Kun あかね
Radicals 艹, 西
Radicals_Icons -
Radicals_Names flowers, west
Meaning_Mnemonic Flowers that grow in the west are colored by the sun setting so they turn bright red. That's why red flowers that grow in the west are used to make red dye. They're the closest to the actual color of the red sun, so they're prized by painters and other artists for their perfect color for dye.
Meaning_Info Picture yourself sitting in the west as the red sun sets, smashing those pretty red flowers into a paste to make red dye. Your fingers get dyed red too and you crush the petals into a paste.
Reading_Mnemonic As you're smashing the flowers into red dye, a little girl comes up to you and points at the paste. She says, "赤ね (あかね)?" (That's red, right?) You look down at the red dye on your fingers and nod. She's right, it is red.
Reading_Info Hear the little girl say あかね while pointing to the red dye. She's right. And the way she says it is so darn cute.
sort_id 8063
Tags level54 kanji

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on 1685950488
Very good
on 1685921889
on 1684106017
Good resource
on 1682710905
Thanks for making this! I can't afford a subscription to WaniKani :')

Thanks for splitting these up so I can just use the radicals deck! Based on reviews of WaniKani it sounds like their kanji meanings can be overly simplified, so I didn't really want to waste my time on those decks. But I find their mnemonics for radicals really useful, so thanks again.
on 1681437013
on 1679661705
It's really good for training can recomend
on 1678484631
Updated version, please see https://discord.gg/gR7VuVbhXr for Wanikani Ultimate 3: Tokyo Drift
on 1677817490
on 1677076971
This is an amazing deck!! Thanks so much to the author for creating this!
on 1676991859
Good deck but it's outdated. Get the newest version Wanikani Ultimate 3: Tokyo Drift. It was removed from Ankiweb due to copyright infringement, so you'll need to google it.
on 1674439532
Thank you so much for your hard work!!!
on 1673886540
It's a really good deck, I have been going through it rather slowly, about 2 months and 10% done. I'm finding it a lot of help, but I do find it a bit overwhelming to think that there are like ~15,000 cards left and ~12,000 are Kanji and vocabulary starts after that. I am still able to read a lot because of knowing the readings and meanings(from anime and games mostly) helps a lot.

To be honest the biggest help has been learning the radicals, they make it so easy to find the meaning of Kanji I don't know through dictionary and remembering Kanji as well.
on 1673830155
Excellent deck.
on 1673026617
Check the discord server for updates in 2022
on 1672326920
This is ultimate!
on 1671390058
Can anybody share ultimate 3 link?
on 1670196855
on 1670112505
on 1669164331
Good deck
on 1667936001
awesome deck! i used this for a little bit before i upgraded to the newer deck here https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/283056936
on 1665111166
Decent deck, but you do realize recognition and reading mean the same thing right? Why would you only make recogniton and no production cards (english to japanese). That's where most of the memorisation comes from, from recall. Flip the reading cards and call them production/recall, then the deck is solid.
on 1664883324
all the waikani stuff for free. thanks!
on 1663805021
i have no money. thank you
on 1663357020
on 1663165529
on 1661361729
Thank you SO much! I was considering buying WaniKani which would be difficult for me financially (broke student lol), and you just saved me!! Not to mention that I can actually skip kanji that I already know!!! Best deck ever!
on 1660361014
Amazing! This helped a broke student like me a lot!
on 1655820337
Is there any way to reverse it so it'll be English -> Japanese?
Thank you
on 1653741393
Love it
on 1652450140
Good effort to make it useful!
on 1647248176
thank you so much
on 1643208445
Really helpful for beginner japanese learner
on 1642753303
on 1641430788
Well formatted and very informative. Helps beginners like myself
on 1641390986
Really nice, though quite some pictures are very American (I'm one of those stupid Europeans, right...). Anyhow, regarding the "ugly" part in the Kanji check. It's not ugly, but wrong. I'm no J-coder and don't know how to debug it, but right out of my head I changed it to this:

//this part of code below is ugly and could be improved

var means = correctAnswer.split(",");
var mean = typedAnswer.split(",");
var found = false;
for (var i = 0; i < means.length; i++) {
means[i] = means[i].trim().toUpperCase();
for (var i = 0; i < mean.length; i++) {
mean[i] = mean[i].trim().toUpperCase();
if (means.indexOf(mean[i]) !== -1) {
found = true;


which seemed to fix the right/wrong color for my answers.
on 1640612501
Isn’t this copyright infringement?
on 1640603908
Yooooo, can we all just take the time to appreciate what this individual has done for us for FREE!?

Thanks a lot dude, please rest assured that you singlehandedly have helped in the education of many Japanese learners.

on 1639459143
Amazing deck.
I'm using WaniKani and this deck together.
Learn through the deck first, then my answers on WaniKani are more accurate allowing me to move ahead more quickly.

Having finished the free wanikani lessons, i actually prefer this deck as a stand alone. You control the entire process.
If the mnemonics are not easily remembered i take another from https://kanji.koohii.com/
on 1638304500
on 1638019388
Quite an obnoxious deck. Formatting, including colors, is horrendous. I commend all the work to include all the information here, but the set-up is not the most efficient way to learn a large volume of information quickly (speaking from a medical student perspective).
on 1637410586
I can't overstate how good this deck is. This must have required an insane amount of work.
on 1636890002
This is amazing! Thank you so much for your time and effort :D
on 1635013015
Thank you for yourt time and effort!!
on 1633142683
Thank you so much
on 1632710590
on 1632052178
on 1631872750
thanks for the awesome deck!!
on 1629828889
Nice and well sorted. I hope all radicals' meanings are updated, but if they aren't I will just update them myself.
on 1629821805
Amazing resource. I've just finished my 3 free WaniKani levels.
on 1629749990
The person who made this is a saint.
on 1629730934
A lot of help! Totally recommend this deck for the people who are trying to learn kanji
on 1629722257
one of the best deck out here
on 1626019220
amazing set!!
on 1625881800
What works is super helpful but there are a few cards that have broken Kanji (the Gun radical being one example). So I'm rating good because it seems like 98% of them work just fine, but those ones that don't are a real problem.
on 1625733212
Thank you so much!
on 1625661873
Just perfect.
on 1625099047
It's the free version of WaniKani
on 1624688404
Is there a way to sort the cards by level on iOS?
on 1624527393
The best free alternative to WaniKani... a WaniKani Anki deck.
on 1623930023
This deck has really helped me study kanji, currently the only deck I am using. I would really recommend!
on 1623887297
Great job
on 1623407629
Amazing resource, especially since I've just finished my 3 free WaniKani levels.
on 1622651408
on 1622432327
a great step for understanding more kanji in the future
on 1622230285
IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! Dont forget to sort the deck by "due" (click due on the top of the chart that shows all the cards) in the browse section of anki or else you will accidentally do ALL of the radicals, then ALL of the kanji, and ALL of the vocab. The way you are supposed to do it is finish level 1 radicals then level 1 kanji and lastly level 1 vocabulary. after finishing level 1 start level 2 radicals and so on. I wish someone else mentioned this before I accidentally learned about 150 cards in the wrong order. Other than that.... this deck is amazing and is the fastest way I can learn kanji and vocab :)
on 1622190046
You really did a fantastic job!
on 1621448378
on 1620841669
on 1618808866
Pretty great! Is there anyway I can change the speaker's voice from Keinichi to Kyoko too?
on 1617928260
Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend this deck for learning kanji. I can now started to be a able to read kanjis without spending a dollar on books or wanikani subscription. This deck is invaluable
on 1617926267
Really, really helpful in studying Japanese!! Wanikani is brilliant.
on 1617649117
Very nice
on 1617490109
For some reason, no audio is playing. I have run a media and library check. It says that the audio files were not connected to the flashcards. Is this a Anki or a deck problem someone could help me with? I really would like to have audio on this very fine deck.
on 1615326582
on 1613834712
Good deck, I recommend updating to the Electric Boogaloo deck since It's updated.
on 1613834300
on 1612248158
Helped me learn kanji.
on 1608313405
The vocab cards look great and have a lot of information. I'm sure the kanji and radical cards are good, too, but I'm using Kanji Damage for that (colored stroke order, readings, various vocab words).
on 1607539311
Looks awesome but I'm not sure which file to get! do I click the download button or grab the latest version at the top?
on 1606669356
Really great! I had the Electric Boogaloo deck, but I just convinced myself to buy the £25 iPhone app and that deck doesn't work! Too much Java! So it's great that this can do the job with all the nice colours and layout haha.

Is it possible to add something that lets the input language swap from Eng to Kana automatically? (The Boogaloo deck can do this but not sure if that's part of the Java problem!)

Thanks again!
on 1603024018
To anyone reading, they upgraded the thing

Wanikani Ultimate 2: Electric Boogaloo
on 1602688376
The WaniKani substitute I was looking for! It's really good, go and check it out!
Thank you so much, Kanji became my favorite part of learning Japanese now ^^
on 1601903201
is good
on 1601787853
am poor, great substitute
on 1601770161
close to heisig's method
on 1601176821
It is a wonderful deck, but there are some issues:

the radicals, kanji, and vocab are all unarranged . . .It goes from level 7 kanji, to level 35, then level 1 . . .what I did is download the modified deck of the commentator in the date 4/4/20, it is unarranged too like the same deck as this but he change it slightly different.To organize it, I click the browse and head to "radicals" sub deck,I click the upper portion "Filter.." and in the tags option i click the "level 1 kanji" . . . same goes with "kanji" sub deck and "vocab" sub deck, I click the filter from the upper portion of the browse,click the tag "level 1 kanji" and reposition it. Or you can merge them into one deck. . The other issue is that there are some comments regarding to the mnemonic or the meaning that is wrong or inaccurate meanings of the kanji, he says he found about 250 of them, I don't know what it is but I search them in a trusted japanese dictionary like the jisho.org ...

anyway thanks to the creator of this deck,WE highly appreciate your hard work especially for me as a student because I don't have a source of income to pay for wanikani . . .again Thank you very much !!!
on 1601040651
The perfect deck for kanji
on 1600831941
on 1600583759
I think this is an updated version https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1609000301
on 1599928225
on 1599726537
Thank you so much for this!

Upd: Also thanks to the commentator that said about merging 3 subdecks in 1 deck, now everything is working as intended.
on 1599711064
Nice work!
on 1599706587
Brilliant, thank you for creating this.
on 1599394098
I have found 2 negative comments about ~ 300 wrong meaning kanji so I was frustrated about it. Has anyone tested it at 31/08/2020 ? Please let me know
on 1599217396
Excellent deck, but what order are new cards being added? I've only just started to use it, but so far it has gone straight from Level 1 Radicals to Level 2 Radicals, missing out the Level 1 Kanji and Vocabulary. Is anyone else having the same problem? It's going to be rather frustrating if it continues like this ie going through every radical, before it starts to add any Kanji.

Update 4 Sep 2020: I realised that the problem with the setup is that there are 3 subdecks for Radicals, Kanji and Vocabulary, so if for example you have changed your setup to only add 5 new cards per day, then they will only come from the list of Radicals. The solution is to remove the 3 subdecks by moving them into the one parent deck. Then new cards will be added in the order of all the level 1 Radicals, then all the level 1 Kanji, then all the level 1 Vocab. It then moves on to level 2 in the same way. I found it was easier to start again, by deleting my existing deck, reimporting the deck, then making all the required changes BEFORE starting to study the deck (ie combine the subdecks into 1, change the formatting as per instructions provided below by a reviewer on 3 April 2020, change the default voice if required from the male to the female as explained by the creator above, change the number of cards added each day as per your own preference)
on 1598556193
Very good deck! Though not exactly the same as it doesn't go through levels like the actual website but a good substitute.
on 1598522169
awesome, it's too expensive since it's billed in US dollars, this is a life saver thanks!
on 1598389226
I have been keeping an eye on wanikani for 5 months now as the perfect resource that I'd like to learn from, but I don't really have money... This is such a life saver, thank you very much... It has all that I need...
on 1597498799
Beautifully made deck, extremely kind and considerate from the creator, recommended would use again
on 1597428834
Thank you guys for work
on 1596801421
Very very thorough, thanks for the great work!
on 1596777974
Thank you so much for all the hard work. It's very helpful for me!
on 1596523269
Great deck!
on 1595889661
This is simply AMAZING! Thanks a lot for your hard work. It negates all the things that made wanikani unattractive.
on 1595831810
on 1595121991
Very good deck w/ vocabulary to learn the kanji easier
on 1594926429
Thanks a lot to the creator of this deck. it means so much
on 1594255526
Good deck but for the Kanjis, can you do only meanings cards only? It takes a long time to delete all the readings card manually but I want to know if there is a way for me to remove all readings card faster.
on 1594155829
Good deck
on 1593625605
Thank you so much for this! It's super helpful and makes memorising a lot easier! :)
on 1593326288
Wow! Thanks. This definitely took a lot of effort.
PS. if anyone feels a lag when using from ankidroid, remove the Japanese fonts from styling, and it will work smoothly.
on 1593165932
Thanks a lot man! This deck is really useful. Although many mnemonics feel like they were made for toddlers, maybe that's what we all need. You have done an awesome job
on 1592151414
Great deck!
on 1590107549
on 1588513906
Thanks for this awesome deck!
on 1588069064
Good deck!

Holy cow, some of those example sentences are seriously cringeworthy tho.
on 1587884611
Thanks for this. Even though most of the wanikani mnemonics are unbelievably bad, as if they were written by a child or something, this deck can be pretty useful.

On the other hand, wanikani subscription is basically a scam. They expect you to pay monthly, but then LIMIT how much you can progress each month... to keep you subscribed as long as possible. They won't let you skip kanji you already know either.

Imagine Netflix only allowing you watch two episodes per week, and not letting you to fast-forward or skip episodes that you've already seen.
on 1587418381
40 percent of the emnonics are completely wrong.
Good thing i noticed earlier or else i would make tragic mistakes when I comprehend them .
on 1586914480
It's a great deck and I am very glad that it was made, but I have a question. Is it possible, for the vocab, to be able to flip the cards for recall? Anki doesn't let me flip. I want to be able to recall for the vocabulary, so I get the meaning and have to enter the japanese. Is this possible to do?
on 1586907583
Does the job so far..
on 1586629905
Thank you.
on 1585969632
This is a very nice deck, thank you! I do have one issue, though. Maybe you can help?

I would have thought that simply clicking on "WaniKani Ultimate" and "Study Now" would be the correct way to use this deck. I expect it to go through each card in WaniKani order, but that's not the case. For whatever reason, Anki really wants to do all of the radicals first. It won't show me any kanji or vocab.
on 1585949908
Great deck, with 1 major issue:
long words in the vocabulary section would only show 2 characters then overflow to the next line, so I made a fix:

For both vocab cards, change to front template to have
<div class="kanji"><span>{{Vocab}}</span></div>
for the kanji section

Also add this script to the front of both cards
var textNodes = document.getElementsByClassName("kanji");
var width = textNodes[0].offsetWidth - 20; // minus 20 for some extra padding
var height = 150;

var widthTransform = width / textNodes[0].firstChild.offsetWidth;
var heightTransform = height / textNodes[0].firstChild.offsetHeight;
var value = widthTransform < heightTransform ? widthTransform : heightTransform;

for (var i = 0; i < textNodes.length; i++) {
textNodes[i].setAttribute("style", "font-size: " + value * 10 + "px");

And change the `.kanji` css to this
.kanji {
font-family: "Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro W3";
font-size: 10px;
color: white;
stroke-color: white;

Then the vocab text gets sized down appropriately (if needed)

Edit: Maybe I didn't type in the changes correctly into the commend, but it works for me on iOS and Desktop.
I've also made a few other changes since then: better formatted Meaning/Reading/Radicals, etc for Kanji and vocab. Highlighting the reading that is used by the reading mnemonic so I don't have to scroll down to see which one. Here's a link to my modified deck this time since I didn't get the changes correctly in there the first time 😬)
Image of what mine looks like: https://imgur.com/a/wx98uXm
my modified deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h96Yd9aIxHKPgaV8P8oVcadWn_xx_5U-/view?usp=sharing
Comment from author before post was edited
wow! great work man! it must have taken lots of time to write that. i will try to add this in the near future, i will need to test on different versions before adding it (iphone, android, etc ...)

nice job!

edit: i will try to implement this in the next update! soon! (probably this weekend)
edit2: i tried the script and it is not working ( i also tried changing numbers and other things, it i did not work) sorry :(
on 1585832629
Absolutely incredible! Thank you so much to the makers of this!
Money was always an issue when considering carrying on with wanikani and I don't have this issue anymore.
on 1584378829
The Deck is GREAT. Created perfectly, I am immensely greatful for the work the creator has put in...

...HOWEVER, I am marking down ONLY because the content (wani kani) has extremely basic, inaccurate or often downright wrong Kanji meanings - as creators of Wanikani decided to base kanji meanings using English translations of compounds...(???) Which MIGHT cause headaches down the road. Luckily I found out within only 250~ Kanji but editing many of them (in deck and in brain) was frustrating.

I do however still use this deck, but I NEVER trust the kanji meanings to be accurate so I use a addon for right-click web search straight to a trusted dictionary and amend that from the get-go, plus using my own mnemonics as I feel the writer(s) at WK are unprofessional at best and feels like they wrote the entire kanji mnemonics' the night before publishing while drunk.

I'm not completely comfortable with marking negative as, again, the deck itself I have no issue with and I appreciate that it was created as its helped immensely... I am just worried learners (like me) won't realise until its too late. Perhaps it would be easier to follow wanikani's methodology but I, myself prefer to have a solid and accurate foundation of Japanese even if I have to put a little more effort (fact checking, memorising multiple similar/different meanings of a single kanji) but such things are a breeze with basic memorisation methods!
on 1584353189
Hello, thanks a lot for the great deck. By the way, that guy who made the resizing code, (he posted a comment about it on january 2nd 2020 or something). You replied that you couldn't get it working, but it does work for me where I've tested it. You may just need to move the script down to the bottom of the html? What wasn't working for you? On certain devices or just not working in general? I see it working in ankidroid and osx anki client. Let me know and I can help you debug it.
on 1584288402
Dude you're a God. Best deck so far.
I was saving money to buy this but had to stop as I had to spend it for some urgent need. That meant I needed to start collecting money again for months. And I genuinely wanted to learn Kanji. But money was a big obstacle. Love you man for the the hardwork and generosity.
on 1584019827
Great quality on this one. Highly recommend.

Some minor issues:
- Some (very few) radicals are missing their symbols. They show as crossed squares. I think that happens to the ones that are not actually radicals and were invented by the platform. I just edited those notes adding and image version of the symbols.
- You might want to adjust slightly the CSS for the vocab cards as depending on screen size they'll overflow. Reducing by a few points the font size will do.

Cards are also tagged by level, which is really convenient, and all text is colour coded. Good work!

(Using on Android 10)
on 1583868201
on 1583372030
Perfect desk, thank you for your hard work.
on 1582216205
A great deck to beginners like me
on 1582198758
I can't believe I didn't review this deck yet. It's epic, also author is a super nice person- I asked if there is a way to bypass a requirement to type in answers and he was kind enough to send me a modified version that works like 2k/6k and others. Sank yu senpai!
on 1581595942
If I could only study one deck this would be it.
on 1581568184
large vocabulary, detailed explanation.
on 1581194550
Es uno de los recursos para aprender Kanji más completo que encontré en esta plataforma.
on 1580230126
Thank you!
on 1579973277
This deck is amazing!! Thank you so much!!
on 1579105182
Great deck!!!!!!!!!!!
on 1578514796
Perfect, thank you
on 1578435212
This is so amazing... you are a legend.
Comment from author
thanks everyone for rating this deck :D
on 1578405038
Thank you for your work on this.
on 1578366409
on 1578166456
Awesome deck. Thanks.
on 1577365448
Very nice deck. Thank you for the effort to make this possible for us :)
Comment from author
no problem! cheers :)
on 1577180545
Wanikani cost too much for me to afford, thank u so much for this :D
Comment from author
no problem. tbh this was the main reason i made this deck, for people who cant afford it, like you and me :)
on 1577022123
Very good, usefull and free! You are a legend man.
on 1576874384
It lacks information on the most important readings, which you can find on older (albeit outdated) decks. It's otherwise perfect.
on 1576597587
Best free alternative for Wanikani!
on 1575820534
This is by far the best deck I've found here.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Also, I don't know if it's just me but every time I do media check it says there are four audio files missing.
Comment from author
no problem. about the audio, yes there is 4 files missing (only 4 out of 12700 audio files) i will try to fix it in the future. cheers!
on 1575363457
Great quality cards!
on 1574074739
Looks good, but whenever I try to preview the card I get this message:

"Invalid HTML on card: TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of null"

Anyone know of a fix? Cheers

Update: Talked to the creator on discord and he made a new version of the deck for me to fix the problem, super nice guy. Great deck too.
Comment from author before post was edited
hi, i haven't seen that error before, can you please contact me on discord?

i need to know what version of anki are you using? what is your operating system? and are you using any anki add-ons?

edit: i might have an idea of what caused that error, i will try to update the deck soon, please be patient

edit2: for anyone receiving similar error: it is caused by a plugin interference, disable the plugins one by one to know which one is causing it

edit3:i have updated the deck now, if anyone got a similar error and you downloaded before18/11/2019 you should upgrade the deck (by deleting the deck then reinstalling this one) cheers
on 1573515626
This is as comprehensive as it gets. Everything is there and updated. This is incredible. Thanks so much!
Comment from author
thanks for your kind words, these kinds of comments means a lot to me, thank you <3
on 1572983019
Thank you very much for your effort
The only thing is that when I type in the pronunciation it is not converted into Hiragana.
Do you have any idea why this is?
I would appreciate your help
Thank you
Comment from author
you have to change your keyboard language to japanese, it is really easy to do here is an article explaining how:

(the article covers all operating systems)

after setting it up, you can switch between japanese and english by clicking "alt+shift" on your keyboard (if you are on pc)
on 1572717985
Fantastic, thank you!

I also really appreciate the step-by-step guide about manually updating the deck, it's very helpful.
Comment from author
i am really glad you liked them!
on 1572539679
Awesome works. Thank you very much :) Btw, your invite discord link have been expired, pls update it :)
Comment from author
thanks for telling me! i have never used discord before, lol
on 1572458976
Good work
on 1572198171
Thank you for all the work you've done!
Comment from author
no problem, thank you for your kind words
on 1572025042
Thank you!
Comment from author
no problem, btw i suggest you re-download the deck tomorrow because i am doing a big update soon
on 1571884162
Thank you for this. I got it working on windows 10 with installing the ttf file that was written above. But I have the same issue with certain radicals like gun, leaf, horns on the android app. Is there any way I can get it working on there too?
Comment from author
edit: sorry, i miss-read your comment, i thought you said "radicals do not show on windows 10"
this week i will try to work on a fix to make it work on android, please be patient

edit2: i have updated the deck now, you dont have to download any fonts now!! all fonts are included in the package. and it will work perfectly on both pc and the android app.
if you downloaded before 25/10/2019 and want to upgrade you can either delete your current deck (with all your progress)then download this deck OR you can follow these steps to upgrade manually: www.reddit.com/user/adeckforanki/comments/dqlccd
on 1571796724
Very good!
on 1571674124
Thank you so much, awesome work!
on 1571406251
Very Useful
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thanks for thumbs up, if you or anyone need help with anything at all, be sure to tell me
on 1571406194
on 1571075958
Some images seem broken


Using Windows 10 and the windows instructions did not seem to work.
However, directly installing the mentioned font did fix the issue (right click .ttf -> 'Install')
Comment from author
edit: previously i wrote some steps here to download some fonts, for newer versions it is not required to download any fonts, it is all included in the pakage

i have deleted the steps i written previously to not confuse people.