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Progress Graphs and Stats for Learned and Matured Cards

0.01MB. Updated 2020-03-29.
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Important: For Anki versions 2.1.28 and higher you need to shift+click on the stats link to view the old stats page with these graphs. Anki includes a Review Count graph that plots the total reviews for learning, relearning, young, and mature cards. This graph is great if you want to know how many reviews occurred in each category, but it can be difficult to understand progress using it. Since one of the goals is to learn cards and have them eventually mature, this plugin tracks statistics for that specifically. The plugin adds the graphs below to Anki under the pie chart in the statistics section. After installing the plugin, be sure to restart the app for the changes to take effect. If you experience any other issues, try updating Anki and/or reinstalling the plugin in case fixes have been made. Report issues to the GitHub page. I'll usually respond within 24 hours. If you previously installed the plugin and are seeing any errors, check the Version History below for updates. Follow the GitHub project if you'd like to be notified about updates and/or issues. Learned Cards This is the number of cards that were learned. A card is considered "learned" if it leaves the learning phase. This ignores cards that were relearned. This also plots the cumulative total. When this is plotted over the deck lifetime, the final cumulative total roughly equals the number of young cards plus the number of matured cards plus the number of young and mature cards that are suspended. This graph should help you track whether you are meeting your goals for number of cards learned per day. For example, if you have a goal of 20 new cards learned per day and each day 20 cards pass through the learning phase, then you should see a value of 20 for each day and an average of 20 cards learned per day. If you start learning a card but it doesn't exit the learning phase until the next day, then the next day will include this card in its count. Note that this is different from how the default Anki graphs count learned cards. Anki's default graphs track the number of reviews in the learning phase, not the number of distinct cards learned. Net Matured Cards This is the net change in the number of matured cards, equal to the number of matured cards minus the number of cards that were mature but were forgotten. A card is considered "matured" when its interval increases to 21 days or above and forgotten when its interval drop below 21 days. This also plots the cumulative total. When this is plotted over the deck lifetime, the final cumulative total roughly equals the number of matured cards plus the number of matured cards that are suspended. Matured Cards This is the number of matured cards, as explained above. This is included to help understand the values in the Net Matured Cards graph. Matured Cards Lost This is the number of matured cards lost, as explained above. This is included to help understand the values in the Net Matured Cards graph. Version History Issues to address in next version None reported.


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on 1674649054
on 1672737769
Working great for me in 2.1.15. Really useful to be able to see how many cards you are learning vs how many you are adding.
on 1667570468
not working
on 1653111357
therw're no use for Anki versions 2.1.50 or higher
on 1635676023
on 1632953618
Super helpful!
on 1630076071
on 1625764229
Cool! 😋

I like stats. This addon shows more stats. I updoot!
on 1616703489
Works perfectly on 2.1.35. Its so much better than the new stats page.
on 1614470694
on 1613851482
on 1613772471
this is really nice to have, its exactly what i searched for, thank you for making this :)
on 1611941675
I love the analytics!
on 1611840727
very nice!! thanks!
on 1610708521
Useful virtuals
on 1607859252
Really cool
on 1607306102
on 1602834104
I like this stats, they give me really useful information about my progress.
on 1601172262
Nice Blyat~
on 1600285261
Its not working with the anki version 2.133 is it due to some other addon or may be I am missing something.
Comment from author
Can you try shift+click on the stats button? This should show the old stats page, where these should be visible. I just recently tested this on 2.1.33 and it worked for me. I need to update the plugin to show up in the new stats page.
on 1599914536
on 1598982619
Exactly the stats I needed!
on 1594119193
Add-on was not working with the "Separate Learn and Relearn Buttons" (#403491806) add-on. Also, the "New" cards graph doesn't seem to be tracking cards that were manually "rescheduled". I had to reschedule a few thousand cards and effectively reset them because it had been so long since I did them. Unfortunately, this add-on doesn't count those cards even though when you "reschedule" a card in Anki it considers it "New" again with no prior scheduling information. This seems to be an issue with Anki more than anything. After "rescheduling" a card in Anki, if you click "info" there is still prior information about it's previous history.
on 1593486249
Very useful info and works smoothly with my many add-ons installed, motivates you to add more!
on 1592110573
? Not working for me! Is there any known addon incompatibility ?
Comment from author
None specifically that I’m aware of. Can you share what version of Anki you’re using and what addons you have installed? I can check for incompatibilities. Please open a Github issue if it is convenient or update your comment here.
on 1589856926
I like this a lot, but it seems it is incomparable with Pretzel Logic: Retention Benchmarking (1168065472) and the graphs don't show up when this is present.
on 1589067240
This add-on helps me learn about the flux between gains and losses in my mature cards, and also motivates me by showing how many cards I learned.
on 1585974570
Very helpful
on 1584890340
Very useful
on 1582734141
Very helpful
on 1578595765
This adds very useful information
on 1576604613
Great add-on, though there seems some race condition causing ~¾ attempts to open the Stats screen to only result in an empty window opening with its QtWebEngineProcess at permanent 100% CPU. No such issue with only vanilla stats / addon disabled.
Comment from author
Thanks for reporting this. I filed an issue on github to investigate: https://github.com/matthayes/anki_progress_stats/issues/24

Would it be possible for you to export and upload your deck/collection experiencing the issue to the link shared there? This would help me track down the problem.
on 1575443702
Add-on works perfectly, and the developer is extremely helpful/responsive on GitHub.
on 1572439303
Good |!
on 1572300679
Thank you for your hardwork which helps me be better student
on 1571863148
Must have!
on 1571475282
Good! Could you also add a graph for percentage of matured cards over time?
on 1567780338
Very useful, thanks!
on 1566703048
piece of shit!
Comment from author
Are you able to provide more constructive feedback than that? Also the best way to post about issues is to file an issue on github: https://github.com/matthayes/anki_progress_stats/issues
on 1562194103
Useful new stats!
on 1561869877
on 1560868659
Great and very easy to interpret charts for tracking progress.
on 1558965721
thanks man.
on 1558776698
Thank you for this addon.
on 1558397479
Thank you
on 1552846120
on 1550318004
Very useful
on 1549342815
Handy tool! I also second the notion of a "forecast" feature that tells you "If you keep learning x cards per day, you will have learned y cards by [date]".
on 1547107244
I like this! One possible feature request would be to provide forecasts as well, especially for net matured cards. "If you keep going, this is how many words you'll know after xxx time".
on 1546320438
Gives me the stat I have been looking for: how many new cards were learned. The built in stats show me the number of card views, not the number of cards.
on 1543096022
on 1541782646
Amazing stats, exactly what I've been looking for. I always wanted to know how many cards from the Zanki deck had I eaten up per day, as opposed to how many times I reviewed a learning card, which can be more than once per card. Thank you!
on 1540463165
on 1539421266
Beautiful! Just what I was looking for.
on 1535713256
I have been trying to figure out how to get this information from the existing built in reports. This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
on 1535622803
That's just great!
I would love to see even more stats like that (maybe some predictions?).
on 1525651200
Really in-depth and useful!
on 1521763200
great to have these additional metrics at hand, thanks!
on 1520035200
Wonderful overview of your progress. It took me a bit to find the graphs - you have to click the button in the upper-right corner that is next to the synchronize button.
on 1518566400
Great add-on! It's helpful to see track how I'm progressing in regard to learned cards and matured cards each day. Thank you!
on 1504310400
on 1503187200
on 1493337600
on 1491523200
Great piece of work!

I wished I could know more about the card I've matured, this add-on meets my need perfectly.
on 1484697600
on 1472256000
on 1468627200
Slow down (fixed)

Thanks for taking the time to fix the slow down issue!
on 1467763200
on 1466726400
on 1464566400
Good for motivation.

This made it immediately obvious that I'm not learning as much new material as I thought I was in my "main" deck but also reassured me that I'm remembering more than I'm forgetting. Definitely one I'll be keeping.