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101 American English Customs

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Source: 101 American Customs by Harry Collis (Amazon) What is sold at garage sales? Why does no one get wet at a bridal shower? For non-native speakers, here's a humorous approach to understanding common American customs and the expressions related to them. Customs are explained, one to a page, with conversational examples and whimsical cartoons. Topics range from age-old traditions, such as shaking hands and bachelor parties, to more modern American practices--coupon clipping, TV dinners, and tailgate parties. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The text was found on the Internet and there are no pictures. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id 101_AEC_054
Section Section Five: All in the Family
Custom Fall shopping Sprees
Explanation When students return back to school after the summer vacation, the back-to-school wardrobe is an established event for starting off the fall semester. Preparations for returning to school include not only the purchase of fall fashions at reduced prices, but the stocking up on lunch boxes, book bags, pencils, pens, and notebooks as well.
Example Rosanne and her sister, Jill, could scarcely restrain (hardly hold back) their excitement when their mom informed them she would be taking them shopping for their fall school wardrobe (clothes). They already had combed through (visited all of) the department stores and knew exactly what they wanted and where to get it. The only drawback had been the money. Now, thanks to their generous mom, that little problem would be taken care of.
Id 101_AEC_012
Section Section One: Those Special Occasions
Custom Caps and Gowns at Graduation
Explanation In medieval Europe the caps and gowns worn by the academic community were in black. The color black, the preference of ecclesiastical leaders, was a symbol of authority. This austerity has been retained by modern high schools and universities in the caps and gowns worn at graduation ceremonies. The tassel that graduates transfer from one side of the cap to the other as a sign of their elevation is an outgrowth of the medieval biretta, a tufted square cap appropriated b y undergraduates and schoolboys.
Example A: Hi, Jane. Graduation is next week. Have you rented your cap and gown yet?B: You bet! My mom and dad have been taking pictures of me wearing them all week.A: What do you do to keep your cap on? Mine falls off every time I look up.B: No problem. Use bobby pins (small metal hair clip) and always look down. You never know what you’ll find.A: Come on, be serious!
Id 101_AEC_009
Section Section One: Those Special Occasions
Custom Bar Mitzvah
Explanation The bar mitzvah (a Hebrew term referring to the ceremony of marking one as a son of the commandment) occurs on the day after a Jewish boy’s thirteenth birthday. According to Jewish law, thirteen is considered the age of responsibility for boys. At the bar mitzvah the boy is required to give the congregation a public address to emphasize his coming of age. The opening line for such a speech is: “Today I am a man.” A similar ceremony, the bat mitzvah, marks the passage of a girl to womanhood.
Example The day of Josh’s bar mitzvah was indeed a joyous occasion. After having spent many hours studying the Torah and preparing his public address for the congregation, Josh felt that he was indeed ready to declare that he was a man. Now, as a young man ready to assume responsibilities, he was assigned the task of warmly greeting the guests, who had been invited to the reception (a social function to provide greeting) that his parents had planned for this special day.

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