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Linux Essentials

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A study guide for Linux basics that covers the basics for the basics, pretty basic

Sample (from 340 notes)

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Front What the standard BASH file descriptors?
Back stdin - This means we have standard input 0stdout - This means we have standard output1stderr - This stands for standard error 2
Tags linux
Front The .odt file format would be read with what program?
Back LibreOffice, OpenOffce, any word processor
Tags linux
Front What does GNU stand for?
Back Gnu is Not Unix
Tags linux

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on 1631411263
Thanks for sharing! :)
on 1570971752
Thanks. Saved me a lot of notetaking.
on 1535030222
There are some answers that too long
on 1532787525
Great review. There are a number of flash cards that should probably be broken into multiple smaller flash cards for better recall of information.
on 1491091200
on 1483920000
Best for Linux academy users

Cards are greater, and they cover a lot of fields, I can't say I liked every single card and I think it could be much better if there were cloze cards, but still it is awesome.
on 1472774400
Just what I was looking for

This is an overview of many Linux topics. Some of the other decks are good for getting a credential, this is much broader in scope but not as deep in any single area. Great for any hobbyist, beginner to intermediate. Thanks, uploader!