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Perodic table with atomic data

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Yet another periodic table deck. This one goes up to Livermorium and Ununoctium. The deck contains a number of atomic data. The display is similar to entries in classical periodic tables. The question is marked in green and the value asked for in red. Key: left column: Atomic number Symbol Name Atomic mass Electron configuration right column: Density Boiling point Melting point Radius Electronegativity Ionization energy There are also cards asking for the top, left, right and bottom neighbor. The deck also contains the specific heat capacity. The data is from Wikipedia. License: Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

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Z 30
Symbol Zn
Name Zinc
Name variant
Group 12
Period 4
Atomic mass Scalar 65.38
Density Scalar 7134
Melting point Scalar 692.88
Boiling point Scalar 1180
Specific heat capacity Scalar 0.388
Electronegativity Scalar 1.65
Abundance 70
Ionisation energy Scalar 9.3942
Atomic radius Scalar 135
Electron configuration [Ar] 3d10 4s2
Top neighbor
Left neighbor Cu
Right Neighbor Ga
Bottom neighbor Cd
German name Zink
German name variant
Z 70
Symbol Yb
Name Ytterbium
Name variant
Period 6
Atomic mass Scalar 173.054
Density Scalar 6965
Melting point Scalar 1097.15
Boiling point Scalar 1469
Specific heat capacity Scalar 0.155
Electronegativity Scalar no data
Abundance 3.2
Ionisation energy Scalar 6.25416
Atomic radius Scalar 175
Electron configuration [Xe] 4f14 6s2
Top neighbor
Left neighbor Tm
Right Neighbor Lu
Bottom neighbor No
German name Ytterbium
German name variant
Z 15
Symbol P
Name Phosphorus
Name variant
Group 15
Period 3
Atomic mass Scalar 30.973762
Density Scalar 1820
Melting point Scalar 317.25
Boiling point Scalar 553
Specific heat capacity Scalar 0.769
Electronegativity Scalar 2.19
Abundance 1050
Ionisation energy Scalar 10.48669
Atomic radius Scalar 100
Electron configuration [Ne] 3s2 3p3
Top neighbor N
Left neighbor Si
Right Neighbor S
Bottom neighbor As
German name Phosphor
German name variant

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Comprehensive! Thank you
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Festooned with lovely information

I haven't tried every periodic table deck, but a cursory look at the number and completion of fields on a typical note of the other decks confirms that this deck is the best, hands down. If you really want to learn the periodic table, this deck is marvelous. The cards are also well formatted for the subject matter (frontside and backside look like a square on the periodic table with each piece of data in its usual spot). I would like to point out, however, that the quantity of information is overwhelming. Once you download it, you'll probably want to alter the review settings to something more realistic, like 20 new cards/50 reviews a day. You'll probably also want to split the deck into multiple subdecks so that you don't end up seeing electron configuration cards when you only wish to know the symbols. If you know how and are willing to make this modification, the deck suits a user at any learning level. Perhaps a later version of the deck can correct this.