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MIA Japanese

36.70MB. Updated 2020-03-05. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This item is large, and may take some time to download.


Version Info - Please Read! The Anki 2.1.14 - 2.1.16 version of the add-on has been left here so that people on older versions of Anki may continue to use it. However we do not offer support for that version of the add-on and it does not offer all of the features, improvements, and fixes in the Anki 2.1.20+ version. ###Linux Users### Unfortunately Linux is not officially supported and the add-on may not work properly under all environments. Community fixes may be available however, so please reference the GitHub repository below. About the Add-on The MIA Japanese add-on provides a variety of features for improving the ease and efficiency of Japanese study, some of the most notable being automatic generation of native audio, kanji readings, and pitch accent information, as well as automatic pitch accent coloring. It's extremely flexible and customizable, but also comes ready to use out of the box. ​The add-on largely works through JavaScript, which allows all of the core features to function on every platform, including AnkiWeb, Anki Mobile, and AnkiDroid. MIA Japanese does not conflict with the Japanese Support add-on and is fully compatible with MorphMan. Please make sure you're using the newest version of Anki 2.1 before installing. Usage Guide Full installation instructions and a comprehensive usage guide can be found here. Audio Some of the add-on's features rely on a set of audio files which must be downloaded separately from the add-on. Please download these audio files from the link below and place the "accentAudio" folder within the "user_files" folder inside of MIA Japanese's add-on folder (image). See the usage guide liked above for more detailed instructions. ***MAC USERS*** Please use this software to unzip the "accentAudio" folder in order to avoid encoding issues and unplayable audio files. Download the audio here. Note that Mediafire may have ads or pop-ups that link to other irrelevant downloads. The file you want is called "accentAudio.zip". Clicking the green download button should allow you to download it. Please close any irrelevant pop-ups and don't open any file with an incorrect name. Instantly Generate Readings and Pitch Accent Color Automatically Changes According to Syntax Instantly Grab Native Audio Contribute Click here if you would like to contribute on GitHub. A Word of Thanks We would not have been able to develop this add-on without the support of our patrons. Special thanks to Harrison D, Rafael C, Isaac, Jean-Felix M, Shaquille G, Zdennis, Tj B, Daniel L, Grinners, Garrett H, Mirzhan I, Matt S, Abdulrazzaq A, Darwish, Stian F, Aaron G, Stephen K, Keith W, Jermal, Jacob R, Renfred H, Luvoir, David L, David J, Stein E, Eric J M, and everyone else who supports MIA on Patreon! About MIA: MIA Site Matt vs. Japan Youtube YogaMIA Youtube Matt vs. Japan Twitter YogaMIA Twitter Support What We Do: Please consider giving a thumbs up!         


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1585717147
Great add-on made by people who actually care abt making the process of learning Japanese easier. Thank you matt and yoga. <3
on 1585343720
The best !
on 1585292864
GOAT addon for Japanese Learning
on 1585000184
I originally had this as a down vote (operator error) because I was unable to download the MIA add-ons (not through fault of MIA but of Anki itself from not being able to update Anki through Anki itself but appear that it is up to date) YOGA_MIA was a great help and took the time to help this non tech savy noob figure things out so i can enjoy MIA's very helpful and awesome add-ons. It goes to show MIA care about what they do and want to help everyone out by making learning Japanese less painful. Thanks you guys!
Comment from author
Thanks for the up-vote bro, hope you find the tools helpful!
on 1584724834
Liked the idea about it.
on 1584588062
Amazing add-on. Also, to all the people writing negative reviews, I highly suggest you review your own position before attempting to attack the creators. Most of the negative reviews I have seen are rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of what the purpose of this add-on is, what it is and isn't, the context it is supposed to be used in, and the intentions of the creator in asking for voluntary donations. Keep up the great work, you two are revolutionizing the language acquisition community!
on 1584564214
thumbs up
on 1584563997
Pitch accent is tough
on 1584563838
on 1584363296
Amazing add-on.

In what folder do I put the audio files on MacOS? I unzipped using "The Unarchiver" but it doesn't tell me where to put the files.
Comment from author
Put it in the "user_files" folder in the add-on's folder.
on 1584163397
well, the update to anki 2.1 has me very, very happy
on 1583567611
Thank you this is helping me A LOT!!
you guys rock!
on 1583406309
Fantastic add-on!! I particularly like the option to customise the add-on's behaviour for different note types and the options to generate (AND remove) readings in bulk.

Here's just a some hints for small fixes:
The add-on does not work on note types where the CSS is an imported file (i.e., where the CSS part looks like this: @import url("styling.css"). I circumvented this issue by pasting the MIA CSS code into my CSS file.
The add-on does not seem to work perfectly with MorphMan. I had issues with one of my note types until I figured out that you can't put "morphfocus:" (if I recall correctly, that's what you use for MorphMan) in front of your fields. It will cause MIA not to function properly.

Thanks a lot!
on 1583238415
time saver
on 1583149297
Works great, you need a little time to figure out how it works, but absolutely worth it after that.
Also works great with 2.1.20 now, thank you!
on 1583132962
Getting better with time
on 1582830375
The reason I like MIA Japanese is easy, just click on button. Japanese support has require some of customs in note type, which not easy for my own already note type. However, when I did as you do in the image intruction, it's give me exactly like this 健[すこ;n2]やか に 育[そだ,そだてる;k3]てる in learning screen (edit screen of course), no furigana on top, no corloring. It's doesn't work, why?
Comment from author
Please reference the usage guide for detailed instructions on how to use the add-on. Please consider deleting your negative rating after you get it working.
on 1580779640
Fantastic resource. The downvotes points have either been resolved or illogical.
Comment from author
Haters gonna hate yo. The undo feature actually isn't yet fixed in the current release admittedly, but is fixed already already for an upcoming release. However, there was a bug introduced into Anki itself by the 1.1.18+ versions that needs to be resolved on their end (we are in talks with the dev to get him to push fixes to it) before we can release the new version.
on 1580717551
Great add on for Japanese that makes the Japanese learning process more efficient
on 1580335911
super easy edits make this for me
on 1579846628
lots to learn to use it well but very good
on 1579712771
requires editing the syntax to guarantee accuracy but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy and I most only rep on mobile
on 1579712557
mia = goat
on 1579697277
A real improvement over the Japanese Support addon that I was using previously
on 1579673593
on 1579540936
crazy sauce
on 1579506414
on 1579505787
Rough around the edges here and there but amazing overall.
on 1579291451
Obnoxious branding/advertising.
on 1578666363
Best add on and study method 2020.
on 1578620423
Its a great addon for those on the Japanese language journey. It makes lookup faster and more efficient. This might sound ironic or contrary but if there is a tool that allows me to spend less time in Anki while still helping me memo then I'm all for it. Thanks.
on 1578490822
What a powerfull addon. The ability to create any type of card in mere seconds or search terms with a keyboard shortcut is game changing.
on 1578474241
You can't avoid this add-on if you are learning Japanese.
It's already great with the default configuration, but I spent a little time setting it as I'd like, and it's now perfect for me.
Some little remarks that does not really harm the usage of this add-on :
The tokenization could be enhanced a little.
The ctrl-Z feature sometimes acts weirdly and should be fixed.
on 1578356912
Easily the most important and useful addon I have in Anki
on 1578352552
on 1578349474
I'm the guy who resurrected the old NHK accent addon for Anki: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/932119536

You can see my comment from 2018 on that addon linking to my repository (https://github.com/weirdalsuperfan/nhk-pronunciation/tree/patch-1), and you can also check the issues section on github for the main branch of the addon to see that I'm an official collaborator. You'll notice that in both my branch's readme and in one of the open issues for the main branch I've added a note linking to this MIA addon and mentioning that support for the old NHK addon has essentially ended because of the superior MIA Japanese addon.

When I found out about this addon I stopped support for the old NHK addon, and since then this addon, especially when combined with the MIA Dictionary addon, has really lived up to my expectations, so I just want to say that if you ever used or heard of the old addon, use this one instead. It's great (and free). I was really happy to see someone put so much effort into something like this to perfect it so I could stop maintaining the old addon and focus on learning Japanese.
on 1578347647
This add-on makes everything to do with Japanese as easy as dealing with English
on 1578347483
Great time saver
on 1578346572
Essentially a better version of the Japanese Support plugin. Surprising amount of compatibility with ankidroid as well
on 1578345139
Great addon for anyone learning Japanese.
on 1578335610
Great even just for the native-speaker audio generation.
on 1578110074
Pitch accents are incredibly helpful :)
However I would like to request a display option of coloured kanji and hovered furigana, as it would be nice to have pitch accent info at a glance but still be able to test myself on the readings of each kanji.
It would also be great if the furigana can be intelligently spaced out to cover the whole kanji phrase. Sometimes where the kanji phrase is long but the reading is short, there is a small clump of furigana floating in the middle, which looks a bit funny.
Another helpful feature would be to allow the pitch accent graph to be directly displayed in a field without having to hover.
on 1577576285
This and the MIA dictionary add-on are easily the best add-ons ever created for Japanese learning. Thank you guys for this
on 1577422149
This is a game-changing add-on. Not only for the features, but also the incredible attention to detail and vast configurability. I only have a couple pieces of feedback:

1. One thing I really liked about the OG Japanese Support add-on, is that when you're manually adding cards, it will auto-add the furigana brackets, without having to hit an additional hotkey. I know Japanese Support uses two fields and MIA uses one, but the same auto-generation feature could work here (as an optional setting). As someone who creates a lot of cards manually, if I could not have to think about hitting an extra step every time that would be killer.
2. Would be nice to have the mass generation feature remember your settings for the last time you used it. Since this is a large, destructive operation it's additional stress trying to make sure all of the settings are right, especially if you need to use it frequently (say, every time adding a new subs2srs deck).
on 1577391916
This is the best Japanese support addon out there. The pitch accent color coding is amazing. MIA is doing so much for the language learning community, especially Japanese. IMO, this is way better than the old non-MIA Japanese support addon. It served me well for many years, but here comes the new king. It's off my computer forever, this has replaced it. Highly recommended.
on 1577363511
A useful addition to the SRS. It seems a few people didn't read the name of it though, I'd like to point out the fact that it's the 'MIA' Japanese Add-on, so you should probably read through what 'MIA' is and what this add-ons specific use is.
on 1577354156
Makes learning japanese, and pitch accent of words effortless.
on 1576367584
One issue and it would be absolutely perfect: The furigana generation inserts redundant spaces. (All I want/have enabled is "Kana".)

Fixed by
1. extending the check in checkIgnoreValue by checking if any char in val[0] actually contains any kanji (19967 < ord(char) < 40911)
2. removing all (why're they there anyway) superfluous final ' ' that were appended on the self.fStr += lines

Errors: The generator doesn't remove leading kana (eg., it generates お金[おかね] instead of お 金[かな]). 来る's furigana always stay く, ie. don't match its irregular conjugation. 一日[いちにち] 中[ちゅう] is mistaken. 五百 (presumably other numbers) shouldn't yield obscure readings by default. "…0 分間[ぶんけん]"

Amazing work, anyway!
Comment from author
Hello! Thanks for your feedback, are you aware of the overwrite rules feature in the add-on? Reference the guide if you haven't heard of it before! Using it you can add in fixes to any mistakes you see. We plan to ask users to submit their overwrite rules lists in the future, so that we may add them in natively to the code base and raise the quality of the generation! Thanks for your positive review, we're glad you like the add-on!
on 1576295522
Amazing supported tools for those want to create self-taught vocabulary/ sentence mining based on movie subtitles, tedtalk subtitles...etc...etc...
on 1575904150
Keep up the amazing work!
on 1575540692
The audio for flashcards in this add on is extremely helpful.
on 1575183314
Great addon!
on 1574565276
Matt and Yoga really did an amazing job with this add-on. Good job guys. Great work on MIA, amazed at what it has become so far, and what more it will become. Support them on Patreon like I do!
on 1573401322
Nice addon, it really saves a lot of time adding pitch accent to the sentence.

Still some rough edges and I stll need to manually correct some stuff.
on 1573208493
Effectively just the Japanese Support addon with a few extra nifty features (i.e. a faster pitch accent lookup), nothing major, but still useful nonetheless.
on 1572676639
I tried to use this add-on in an attempt to quickly add furigana to single words in my definitions, selecting and clicking in "convert," but as expected, it converts everything inside the field. So I simply clicked ctrl+z to undo the changes, uninstall the add-on and continue with my quest, but then the field went completely blank. So, it seems like this add-on will cause you actual harm if you innocently try to test it, so don't (You should read the heavy, long guide page entirely before even thinking about doing it. There doesn't seem to have anything about the undoing erasing everything there, though).

Initially, the add-on is very nice and stable in appearance, but then the settings window will close up every time you click on the upper part of it, the buttons on the card editor have no subtitles (Even though the original Anki buttons do), leaving you in the dark if you decided not to spend the last 15 minutes reading the guide; you can't quickly enable/disable a single part of it and have to keep opening and enabling/disabling stuff to get different outcomes; and everything is so information packed that you either use it as it is or waste hours trying to understand how everything works and tweak to your preferences (Well, it may erase some fields in the process, but you truly need this, don't ya?).

If I had to say, overall, it seems like a time and life-saver, but what it actually does is turn Anki into a substitute to the so-called immersion the creators so dutifully preach about. Honestly, you don't need half of these features if you're not doing something like Incremental Reading, and if you are, then this add-on will work perfectly for you (Unfortunately, the same can't be said about your Japanese). And even then, you'd have to do ONLY that all the time, reviewing cards in Anki instead of consuming Japanese material and immerse yourself in the language, so the audio everywhere, for instance, would then be somehow useful.

The furigana adding feature is the same as the Japanese Support add-on (the brackets (that break pitch information like [2][1] - I'm not sure if that happens in MIA as well, try it for your own risk)); the audio, colors and pitch everywhere goes straight against the minimum information principle (Which unlike pitch, isn't a joke), and the whole add-on seems so pointless, a Frankenstein monster of other add-ons and ideas, that one has to wonder what people were thinking when they asked for it and/or made it.

The fact is, Japanese Support does a great job for furigana, Yomichan and company (Mainly Daijirin dictionary and Japanesepod101) are enough for pitch information and audio, and the whole rest is a party trick that no beginner should pursue (And no advanced speaker would bother with, specially while using this add-on).

tl;dr: No matter how you look at it, a waste of time. I don't hate MIA, I'm just mad and these are my 2 cents.
Comment from author
This issue has now been fixed. Please consider taking another look at our add-on!
on 1572210365
Honestly, the reviews downvoting this seem illogical to me. whatever, I liked it, doesn't seem like it was easy to make either so thanks for sharing it. Once i find myself some decent income ill be sure to leave a donation.
on 1571958950
Notice how, of all the people making great add-ons, they're the only ones pushing social media and trying to get you to pay them? The author will reply defensively, but it's true. Although it's nice, shamelessly trying to sell products is out of place on a repository for add-ons for open source free software intended to be 100% free, not free-with-some-strings-attached-and-please-subscribe-to-my-paypal-for-further-updates.
Comment from author
The addon is 100% free, no strings attached. We are not selling anything. There's no need to subscribe to Patreon or Paypal. Also it's not accurate that other creators don't offer a link to support them on Patreon.
on 1571670735
Great add-on
on 1571466574
Really cool!
on 1571281097
This addon is so neat!
on 1571113830
The setup was a pain but once I got it working it seems to work pretty well. I appreciate the usage guide, without it this would be impossible to figure out lol.
on 1571104224
Holy crap just found this, huge upgrade over the other one.
on 1571103387
Super exceptional work!
on 1571036946
If you have the Japanese Support add-on this isn't particularly necessary, and falls into the trap of "optimizing just to optimize". Since SRS usage is really just supposed to be the glue that holds your immersion in Japanese together, having audio for every single sentence isn't really a big deal as you'll regularly hear it all anyway. The pitch accent information also isn't a big deal, because the definitions on your cards will already have that information in a lot of cases depending on what dictionaries you use. This add-on might save you a few minutes here and there, but the most import functionality is already included in the Japanese Support add-on. It might save you a little time if you like fancy cards.

Also I have to downvote this out of principle, as this page has been blindly spammed with positive reviews from the author's Patreon followers (he announced the release to them all in a private Discard chat).
Comment from author
Really sorry to hear you didn't like the addon. We did not ask anyone to blindly spam the addon with positive reviews - the public saw the addon release on Ankiweb at the same time that our Discord/Patreon did. Aside from that, you are correct that this addon is similar to the original Japanese Support addon, but the reason to dislike the addon is not clear, since the addon is is free and does not have any negative features based on your own review (the optimizations are arguably minor, but they are still optimizations, not detriments).
on 1571012356
on 1570864461
It's super marvelous
on 1570830986
SO COOL add-on!
on 1570740917
on 1570631516
Amazing addon. Greatly improves workflow when creating sentence cards, especially when combined with the MIA dictionary addon.
on 1570598561
on 1570583803
This is extremely wonderufl!
on 1570572525
on 1570496906
Amazingly wonderufl add-on!
on 1570399043
on 1570388642
This is clearly a very powerful addon that a lot of people can benefit from. If there's a known fix for compatibility with Japanese Example sentences, someone let me know! As is, JS in the cards prevents those example sentences from generating. Can't use right now because of those breaks, but hopefully I can use it in the future since I really do love the hover feature... Good work on it.
on 1570320872
This addon is insanely effective!
on 1570252635
***BEWARE*** Spy-ware and Ad-ware and WEB site redirects when following instructions.

When you try and download the audio files, you a) get redirected to gambling WEB sites and b) an additional download called "PlayerSetup.dmg" is downloaded. No idea what is in it, but various goog's indicate spy-ware and ad-ware.

Still too early to evaluate the rest of it.
Comment from author
I am sorry that you had an issue with downloading the file. You must have clicked an ad and downloaded some bad software. Kind of unfair to rate down the add-on based on your own mistake but I can understand your perspective and that some people aren't familiar with downloading files. I hope you get your issue fixed and get a chance to check out the actual add-on.
on 1570249350
SO HELPFUL add-on!
on 1570227751
Amazingly amazing add-on!
on 1570043440
on 1569996606
This addon is insanely splendid!
on 1569962011
very nice, I like
on 1569929304
A huge game changer when learning Japanese. Love it guys!

I hope this will be the new standard add-on for japanese learners.
on 1569442433
This is great!
on 1569030640
Brilliant. Thanks guys!
on 1569023250
Kanji gods feeding their disciples
on 1569017105
You can create incredible Japanese flash cards with this.
on 1569007587
Works great!
The only problem I see is that the readings/pitch in the brackets interfere with the browser search.
In one of Matt's videos, he mentions the ability to add "nobr" to your search query to get around this (https://youtu.be/2gJfmmMnO1k?t=839), but it doesn't seem to work in the released version.
on 1568929023
This is new cutting edge technology that can save years off your Japanese learning journey. Not only that, its free, which is a great price. I've learned so much with this add-on alone that it even helped me get a weeb girlfriend. Now that I've finally accomplished something, I feel as though I can face my family and so they won't wonder why I'm always MIA at the family gatherings. Thanks Matt and that other guy, I'm forever grateful.
on 1568842286
Japanese support add-on on steroids
on 1568664053
Best add-on for Japanese learners. Now I can make cards much faster. Thank you guys so much.
on 1568641895
Works great in Windows 10, but fails to load in Mac with the below exception;

When loading 'MIA Japanese':
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/addons.py", line 80, in loadAddons
File "/Users/Name/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/278530045/__init__.py", line 19, in <module>
from . import main
File "/Users/Name/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/278530045/main.py", line 47, in <module>
from .gui import JSGui
File "/Users/Name/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/278530045/gui.py", line 19, in <module>
from .jsgui import Ui_Dialog
File "/Users/Name/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/278530045/jsgui.py", line 3, in <module>
from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets, QtSvg
ImportError: cannot import name 'QtSvg'

I am using the latest Anki version and Mac El Capitan
on 1568638692
Very useful!
on 1568627162
Fantastic add-on for learning Japanese. There's so much functionality in it, especially for pitch accent.
on 1568607212
Incredible. A lot of thought and hard work has clearly gone into this. This will make my Japanese studying far more effective and efficient. Thanks much!
on 1568591158
Fantastic work, guys!
on 1568573983
Works well, saves a lot of time, very useful to have readings and pitch accent info added to cards.
on 1568553968
This has made studying with Anki much more efficient.
on 1568504550
WOW this addon is so cool! I feel my pitch accent improving already!