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1001 Most Useful Spanish Words and Sentences (TTS accurate)

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Updated: 13th January 2015. Level: High Intermediate (verbs in preterite, imperfect, future, conditional and imperative tense.) These are words & sentences taken from the book “1001 Most Useful Spanish Words” by Seymour Resnick published in 1996. Each word is introduced on one card, and the following card is a sample sentence of that word, eg. (Card # 19) Front: to end, to finish Back: acabar (Card # 20) Front: Our work never ends. Back: Nuestro trabajo nunca acaba. (Card # 21) Front: the action Back: la acción (Card # 22) Front: His actions confuse me. Back: Sus acciones me confunden. This is my favourite way to learn spanish - be introduced to the word with it’s general English translation, and then see the word in a sentence to learn one way it’s applied. In most cases, ‘you’ is the formal pronoun ‘usted’. Though there are no instances of ‘vosotros’, this deck is a mix of spanish from both Spain and Latin America. Text To Speech will pronounce correctly because the diacritical marks are all there. You can view a poorly rendered text version of the deck here - Please rate this deck in AnkiWeb if you like it. If you find any mistakes or have any improvements, please email me - stu40 at and I will update the deck. Thank you below for the comment about ‘no mp3’. I recommend IVONA TTS (Android) as a substitute for mp3 files - it’s a very natural sounding TTS engine. Thanks to Nate Fillmore & Steve Brooks for their input. Thank you below for the comment about ‘invierno’ - that card now says ‘winter’.

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Front It seems that they're not coming.
Back Parece que no vienen.
Front Why don't you come with us?
Back Por qué no vienen ustedes con nosotros?
Front A one-way ticket, please.
Back Un boleto sencillo, por favor.


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No Mp3
Posted on 2014-11-17

Posted on 2014-08-02

This is definitely one of the best Anki Decks that I have used and continue to use. It's great for reviewing and filling in the gaps of what you may already know. It's also excellent for building new knowledge and understanding of how the language is put together.
Yes there are some differences in Spanish spoken in the Americas and Spanish as spoken in Spain but whatever Spanish you have learned, you always will be understood. The key is to read, listen, learn and then speak it. So dig in to this deck and be amazed at how much and how quickly you will learn with daily practice.

Good deck but I found an error
Posted on 2014-04-30

One card lists "Pensamos pasar el invierno en el sur" for "We intend to spend the summer in the south", which is troubling as inverno=winter, so be careful to verify the cards if you use this deck.

Great deck
Posted on 2013-09-17

I have some fluency in Spanish, but it is spotty as basically learned on the job. This helps to fill in a number of holes, especially with this type of re-enforcement.

Wonderful deck!
Posted on 2013-07-18

Although these are tough for beginners, this deck is a fabulous way to build knowledge quickly. I'm wishing I could find comparable decks for other languages - this is the best language learning deck I have found so far.