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Norwegian with Audio

97.72MB. 6585 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-05-08.
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Tonnes of Norwegian sentences and vocabulary with Audio drawn from the newspapers, novels, Tatoeba.org, TV programmes, etc. Audio recorded by volunteers from the University of Tromso, in particular, from the Center for Peace Studies. This is an ongoing project, so it is not particularly well organized, but fairly thorough. Will update periodically. Lykke til!

Sample (from 8886 notes)

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Front vitne
Back witness
Front Hun skriver til sin sønn en gang i blant.
Back She writes to her son every now and then.
Front Han ble oppe sent mens han jobbet på dokumentene.
Back He sat up late last night working on the documents.

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on 1661222447
Several cards have incorrect translations.
on 1652709478
I just love this deck, it can indeed be a bit chaotic at times but I feel like that only adds to the fun :D thank you so much for your effort, this is so amazing!
I also wanted to ask you guys something. Anki seems to have added one of these decks (vocab & sentences, around 2k cards) as a Default deck. I renamed the deck so that it would become a sub-deck of the "Norwegian Master" superdeck, but I'm still not sure what its correct positioning should be. I'm considering merging it with the 5k Core subdeck, which only contains 2999 cards as of now, so it would add up. What do you think? Is anyone else having the same problem as me? Tusen takk :D
on 1622554023
on 1609848865
It appears the Norwegian audio is embedded in the field for the English translation.
on 1603667852
on 1594143665
on 1590768479
Fantastic resource. Expansive and high quality
on 1587447381
on 1585156967
on 1579094922
very useful deck!
on 1562107508
Such a wonderful deck! The audio recordings help a lot :-)

After merging all of the sub-decks, cleaning the deck, fixing note types and reordering using MorphMan (https://github.com/kaegi/MorphMan / https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/900801631), it is a fine addition to the older deck (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1529958967).

Thank you *so* much for all the effort! Using these decks really helps me to become conversational in Norwegian ^_^

— Júda Ronén
on 1561905978
Very useful words
on 1540366675
great deck!!! love it !!!