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Ivo Welch's Corporate Finance (2nd ed.)

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A deck for the second edition of Ivo Welch's Corporate Finance (2011). This is a work in progress.

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Front What is the cost of capital?
Back The cost of capital is the rate of return at which you can raise money elsewhere.
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Front How is the concept of biological preparedness related to that of species-typical behavior? How is biological preparedness illustrated with the examples of human walking and talking?
Back The difference between behaviors that we call instinctive, or species-typical, and those that we do not so label has to do with their degree of biological preparedness.  Natural selection has equipped each species with anatomical structures that ensure that normal individuals of the species, who grow up in a normal environment for that spceies, will be physicall able to perform their species-typical behaviors and will be motivated to learn what they must for adequate performance.
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Front What is a bank interest rate?
Back A quoted annual interest rate of 10% is a daily (real) interest rate of 10%/365, or roughly 0.0274%.  As such, at quoted bank interest rate of 10%, $100 invested today turn into $110.52 a year into the future.
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