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Batch Editing

0.02MB. Updated 2019-06-03.
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       Adds a new menu item to the card browser that allows you to: The changes will be applied to all selected notes that feature the selected field. USAGE Here's a quick instruction video that demonstrates these features: OTHER REMARKS The add-on uses the first selected note to generate the field list you're presented with. So please make sure to select a note with the right fields. CHANGELOG Version 0.3.0 – 2019-06-02 Important note for Anki 2.0 users: As this release completely overhauls the add-on structure, you will have to uninstall any existing versions of the add-on before updating. Otherwise you might end up with duplicate versions of the add-on that would interfere with each other. This should not be an issue on Anki 2.1 Fixed Changed You can view all past releases here. HELP AND SUPPORT Please do not use reviews for bug reports or support requests. I don't get notified of your reviews, and properly troubleshooting an issue through them is nearly impossible. Instead, please either use the issue tracker (preferred), add-on support forums, or just message me at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com. Constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome! CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright © 2016-2019 Aristotelis P. (Glutanimate) All credit for the original idea goes to /u/TryhardasaurusRex on Reddit who commissioned this add-on. Licensed under the GNU AGPLv3, extended by a number of additional terms. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. For more information on the license please see the LICENSE file accompanying this add-on. The source code is available on GitHub. Pull requests and other contributions are welcome! MORE RESOURCES Make sure to check out my socials for the latest add-on updates and news: @Glutanimate | / Glutanimate New: Receive notifications about new add-on releases via @AnkiUpdates Want to hire me to work on add-on for you? Get in touch at ankiglutanimate@gmail.com SUPPORT MY WORK If you like Batch Editing, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, so that more people can enjoy it! A kind request: Writing, supporting, and maintaining Anki add-ons like these takes a lot of time and effort. If Batch Editing has been a valuable asset in your studies, please consider using one of the buttons below to support my efforts by pledging your support on Patreon, or by buying me a coffee. Each and every contribution is greatly appreciated and will help me maintain and improve Batch Editing as time goes by!              Pro-tip: Lots of exclusive add-ons and other goodies await on my Patreon page. Make sure to check them out!


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1684798511
Works but you can only add in images that you have screenshotted or saved on your computer. If you want to copy paste a bunch of separate images into the editor at once you're out of luck. Very annoying
on 1682962878
If you are a heavy Anki user, this Add-on is indispensable!
on 1681493286
I was able to easily add an image to a specific field in an entire set of cards in under 10 seconds! Thank you so much!!
on 1680673141
What a lot of time was saved, thank you!
on 1678899867
Thank you!
on 1675791135
Batch Editing saves time
on 1675186690
Thank you. Can you work on enabling coping/adding hyperlinks
on 1675020790
helpful and works!
on 1674205277
Great Add-on!
on 1671581346
so easy
on 1671413012
Is it possible to paste functional hyperlinks?
on 1670598488
thank you so much!!!!
on 1662279444
Very useful. Well done.
on 1661760524
very useful!
on 1661335542
on 1659876785
on 1659755669
very useful
on 1658392170
It's quite useful, thinka you!
Could you add one option for updating tag field?
on 1655871726
Such a handy add on
on 1655384704
on 1653356029
Great addon! Thanks!
on 1652029142
on 1650985665
Thanks! This helped me when I decided to add a new field to a note type.
on 1650799075
Please update to 2.1.50!

Don't let it die
Comment from author
Thanks for the rating, glad you enjoy the add-on!

Definitely planning to! One of my top priority add-ons after Review Heatmap is updated.
on 1648974534
I use this instead of anki's find and replace for most batch edits because it's quick and usually all I need.

One unique function I use often is batch adding images (including to reverse/remark/answer sides of image occlusion cards).
on 1648725733
Finally I can create reverse cards with one push of a button :'))
on 1638607047
Obsolete. Everything that this add-on does can be done better with Anki's built-in find and replace function.
on 1637410403
on 1633629968
¡Qué maravilla!
on 1633600662
on 1631697733
on 1630073038
on 1629768423
amazingly useful addon
on 1628016391
Made editing easier.
on 1627664626
on 1625794763
Very good
on 1622155834
Thank you for this and all other Add-ons you provide for free. I'm a poor student from Brazil and I will surely support your work once I graduate and have money to do so!
on 1622034093
Bulk editing, perfect
on 1618673656
on 1618388404
thank you so much Glutanimate!
on 1617283010
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1617210696
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the functionality of this add-on is already built-in in Anki:

* Select the cards you want to batch-edit.
* Choose ‘Notes’ → ‘Find and Replace…’ from the menu or hit Ctrl+Alt+F.
* In the ‘Find’ field type ‘^’ (without the quotation marks, of course…) if you want to add stuff before the content, ‘$’ if you want to add stuff after it or ‘.*’ if you want to replace it.
* Type in the ‘Replace With’ field whatever you want.
* Check ‘Treat input as a regular expression’.
* Press ‘OK’.

In fact, Anki’s Find and Replace mechanism is even more nuanced than that, as one can see in the documentation:
on 1616350717
on 1615701441
great for adding stuff at the end
on 1615647141
on 1614880417
very useful!
on 1613952098
No idea why I didn't look for this sooner. Glutanimate, you're a saint.
on 1611337107
on 1610708253
on 1610025257
BUT...Also generates cards. For example, if you have cards that use a template with 3 sides, but only have 2 active. This add one will not only do what it's designed to do (which is great), but also create a pointless card. You'll have to use the sort "card" column to find them and remove.
on 1609925451
it doesn't support regular expression😥
on 1608633986
Incredibly useful. Thank you so much for this addon!
on 1608485064
must have
on 1607727928
This is great. I needed to update tags on a group of notes wihtin a deck, and this did it in 5 seconds versus one at a time. Genius
on 1606913267
Perfect! Simple and efficient, and even allows one to undo the batch edit in case anything goes wrong.
on 1605914977
Works as intended, saves quite a bit of time when editing.
Just downloaded this addon, will definitely consider donating on patreon once I have used it more and it keeps saving me time.
on 1605697727
Works as intended!
on 1604524157
on 1604236846
Very helpful! I tried to support you on Patreon, setting up an account there for the first time to pay you for your years of efforts and many helpful contributions to the Anki community, but Patreon suspended my account as soon as I set it up, for some reason. I've appealed the suspension; hopefully I'll be allowed to support you!
on 1604024754
Super useful! Should be part of Anki itself!
on 1603940084
thank you
on 1602341788
Really helpful. One suggestion, would like to be able to find/replace within individual fields.
on 1602073102
It is really useful, thanks a lot.
on 1601956386
Very useful!
on 1600493041
on 1600206082
Amazing add-on, saves loooooots of time, love it
on 1598444647
on 1596626361
I will cry if I remember time spend in editing cards without this addon
on 1596379470
Great add on!
on 1595538580
Great & extremely helpful! Only 1 suggestion for improvement; allow for adding content, specifically images, from the clipboard. As it is now, I can't add an image unless it's saved as a file.
Comment from author
Thanks for the kind words and feedback! This is definitely something I want to fix (adding images from the clipboard used to work, but then got broken in one of the recent Anki updates).
on 1594783876
Saves a lot of time ...
on 1594563143
Thank you so much... Love this Add on ....# Time Saver...
on 1593874219
Works great! saved me a good min!
on 1593256244
Helped me edit my collection of ~210 000 cards, thank you! <3
on 1593090673
I didn't know this existed. Man, it saved a lot of time. Thanks a lot man. Much appreciated :)
on 1590902710
big time saver
on 1590077296
Very useful!
on 1589066261
Batch editing helps in editing cards, especially in pasting numerous photos.
on 1588621218
Great for adding a reverse card quickly
on 1587631803
Looks great! Thanks
on 1587391670
excellent addon
on 1586142890
on 1585594768
Works great. Thank you for making this.
on 1584824904
Great add-on, but the copying image from clipboard function is not working for me (Macbook, 2.1.21). When I click on the paperclip button after copying an image to my clipboard, it always just takes me to my files instead of pasting the image. Any way to fix this?
on 1584217801
A suggestion: I could add the pencil tool and the eraser tool, so that the elaboration of mental maps was possible.
on 1582976574
Absoultely essential add-on.
Please add an option to disable the line break when selecting "Add after", though. As someone who doesn't know python, it took me 10 minutes to find and remove the \n in the correct file. Even better would be to enable editing content that has line breaks itself. Currently, pressing ENTER or SHIFT+ENTER will always close the dialog.
Still, great add-on, thanks.
on 1582476627
Edited some information on a bunch of cards and worked perfectly, Thanks!
on 1580973463
Quick and easy. I add a field called "reference" to all my notes so that I can see the manual or tech pub where I got the info for that note from but I don't always type the title the same way on each note. With this, I can easily go back and select all the cards, change the reference title, and then filtering by that reference is more accurate.
on 1580800376
I used this as a first step to show a field in the backpart of a the notes ONLY if the content was not "---".
Adding the default value "---" to the affected field worked like a charm.
Thanks Glutanimate!

Reference of the ID:
Conditional output in card based on field value
on 1578759471
on 1577658687
GameChanger when you need to edit tons of cards. Love it!
on 1577513517
super duper ☃
on 1575567846
Excellent. Thank you.
on 1574819087
Good job!
on 1574625816
Works great. Thank you.
on 1573727474
Thanks for your addon!!! I wish all your addon's would make it into the standard Anki edition!
on 1573651888
on 1572186075
Very Good !
on 1571793189
on 1569892338
on 1569664540
wonderful Thanks!!!!
on 1568682577
on 1568401020
EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you so much!!! :-)
on 1568054580
So helpful!
on 1567207919
Thanks a million!
on 1566464349
Thanks a lot! You’re awesome ^___^
on 1565522934
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you very much.
on 1563349434
great addition
on 1560683210
saves time
on 1559810695
on 1559081732
One of the must-haves. Super easy to have and very useful. Works like a charm in version 2.1.13
on 1559021754
Confirming that it works on Anki 2.1.13. You saved me a ton of time, thanks!
on 1556463955
God bless you this is exactly what I needed!!

One issue I've noted though is that the 'add image from clipboard' function is giving me an error:

Debug info:
Anki 2.1.12 (eef86bf3) Python 3.6.7 Qt 5.12.1 PyQt 5.11.3
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2

Caught exception:
File "C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\291119185\browser_batch_edit.py", line 101, in _insertMedia
media_file = self._getClip()
File "C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\291119185\browser_batch_edit.py", line 135, in _getClip
return unicode(image_path)
<class 'NameError'>: name 'unicode' is not defined

It still works though so long as I save the image first to the desktop! I'm on windows 10 with anki 2.1x.
on 1554637414
This has saved me an untold amount of time, particularly with custom card types like overlapping clozed cards or image occluded cards that I didn't fill out properly.
on 1553025143
absolutely amazing and necessary!! I have been adding a single fa pic per card to zaki deck and it was taking me forever!! thank u so much glutanimate
on 1552112750
Very useful when working with Advanced Browser
on 1549702652
so convenient
on 1549109672
on 1548712475
Going to google to see if someone knows how to do this and finding someone who shared it with everyone is just <3
on 1548275630
My favorite addon- So freakin juicy. Keep them coming!
on 1547544095
Good! Thank you
It's very useful.
I often use it
on 1543851708
on 1540750190
Thank you! Very useful! :)
on 1539497698
Useful for clearing a bunch of fields
on 1539383969
Love u!
on 1539354546
Does what it says on the tin.
on 1538571094
Aristotelis my man <3
Comment from author
on 1532264135
Fantastic. Thank you
on 1530053742
Works very good and it's easy to use. It's also immensely useful if you're migrating from standard note types to custom ones with more fields. Thank you.
on 1524614400
No reason to skip this addon. Easy to use and incredibly convinient
on 1523664000
Helped me out a huge amount
on 1521417600
Thanks fo much for this!
on 1518048000
This saves me so much time, thanks a ton!
on 1504742400
on 1504742400
on 1503273600
on 1501286400
on 1494115200
on 1488412800
on 1488153600
on 1488067200
on 1485648000

App works exactly as described. Saved me countless hours updating older images on large decks. Thank you!
on 1485648000
Amazing, saved me hundreds of hours by allowing me to add media in batches, thanks so much Glutanimate!
on 1484870400
on 1484438400
So helpful

I've been adding little blurbs about the grammatical rules that apply to my foreign language flashcards, pasting them in one at a time. This is so much better. Thank you for the wonderful add on!
on 1483660800
on 1483660800
Exactly what I was after

Thank you! This was exactly the functionality I was looking for (with one caveat: to be able to modify tags as well as fields). Very grateful, thanks!
on 1483401600
on 1482883200
on 1481328000