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[VectorMaps] Countries of the World

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************************************************************************************ General VectorMaps info: - clean, high resolution maps. I find studying cards that have bad quality, pixelated images distracting. All the images are transparent PNGs, so they'll fit well with almost any background color. - consistency. Instead of using a separate zoomed-in image for each area, VectorMaps use a single image and highlight the area you're learning. That way you spend less time figuring out which part of the map you're looking at and more time actually learning. Since all cards are based on a single image, they're always the same size and have the same look and feel. The workflow is smoother because your interface doesn't shift around trying to adapt to images of different sizes. - color coding. Most geography decks I've seen use the same color to highlight the area you're studying, which is really bland and boring. Giving different colors to different areas makes study sessions a bit more pleasant to look at, and I find it also helps with memorization. All VectorMaps decks use large base images, so you may have trouble studying them on mobile devices. Anki will resize all images to fit your screen, making some small countries or areas difficult or impossible to see unless you zoom in, which can be a pain. There are helper objects like arrows and circles for all smaller countries to make them easier to see, but sometimes even they won't be enough. If you really need to use your mobile device for studying these, you could crop out a smaller part of the map for the area that's giving you trouble. It should be a pretty trivial task with any image editor, but you'll of course lose some consistency. ************************************************************************************ 194 countries with high resolution maps and names in English and Croatian. Uses 9 different maps, one for each region: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, West Asia, East Asia, Oceania and Russia. Tags correspond to region names, but use underscores instead of spaces, ie. filtering by the "Central_America" tag will show you all the countries using that map. Russia has it's own map, and Australia and New Zealand share the Oceania map because it was impractical to include them in any other region. Update 16.05.2013 - Added capital cities and flags for all countries

Sample (from 194 notes)

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Name Bahrain
Croatian name Bahrein
Capital Manama
Tags West_Asia
Name Brunei
Croatian name Brunej
Capital Bandar Seri Begawan
Tags East_Asia
Name China
Croatian name Kina
Capital Beijing
Tags East_Asia

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on 1634177017
Makes it so easy to learn country locations! Love it!
on 1631827217
Great work. It's actually helpful that the maps are sometimes shown in weird angles - helps us learn locations relative to the country's neighbours, rather than just rote learning the shape or its place in an image.
By the way, I doubted you when I got Romania and Chad's flags back to back, and they looked the same - I thought you had made a mistake in the deck. Turns out they pretty much do have the same flag! Never doubting you again :)
on 1615910668
Very useful
on 1603216779
on 1596187438
Really enjoyed going through this deck! I feel so much better knowing where so many places are now
on 1593416838
some of the maps are very warped making it hard to recognise until you get used to it. I would prefer a standard world map
on 1587374325
Vielen Dank!!
on 1586087298
Nice for everyone who has no clue at all haha
on 1584632331
on 1583076063
So good
on 1579437821
Bear in mind that this excellent deck was last updated 2013, so doesn't include recent changes. There are also many countries in the world where there are areas in dispute, so don't blame the deck for using maps which don't match everyone's individual politics.
on 1573545935
Deck is out of date, Burma was renamed to Myanmar.

It would be nice to have pronunciation guides and a bit of history or at least a Wikipedia link. Flags are their own cards which makes it hard to associate with the territory.
on 1566358704
I've been swimming in this deck for months and now, I know which area the newspapers are talking about. Thanks for your support 3000 :)))
on 1557746721
Very good!
on 1545946498
on 1538586565
Obviously Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are countries.
on 1536396783
The map of India is doing. You're showing a part of Kashmir in Pakistan.
on 1533453167
Clear and striking
on 1530369867
Nice graphics
on 1528852315
Here are some inconsistencies with this deck (at least according to what the UN recognizes).

These are not countries:
Hong Kong
Northern Ireland
Canary Islands
Cayman Islands
French Guiana

These are countries:
United Kingdom
South Sudan
Marshall Islands
Solomon Islands
on 1528588800
I've been this deck for 4 months, and I had to say I love it! High quality, although I added some countries like Palau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu... I highly recommend it!
on 1524787200
Love it, very clear, I could easily translate some capital and country in French, I also found the map bundle so I can work more precisely on some countries.
on 1524614400
It does what it says it does, and it does it very well. Good quality, complete content.
on 1519171200
on 1519171200
Does exactly what you want it to.
on 1518825600
There is one thing…Waiwan is a part of China.
I do not have the power to change how taiwanese and other countries'people think of us,but I think at least Taiwan Island belongs to China.
No aggressive intention,it's just my feeling…
on 1515628800
Excellent deck, great quality images and pleasant to learn.
on 1513382400
on 1485820800
Missing countries and poor updating is a genuine problem.

"Who cares?" People who care about the state and completeness of their knowledge and not how shiny or pretty something is, that's who. It's not good enough to simply omit the entirety of the Pacific island nations. Fully-fledged sovereign nations, not dependencies or territories.

Paired with all the other inconsistencies and dated information, spellings etc., that have already been mentioned this deck is lucky to be worth 3 stars, and it's only because of those oh-so-pretty maps. They are genuinely of high quality, as well as the flags and are the only reason I bother spending a good 3 hours sorting through and modifying.

Also, there was no card that used the Capital field, so you will have to make one yourself if you want to learn (not difficult of course).
on 1451347200
thanks very much. have loved using this deck

was wondering could you (or anyone able) help with something?

I'm new on anki and despite trying to grasp the cards/fields/notes malarky am not sure how I can learn/review the information in the 'capitals' field.

Ideally, I'd set things up so I can learn/review each country and its capital indepently of the flags and maps, because I've learned these now but more or less and completely starting from scratch with capital cities.

help would be great.
thanks again for this deck.

on 1444694400
Great deck with minor corrections and additions needed

Very high quality deck but incomplete. I've made the following corrections to my version so far: changed 'Republic of Congo' to 'Republic of the Congo', updated Burma to Myanmar, changed 'South African Republic' to 'South Africa' (official name is Republic of South Africa). The Ulster Banner is no longer the flag of Northern Ireland and, arguably, should not have been included. I replaced mine with Saint Patrick's Saltire. Also, some of the maps of smaller countries/territories are too zoomed out to be able to see/learn where they are.

The deck is missing the following sovereign states: Fiji, Kiribati, Mauritius, Naura, Samao, Soloman Islands, South Sudan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuata, United Kingdom.

Inconsistently, some territories or states with voluntary associations are included in the deck (like French Guiana) and some are not. The following are missing: Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Réunion, South Sudan, Saint Helena, Clipperton Island, Anguilla, Aruba, Bonaire-Sint Eustatius-Saba, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, Åland Islands, Faroe Islands, Channel Islands.

I added the following disputed territories to my deck: Abkhazia (claimed by Georgia) Nagorno-Karabakh (claimed by Azerbaijan), Northern Cyprus (claimed by Cyprus), Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (claimed by Morocco), Somaliland (claimed by Somalia), South Ossetia (claimed by Georgia), Transnistria (claimed by Moldova).
on 1444608000
Most beautiful world geography deck out there

Some smaller countries might be missing, but the illustrations in this deck are second to none.
on 1431648000

This deck is incredible. Maybe it misses 10 countries, who cares? The quality of maps is insane.
on 1420156800

Thanks for the excellent upload!
on 1402185600
Needs updating

As has already been suggested, this is a fantastic geography deck, certainly the most beautiful, but those last countries, that have been listed, need to be added to the deck.