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Pocket Thai Vocabulary

12.28MB. 514 audio & 0 images. Updated 2017-08-31.

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Disclaimer and copyright information: All of the content and audio of this deck is made available through the permission of the author (Evan Winget), who retains all rights to the content contained within. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to use this deck as either a standalone study tool or a companion to Pocket Thai, but please do not re-produce or re-use the audio without the permission of the author. More information about Pocket Thai, which contains explanations of proper usage of this vocabulary and hundreds of sample sentences and conversations, is available at: www.pocket-thai.com The 500+ vocabulary words contained in this deck come from Pocket Thai lessons 9 through 30 (the first 8 lessons pertain to reading the Thai script and understanding Thai culture), and they cover a wide range of topics which can be seen at: www.pocket-thai.com/lesson-list/ Please contact the author (evan@pocket-thai.com) with any inquiry about re-using the contents of this deck or to alert the author of any typos or errors. Thanks!

Sample (from 515 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Front ชุด
Back dress / outfit
Transcription chutH
Front (V) มาก
Back a lot
Transcription maakF
Front หิว
Back hungry
Transcription hiuR

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on 1615200636
on 1612490547
Great for begginers and intermediates
on 1600845621
An excellent list for and from an excellent app. Audio is superb. 10/10.
on 1596451910
useful everyday words. the audio is super clear. Best I've heard.
on 1592155738
Very useful and the audio quality is very good! Very nice!
on 1569644577
Well structured, negligible amount of mistakes, nicely complements the Android App.
on 1549912911
on 1547709548
Great! The order of the cards are very nice since it starts with the most common and easy words and then goes from there. I also like that multiple english translations are written on the same card when the thai word can mean different things based on context. The only problem I have is that in the audio, the female speaker sometimes speaks like she pronounce the ร as starting with a weak d-sound, which is very strange because this is something I've never heard in my 6 months in Thailand. If anything, the ร is pronounced as a l-sound, but never with a d-sound in my experience. Also, the ข lacks the sharp k-sound and sounds more like a ช sometimes (i.e. audio for เขียน). But these are minor issues, it's the best deck I've found to learn thai with Anki.
on 1544274452
Presents words in a very logical order, and sound quality is really good.
on 1538400301
Great supplement to the app.
Comment from author
Thank you!
on 1527724800
Very good complement to the app POCKET THAI.
Comment from author
Thanks - I’m glad that you like the deck!