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AQA A-Level physics (astro option)

2.06MB. 0 audio & 36 images. Updated 2019-05-23.
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A deck of about 800 cards which covers, hopefully, the entirety of the A-Level course.

Sample (from 810 notes)

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Front What is the equation for charge in terms of current and time?
Back $\Delta Q=I\Delta t$
Front What does the area under a velocity-time graph mean?
Back displacement
Tags AS
Front What does the π0 meson decay into?
Back high energy photons
Tags AS Particles

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on 1610099259
Nice deck, is it possible to find out what add-ons you have used to make this?
I have problems using it because for some reason most of the cards are blank when in use but content is there when I checked to edit.
Thanks and you're a life saver

Edit: This is a follow up and credits to kelciour for finding the solution