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ESLPod What Else Does It Mean?

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Source: ESL Podcast Learning Guide (English as a Second Language Podcast by Dr. Jeff McQuillan and Dr. Lucy Tse) MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay Nonard <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id ESLPod_0766_WE_1207
Episode Id ESLPod 766
Episode Title Describing Shapes and Sizes
Phrase odd
Text In this podcast, the word "odd" means unusual, strange, or uncommon: "Jacques has an odd habit of touching his elbows when he is nervous or worried." When talking about mathematics, an "odd" number is a whole number that is not a whole-number multiple of two: "The students are learning to recite the odd numbers: one, three, five, seven, nine...." The phrase "-odd," when following a number, means a little bit more than that number: "He worked as a veterinarian for 15-odd years before deciding to become a travel writer." Finally, the phrase "odd jobs" refers to many small, unrelated jobs or tasks that need to be done but aren't very important or noteworthy: "Could you please help me with some odd jobs around the house this weekend?"
Topics Home + Community
Id ESLPod_0250_WE_0175
Episode Id ESLPod 250
Episode Title Cheating on a Test
Phrase to suspend
Text In this podcast, the verb "to suspend (someone)" means to not let someone go to classes or work for a period of time as punishment for something that he or she did: "Brock was suspended for 14 days when he put frogs in the school's bathrooms." The same verb can also mean to hang something above an area or above something else: "The heavy lamp is suspended from the ceiling with a very strong piece of metal." The verb "to suspend" can mean to stop something for a period of time: "The company had to suspend its work for two weeks when all of the employees were sick at the same time." "To suspend" can also mean to make something happen later than originally planned: "The museum's opening day has been suspended until September."
Topics Education
Id ESLPod_1182_WE_2038
Episode Id ESLPod 1182
Episode Title Finding a Parking Space
Phrase curb
Text The word "curb," in this podcast, means the raised concrete between the road and the sidewalk: "While walking in the dark at night, Kyle tripped on a curb, fell down, and broke his wrist." As a verb, "to curb" means to control or limit something, especially to avoid a problem or minimize damage: "Eating a good breakfast can help to curb your appetite later in the day." The phrase "to put a curb on (something)" means to try to limit or control something: "She locked her own kitchen cabinet to put a curb on snacking." The phrase "to kick (someone or something) to the curb" means to reject something, especially in an embarrassing or humiliating way: "Many patients with pre-existing conditions were kicked to the curb when they applied for health insurance."
Topics Transportation

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